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Warwick Build Guide by bushyisy0daddy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bushyisy0daddy

Tanky DPS Warwick + Atmog's

bushyisy0daddy Last updated on October 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Today I'm going to show you my build for Tanky DPS Warwick. Warwick is a great choice for a starting jungling and is also a very viable off-tank. I'm quite sure you can jungle him with only 10 points in Utility and no runes, however, I would not recommend this as it is really slow and not very useful in the long run.

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Warwick's items are very dependent on the enemy team. If the enemy team has a lot of hard Crowd Control you want to buy Mercury Tread's, however if they are little on CC you want to buy Berserker's Greaves for the extra 25% attack speed.He is very flexible and can perform many roles in the team. If you find you are not having enough damage output buy Warmog's and Atma's before buying Wit's End. Guardian's Angel is also a very situational item, if your team is very tanky a better choice would be to pick up a Bloodthirster.

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Team Fights

Warwick is a very handy fighter in Team fights. The ideal way to play Warwick is to wait for your tank to initiate and stay back a bit. Then when in range use your ultimate on the squishiest champion on the enemy team. This can sometimes mean dying but it is worth it for your team to shut down their important carries. If you're in dire need you can flash away most of the time just try to not fight under their turrets if you don't have your Warmog's.

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Jungle Route

Warwick has a very simple jungle route and can potentially hit level 6 before even backing.

To start off I buy a Longsword and 1 Health potion and make my way to Double Golems. I wait in the brush close by and wait for my team-mate to leash. After my team-mate leashes I smite the golem on the lowest HP and then use my W (Hunter's Calling) to kill the second golem.

After finishing Golem's move to Wraith's. After finishing Golem's you may have to wait for your W to become off cooldown. Once your W is ready attack the big blue wraith and try to time your attacks to look like this: Attack-W-Attack-Q-Attack. After finishing the blue wraith clean up the smaller red wraiths and use your health potion. Only use your Q attack once otherwise you will run out of mana for the rest of your jungle.

Next move to Wolves. Focus the big wolf and use your W and Q once each. Clean up the smaller wolves after killing the big wolf.

After killing Wolves move to Blue buff and wait for your W to come off cooldown. Once again time your attacks to look like this: Attack-W-Attack-Q. Use your Q as many times as you want because you will have increased mana regen after killing the Blue buff. Smite the Ancient Golem when it becomes low enough and be sure to finish off the minions next to him.

At this point there are two different options to take:
You can move back to Double Golem's and finish your jungle again picking up Red Buff along the way, as soon as you reach level 6 you want to back and buy Boots of Speed and finish off your Madred's.
If the enemy has no jungler you can sweep through their jungle picking up Wraiths, Double Golem's and Red Buff. This is a great option because it allows you to reach level 6 and gank without backing securing an early dragon.

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Mid Game

Warwick's mid-game is not super interesting. You just have to make sure to stay as levelled as your team-mates and make sure your towers and not getting pushed.You can do this by farming top and getting gold for otems or by roaming the map and ganking as often as your Ultimate is up. I recommend ganking bot lane and mid lane most frequently to secure an early dragon. The next item you want to buy is your Tier 2 boots and your Wit's End or Warmog's.

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Late Game

Warwick's late game is very fun depending on how well you performed mid game. If you have farmed well you will have your full build and their carries won't be able to do much to you, however if you farmed badly and are underlevelled you want to splt-push and help your team whenever they need it. Warwick is great at clearing minion waves because of his W, this means you can level quite quickly and catch up to your team.

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Tips and Tricks

If an enemy is harassing you under the turret and wants to dive you because you have low HP you should wait for them to get in Turret range and then use your Ultimate on them, if the champion is squishy they will be killed most of the times due to the turret's damage. It is almost 100% guaranteed you will get the killed if it is a 2v2 situation and you can trap one of them under the turret.