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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by maxtheunholy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author maxtheunholy

TANKLESTICKS - Can't break these sticks!

maxtheunholy Last updated on February 17, 2016
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A Fine Specimen of Wood

Fiddlesticks Build

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Why Tank Fiddlesticks?

Imagine you are building a house, made out of wood, you have to make sure the beams are definitely strong enough to carry the weight you see? Now in our case, we have a 4 person house (the rest of your team) so we'll need lots of STRONG wood. Tanklesticks is the best champion in League due to his amazing structural integrity and perfect balance even when weighted down with so many heavy tank items.

Some say that stupid tree Maokai makes for a better more stable piece of wood! NONSENSE!

No no no... we are Fiddle STICKS we are the foundation for any good team... Ever feel like you've had one of those games where you simply can't stop the team from sinking? Well that's because you need more wood... Wood floats and the only way to carry a bad team is with lots of wood.

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Where to Start?

Well, basically when you get in the game you're going to let your team know that you are wood type and are extremely vulnerable to Fire type League champions. If you see anything too flammable you will need to make sure you are always near river so you can put the fire out. I personally recommend that you make 2 accounts, log in as Tanklesticks on one computer and then login as Nami on the other, then go through your jungle with 2 champions rather than one. This also helps a lot when you catch on fire sometimes because Nami's Tidal Wave can put out all fires with no problem!

Now, once you've gotten rid of the fire at the start of the game, go ahead and just DC that Nami account, it is no longer needed. It may be a 4v5 now, but hopefully you've become a mighty fine sailing ship. Now for our first item I recommend Rod of Ages because this item allows Oak to age over time, really sweetening the flavors and enriching Tanklestick's fine aroma.