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Teemo Build Guide by Anemous

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Anemous

Tankmo (Solo-Top)

Anemous Last updated on February 7, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

Honor Guard

Defense: 21

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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Sup readers, this is my first guide ever, so please comment; constructive criticism are welcomed, but since it's League community I am prepared for all outcomes.

Why Teemo?

Well obviously, because I am a troll. Don't criticize, we are all trolls deep down. But by no mean is this build nonviable in ranked plays, proven by The Rain Man's performance in IEM Kiev. Also TEEMO OP, global taunt all day long.

Play-style Difference

So some of you did mention a lack of damage of this particular build, which admit is true, but let's review the purpose of this build. This build is tailor toward the Solo-top Bruiser Off-tank Teemo, survivability is a must in this role. Being a Bruiser, you are expect to initiate some fights, so different from DPS Teemo, YOU WILL BE going into the fight first. Also note that, your job is not to be the AD/DPS carry, your job is to instantly get on enemy AD carry, using your Range and Blinding Dart forcing him/her out of the fight, while soaking up damage.

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Pros / Cons


[*] Tanky
[*] Great Farmer
[*] Anti Melee (Blind)
[*] Ranged Bruiser (Easier to get on Enemy Carry)
[*] Shroomz
[*] Global Taunt
[*] Trolololz


[*] Teemo
[*] Teammates think you are a troll (Which you are)
[*] There are better Anti Mage tops
[*] No Hard CC

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Why 9/21/0 not 21/9/0 ?

Well, pretty obvious answer is, you are Tankmo, solo-top one at that. You need the Tankiness to scale into mid-late game, and since your global taunt can not be turned off, it's better to build tanky and get a few more hits off. Also since this guide focus on stacking health, the mastery Juggernaut actually helps you produce more damage, whereas Initiator gives you even more movement speed.

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Standard Tank Runes, nothing fancy, I would, however suggest Switching Greater Quintessence of Fortitudeto Greater Quintessence of SwiftnessJust to abuse that Teemo mobility even more, especially that early game kiting kit.

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Skill Sequence

Why no Blinding Dart ?

In AP Teemo, yes Blinding Dart >>> Move Quick, however, since it does not scale to AD, and our build is tanky AD, really no point to max out that Blind early.

Mobility provided by Move Quick lets you:
[*] Gank More
[*] Counter Jungle
[*] Place Shroom (ALLLL THE SHROOMZ)
[*] Buff/Dragon/Dragon Controls (Combine with Wriggles)
[*] Backdoor (Shameless, Yet STRONGLY recommended)

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Duh? AD, Armor, Life-steal, Buff Controls... Almost standard in AD Solo-tops.
Some notes about this, finishing wriggle isn't really required, just a preference Considering Teemo has an built in ward ability. Alternative, just get the Vamp Scepter and keep the Razor and upgrade it to Bloodrazor late game.

So I prefer Berserker's for that Early-Mid game aggression, like most people I would suggest get Merc Treads if there are 2 or more CC on enemy team, or if you just have an AP in your lane. Not covering Ninja Tabi here, because you are Teemo, if you lose to AD, you are doing it wrong.

Ayyyyyy, Kiting Heaven, and Tankiness on top of that, must get on Teemo.
But don't finish it just yet, there are better items you need to get first.

Awsome item, Armor + HP Scaling, awesome for Teemo.
This is one of the major reason I got 9/21/0 in mastery. With the full Defensive Mastery, you usually have enough HP to feel tanky, so no real reason to finish the Frozen Mallet any earlier. Instead going for this, more Armor, Crit and AD, even without 3k HP, this is well worth its cost in gold.

OK, here, completely up to you, I just like Ionic Spark because I like trolling people. Honestly it's not bad of an item, and it's like a built in Kennen for you, the AS and HP will both scale to improve your DPS, so good choice for more general tankiness.
Wits End is a standard AS item for improved the magic resist, nothing special about it, if you have issue with an caster, and since we don't really rush any MR, built this, should hold off til end game.
Malady, was, and probably still is a Staple in DPS Teemo guides, but I mean is the MR shreds worth it? Yes it's a full 24 MR shreds at max, but at this late stage of game, would it really matter to someone who's actually stack MR?
This choice is completely up to you, the only stats we are focusing on this item slot is the AS, to improve the DPS.

Some criticism state that this build doesn't have quiet enough DPS, so I decided to review this item. So pretty standard, % Life Shreds on Hit, AD, AS, all great stats for DPS Teemo, Does it fit the role of this Build? Mmmm yes, but not a core item. Tankmo requires tankiness to be effective Bruiser, so Frozen Mallet, Atmas are a must, the only reason I don't personally built this is due to the late stage of the game, where building this item after the cores simply takes too long. One Advise, if you do plan on building this core, don't finish Wriggle, Keep the Razor, and upgrade it after Mallet and Atmas

Honestly completely up to you, this is just the last tanky item you need to scale into super late game. Banshee for MR and HP, Randuins for ARMOR and HP, and well, Warmogs is Warmogs. Again, completely up to you, replace it wit GA, FoN or Frozen Heart for all I care, just adapt to the Enemy team.

GOOD item, but not for you, this ALONE is 4070 gold, and after your core, there are simply better DPS items than this. I mean yes, if you are super fed, go ahead and replace the AS item slot with this, if not, better just go with the cheaper, more cost efficient AS items and finish the Bloodrazor

Other Items Opinion Coming Soon

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So again, first guide, no idea how to add images or link them, give me some tutorial link would be great. Also it is Teemo, most important thing is have fun, make teammate mad, make your enemy mad (Tryndamere Tops Lolz). I promise you this is the most fun you can have trolling, while not being reported as trolling (You may still get reported).
*This guide takes no legal responsibility for the result of your actions, ban, suspension. Troll at your own discretion.

I will try to update it at least weekly and please post picture of your own success with Teemo following this guide.
Also Props The Rain Man, hopefully he will lead a new Teemo Top Meta