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Gangplank Build Guide by Artiik

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Artiik

TankPlank: Atmas most definitely does impale.

Artiik Last updated on July 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Tank Plank.

Hes pretty much a Bully.

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This build Focuses on a beefier heavier gangplank that dishes out crazy damage, harasses like a B**** and can take a good amount of punishment.

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Crit dmg reds : obviously even though this build focuses on Atmogs your still one of the crit kings which means the harder you crit the better.

Dodge seals : Seals really are not the best runes for a tanky DPS yeah you could go armor and crit dmg but that 6.8 dodge saves your life sometimes. It helps.

Attack speed Glyphs : I would not recommend going full crit runes for this build. since your going to be a brute and challenge most enemies to a head to head slaughter fest you want some bonus attack speed.

Crit dmg Quints : Of course the Marks and Quints are all for your crit dmg since the yield the highest bonuses. If you dont like the crit quints ( which i have no idea why you wouldnt) you can go Health quints.

With these runes backing you up, your gonna be a Dic* early game and stronger later game.

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i know what your thinking 11-19-0 WDF IS THIS MUST COMPLAIN?!?!?!

But this is what i found to be the most successful Tree that i could come across for this build.

The attack speed and improved exhaust really helps for racking up unexpected kills. Then the bonus HP armor and MR from the defensive tree helps alot early game. Which is where your hoping to get 50% of your kills from.

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Well im no gonna go too indepth on the item order.

Brawler's gloves : typical for crit champs, usally a must for GP

2 hp pots : lane Survivability and anti ignite

Avarice : a awesome gold per 5 and gives you bonus crit + builds into youmuss which is a lifesaver/ Enemy Life killer, but illg et into that later.

Brutalizer : really good gives you some base AD which is always helpful and some 10% CDR ill take it son.

Youmuus GB : Well This is The Wheat If the Atmogs is the bread and butter of this build.
This thing has saved my *** so much in this game and ended other's behinds as well.
With the bonus move speed and attack speed while activating it and the basic AD and Armor pen WITH the extra CDR!?!? This is a must buy for this build considering the Price that it cost. Your easy farmness and The bonuses it offers mid/lategame.

Warmogs : Well this is the Bread. This thing makes you so Bulky and Gives you some nice Regen as well. This allows you to stay in Fights and Take down 1-2 people before even getting 75-50% HP. Usual Build make GP a flimsy Squishy Face Raper. Well this makes him a Beefy Annoying Face raper. Combine this with your farm and Atmas and your looking at 3-3.5k HP and 50-75 AD as well with Crit chance and 45 Armor. Whats not to like?

Atmas impaler : This is what makes your warmogs even better 2% of your hp is converted into bonus AD which is BALLING! Plus some crit chance and a nice needed buff of armor to make you a lot more durable and scary.

Finally finishing off with a Black cleaver and a Phantom Dancer

Black cleaver Since you'll be in Alot of fights and auto attacking as well as parleyyying
Get this? Parley also does on-hit affects! IKR? So not only does your basic attacks shred armor but your main damage spell will also shred armor.

Phantoms dancer For the nicely added Attack speed and crit chance. Since you can tell already by this build. This GP is more of a Auto attacker and beef. than a pick at you, harass and run away type the attack speed helps ALOT. Also, that bonus move speed helps for escaping, initiating, or chasing. A all around great item for GP.

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Skill Sequence

Well Parley is obvious, you want to max that first because its your main and only straight up Damage skill. That applies on-hit effects such as Blackcleaver, crits, and your nasty passive.

You wanna get Raise morale at level 2 since it excels and allowing you to harass more as well as buffing yourself with some AD and Movespeed AND doing that for your nearby team mates as well?

Talk about OP

Then Remove Scurvy, I only get this at level 4 and keep it that way until 15+ mostly for the awesome CC removal and the slight heal with can help in occasions. Most GP builds focus this as their second skill to max because of a nice heal at skills levels 4-5, but with the amount of armor and HP you'll have your not going to need the heals as much as a flimsy GP would.

Finally your GLOBAL ultimate Cannon Barrage, This is a great Chasing mechanic with the Slow, Though it isn't as strong as it was before ( the slow that is) The chances of your Cannon Balls hitting are increased a good deal. Pop this to Clear a creep wave, Save a tower, initiate, or get a runner. Overall a very good Utility Skill.

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Summoner Spells

The reason why i take flash and Exhaust is very, very simple.

1. You might have a CC cleaner but it does not help slows as much as Stuns, fears, snares, etc.

2. Flash is one of the hands down, best Summoner spells in the game. The amount of utility and survivability as well as chasing power it gives in unbelievable. I'm surprised the wont take it out of the game. Either you Flash over a wall to save your butt, flash after some one to give the killing blow or Kite around some unlucky fellow all day, the choices are limitless
yea you can go Ghost but Flash is just better overall( for most scenarios)

1. A handy little tool that Slows by 40% and reduces the physical Damage they do by 70% and the Magic damage they do by 35%, now that's awesome disable right there. use it to chase, to disable a Carry or to secure a 1v1 kill. its just awesome

2. With improved exhaust, or better known as Cripple, Their Armor and Magic resist are reduced by 10 and the duration is increased by .5 seconds. which is very nice. Armor Debuff for a harder hitting parley and the Magic resistance Debuff for a slightly harder ultimate or a allies kill. Its just awesome. I find myself using this all the time to destroy people and catch up to them.

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Pros / Cons

Finally the Pros and Cons


1. A very Beefy DPS who can dish out hard Damage and take some as well.

2. A tankier version so not as likely to get focus right away.

3. You still do a BUTT TON of damage.

4. More than usual resist such as MR and Armor.

5. A faster Raisemorale equals a harder and faster hitting you and your team.

1. Lacks Early game, But masteries and runes help a little with that.

2. Not as much damage output as a uber Critplank's Normal Build.

3. Not a early Healer as some other GP builds go.

5. Takes a Little bit longer to do a lot of burst/Constant Damage since the need for Warmogs & Atmas impaler. ( shouldnt be a hard problem considering you have a super fast farmer with a skill that gives a extra creep kill in gold.
But in t

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So basically you should focus on last hitting minions with your Parley (Q skill) Early game then once your get your Youmuu's Ghostblade play more aggressively sicne the buff and armor Pen is very very helpful.

Then once you get your Warmogs and Atmas your a very Good brawler and Fighter.
Almsot invicible with a good team comp.

Just charge in and do a SH!$# Tone of Damage to the enemy squishy's and carry's.