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Riven Build Guide by Blintz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blintz

Tanky DPS Riven (FRATMA)

Blintz Last updated on September 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this is my riven build. After going through many horrible public builds I decided to do my own. This has been the most successful of all the builds I tested. Just to state it, I am not remotely what you call Pro. This build was made for personal enjoyment and out of love for this incredibly fun champion.

As well I apologize on ****ness of the guide. First time even attempting at making a guide coupled with my chronic laziness. So even if I was familiar with adding all the images and colors I till probably wouldnt :3

UPDATE: I added alot of gameplay tips to the guide. Hope its helpful for some people. Till need to get around making guide pretty =p but thats later on.

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Riven, the newest addition to the league. Fast, mobile AD champion with focus on positioning and disruption. Great burst potential but low base stats that leave her very fragile. This build focuses on created a Riven that has great sustainability but at same time till keeping her burst, and mobility.

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Pros / Cons

- Amazing mobility
- Good Burst Damage
- Sustainability when played correctly
- Team fight disruption / interruption
- Enemy Channel cancel
- Team Support

- Very low base stats
- Forced play style
- Limited build options
- cooldown dependent
- very fragile early game

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Early Game

This is most challenging time for Riven. Sense her base stats are so low she is extremely fragile right out of the gate. And tank items take time to get. Your main goal is to farm and support your lane partner. Dont initiate fights! Let your partner initate and CC down his target.

A good example of how weak Riven is early game. A level one tryn will crit 50% of your HP in a single attack. Runes help, but not by much. But most likely you will have more deaths then kills ealry game depends on your partner. But thats easily made up later.

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Mid Game

At this point you should have cdr boots and brutalizer and now working towards Frozen Mallet. Your damage will be pretty high at this point and decently durable but you can easily be focused down. At this point your main goal is to support your team, set up ganks which you do very well, and well timed initiations.

At this point you wont be able to tank 3 players so you have to time your actions. As mention earlier.

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Late Game

This is where Riven shines. Amazing durability, damage, support, ganking, chasing and escaping ability. You can easily tank 3+ champions while your team pounds on them (which you will, even late game Riven is a big target) then simply flee with 5% health left over.

Play styles late game are endless. You can play her many different ways. I personally go more support role which I will describe bellow.

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Supporting Team

I knew the word support around a few times in this guide. First off I main supports for the most part. So my play style is slightly different from a typical AD Carry/Bruiser/Tanky DPS. You can easily get 25+ supports in a single game which yields incredibly amount of gold and at same time assisting team.

So how can Riven support her team ? For most part its Team disruption and more importantly denying kills from the enemy. Especially late game Riven excells at this. Lets say you see a poor carry about to be stomped by 3 chasing enemies in a matter of seconds. You can dash in stun, knock back, and flee. Giving the carry atleast a extra 5 second distance. And for the most part the enemy will swich target to you. And for most part you can always escape with Valor and Broken wings. You also have Ghost as a emergency escape tool as well.

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This is what Riven excels at. Can easily clear a minion wave instantly. This is primarly done by your Broken Wing skill and passive. I would highly reccommend not burning your Ki Burst and Valor for farming. They are important escape and sustainability tool. Sense you hold no reliable range spell for farming you will be harassed by your enemy so quick stun from Ki Burst and a flee/shield from Valor will keep up your sustainability in lane and all you need to do is re-engage in creep when Broken Wing is up again.

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Creeping / Jungling

This isnt a jungling build for the most part but as a Riven player its extremely important to incorporate junging into your gameplay. Riven does amazing in the jungle. Destroys everything very quickly which is a prime way for riven to generate gold. As well keeping red buff up is also important.

As a advantage of being so mobile, Riven also has the ability to deny the enemy of their jungle. With quick burst, high sustainability, and quick escape, its very easy to steal buff from enemy jungle.

It is also important to note that Riven can down dragon very early. You can down dragon solo as early as 12 but thats pushing it.

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Riven can utalize a great deal different rune builds. +health seal and quints to enhance the Fratma core build. cdr glyph and adp marks are straight forward.

As for alternate rune choices, you can go for armor/mres, seal/glyph or pure hp per level. Quints really are up to you. I really wouldnt go with anything besides HP or movement quints though. But sense this is a ATMA centric build, its important to have health runes.

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22/6/2 to focus on AD and tier 1 defence.

You can make argument for either 3 trees but I find that Riven's shield offers enough sustainability that you dont need to go pure defensive tree.

There are advantages to go Utility but the majority of the tree is wasted with no mana usage. Only real advantage vs Offensive tree is 3% more cdr and 3% movement speed. But sense we cap cdr at end of build, your literally trading 3% movement speed for all the important AD masteries.

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Build main focus is core Fratma. Following up with AD/ADP from Black Cleaver. And finally with cdr boots and eventually ghostblade for full cdr. Last slot is situation but its very unlikely game will last till then. Main goal is to rush out Fratma which gives signification damage by itself.

This isnt a end all build. It lacks decent magic resist. I would recommend build a banshees after ATMA if you are faced with heavy AP or hard CC team.

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Skill Sequence

For skills, its important to max Broken Wings first. Yields highest harass potential and crazy creep farm. Valor as second for lane sustainability, especially top. Ki burst doesnt require the reduced cd early on, you shouldnt be in mid of combat every 5 seconds. Ki burst is mainly used as escape tool after you burn through cooldowns.