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Fizz Build Guide by Radioheaddict

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Radioheaddict

Tanky Fizz mid 5.24

Radioheaddict Last updated on December 15, 2015
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My early game strategy

This build is heavily reliant on the ability to get at least 2 kills within the first 5-10 minutes without dying. If you are capable enough to pounce on your opponent’s mistakes (like wasting a dash on minions) then this build will quickly allow you to roam throughout the map and lead the way in ganks. In order to get fed early on I farm conservatively only last hitting. I don’t use any mana at all. I start with my W, then Q, and then E. Under most circumstances until level 6, I will not use E. I basically consider it null and void because it drains 100 mana per use and is anti-mana conservation. So if you are building health from the get go, how can you win 1v1? Well you make your opponent waste their mana. I am constantly clicking and moving between trading stance and CS stance. I never stay in one place and I try to draw out the mana of my opponent. I also let myself get pushed into tower (something I would not suggest if you have not learned how to properly farm under your own tower.) I try to freeze it right outside my tower so that I have plenty of room to chase down an opponent. Then you just wait until you have your Q, W and E, along with ignite and exhaust. Once they are right outside of your tower range, go all in with a dash, exhaust, and then W. Get as many auto attacks as possible and if they try to flash away, E after them (making sure to give damage with the E and with normal attack.) If all of that hasn’t killed them yet, then use your ignite. Yes you just used both of your spells, but using them early on means they will be on cooldown sooner and thus available for use again sooner rather than later (my rational is that if you can use spells twice in first 10 minutes instead of once, then you probably have more kills.) The important part of this is after getting your first kill, farm like crazy and stay in lane. Don’t go back to base . If anything, go down and gank bot and return to mid once your lane enemy has returned. Usually, your mid opponent will rush back, and push hard into tower while you are away. If you see him do this, then you need to gank the hell out of him (hopefully by now you are lvl6 and can R him near your tower so you have plenty of chase space to finish the kill.) If you can get up 2-0 in the first 10 minutes with this build, then you will roll on opponents the rest of the game and will be a highly effective roam player racking up the assists and kills will minimal deaths. Not only is it good because you can out sustain in the beginning portion of the laning phase, but you serve a dualistic purpose of drawing the enemy attacks/mana out and shielding your teammates, while also being able to dive on squishy opponents under turrets or in team fights, and still get away intact. My end game health is typically around 3,400-3700 with up to 450-480 speed when you have both enchantment: furor and dead man’s plates. What this gives you (when you build AP, magic resist, and armor penetration runes) is a high health, quick and mobile fizz that will crush in both 1v1 situations and in standard team fights. Your sustain allows you to fight in multiple skirmishes without having to run back to base. And even if you do have to recall, you have the speed to get back to the action in a much shorter window of time. When played properly, you should be fed early on and able to roam quickly. You won’t have the AP to 100-0 opponents but what you lose in AP you gain in late game ability to support your teammates racking up high amounts of kills and assists with a fewer amount of deaths.

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