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Team Guide by dbug87

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dbug87

Team Comp and Strategy: AOE Trolling

dbug87 Last updated on March 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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The General Concept

I have 4 people that I play with...

...And I decided that we need to get some sort of plan going, because we make people forfeit before 30 minutes I'd say about 80% of the time. Whenever we lose, it's because they were more organized than we were, or a lane got shut down because someone was playing a champion they never play with. We never lose because we're bad, we always lose because something goes awry on OUR team that allows them to capitalize on a mistake.

This particular setup is built around an absolutely decimating 5-man teamfight which the enemy pretty much can't come out of alive. It also ensures that all of our lanes are strong early game, and no one is squishy enough to be an easy target if caught out alone.

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The Pre-Laning Phase/Pre-Creep Phase

Action is on:

Standing by:


Amumu starts wolves. Ziggs lobs a bomb into the midst of them after amumu draws aggro to make the wipe quicker, they both move on to blue aura, ziggs draws aggro with a bouncing bomb and hits short fuse if he has it up, and then double-times out to his lane.


Blue side: Jarvan watches the river near blue, graves and nunu grab golems and head to lane.
Purple Side: Nunu and graves watch river, Jarvan watches red. Jarvan remains in the jungle until the enemy pushes, and comes out behind them for early damage. If the enemy is not aggressive enough to do so, simply go to lane.

In case of invasion:

Nunu blood-boils Jarvan, Jarvan drops his standard, all focus AP carry and AD carry, ignore tank, support, and jungler. After carries are down, target jungler. If jungler falls, target tank, if tank falls, target support. If all fall, steal buffs.

Invade on:

These are high-threat junglers who rely heavily on their early buffs.

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The built-in phantom dancer.

Get your GP5 items as soon as humanly possible- GO BACK TO BASE as SOON as you have enough for ANYTHING Gp5. The longer you go without it, the less useful it is to you.

You are a ZERO CS support. Do not kill any minions unless it is to eat them to heal. Even then, you should be snacking on siege minions to take them down faster for your carry.

Blood boil should be on graves 100% of the time that there is any opportunity to farm. You should be harassing the ever loving piss out of the enemy with your ice bombs and auto attacks (auto attacks make your spells free, remember?)

Look for any opportunity to get between the enemy and their tower if they push too far and use your ult to block their escape. Even if they get out of it, they're slowed to hell traversing through it, and graves can get some shots off on the enemy while they run.

Your core concept is simple- slow them down, speed graves up, and be a threat.

Late game, you're all about securing kills for people, but never GETTING kills. With all of your CDR, your ice ball is on a less than 4 second cooldown. It slows for 4 seconds. That means you have a permanent slow. So get sticky and keep someone from going back with their team. Your prime target is at retreats, pulling someone out of the back of the pack with a permanent slow to quickly turn a winning 5v5 into an absolute slaughter of a 5v4. But ALWAYS be the last one into a team fight.

Keep threats off of your team with your slow, too. Keep the closest melee champ to you blood boiled at all times.

Oh... and ALWAYS be on the lookout for prime ult setups. Your ult is DEVASTATING.

Also, if you aren't warding everything, you're a terrible, terrible yeti.

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The so-called "Prince of the Top Lane".

You are the team's offtank, you're meant to be able to shake off a ton of damage while still throwing a pretty severe amount of hurt. Your object early game is ridiculously simple, and probably the easiest role on the team. Free farm the top, don't let the enemy top laner beat you in CS, keep your **** warded, and get geared.

Late game, you are the team's initiator. You're the one that should be starting teamfights and amumu should be right behind you. Throw your standard in, use your dragon strike to knock everyone up, hit your slow to gain a shield and slow everyone, and start swinging.

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The jungler who can't be killed.

You have possibly the best non-ult gank in the entire game. Anyone beating on you also makes you dish out damage faster. Your ult is a huge radius 2-second stun with a 100% AP scaling ratio. You're quite a beast.

You should be ****ting out wards like after a night of rotten burritos laced with laxatives. This whole team comp relies HEAVILY on total map awareness and bum rushing. There should never be a time in the game where your team realizes "man, they keep sneaking up on us" or you and Nunu have failed.

Late game you should be on Jarvan's *** 24/7, you two are the fight finders. Find someone who isn't in position and beat them down. In team fights, you should be waiting for jarvan's ult to double up your ults. They can't flash out of his ult if they're stunned. Help a brother out.

Despair, with your chalice of harmony and deathfire grasp, should be running at all times late game. You have no reason to have it turned off. If you're getting low, ask Nunu for a clarity deploy.

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The over-fed carry gunner.

The whole team's job is to get you and ziggs fed, and you better remind them of it if they slack off. You are the only one in the game who doesn't have an ult to contribute to the AOE **** storm that Nunu, Ziggs, Jarvan, and Amumu can cause, but your smoke bomb sure makes it hard for anyone to burst them down while they're doing it and your buckshot and ult can sure as hell punch a hole through the middle of it.

You're on anti-carry duty. In team fights, you should be focusing their AP carry first, followed by their AD carry, followed by their Jungler. Leave the big guys to Amumu and Jarvan.

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Ah, ****, Someone gave the crackhead a ton of explosives.

Your job is to keep your lane warded and rack up CS, this means last hitting your little crackhead heart out and not playing aggressively. Focus WAY more on farming than on killing the enemy laner. You still need to harass them off of their farm, but you moreso need to focus on your OWN farming. Your creep score should be higher than theirs at all times. If you're having a hard time with it and fall more than 25 behind, Amumu should babysit your lane until you're tied with the enemy again.

Your job in team fights is to secure escape. You should be the second-to-last person into a team fight. On the way out, nunu freezes the leading enemy, you drop a minefield at your feet, and the entire team walks through the minefield, forcing the enemy to take some hits and get slowed if they choose to follow. You should be lobbing bombs backwards blindly while running away (unless nobody is chasing you anymore).

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Team Fights

Jarvan initiates with demacian standard/dragon strike/golen aegis, enemies are knocked up and slowed. Team is buffed by standard. Amumu follows in with tantrum and despair, attaching himself to an enemy carry with bandage toss and sticking to them until they're dead or it's time to change targets or retreat. Graves targets the carry amumu is not targeting. Jarvan moves back and forth between amumu and graves's targets, working the carries down. Nunu blood boils graves and slows enemies. Ziggs splashes damage to all targets with bombs and minefields.

Order of targets: AP Carry, AD Carry, Jungler, Tank, Support


(When all ults are up)

Jarvan initiates and amumu sneaks in behind the distraction and tells jarvan to ult. The instant jarvan lands, amumu ults, resulting in the enemy not being able to flash. Ziggs throws his ult on top of jarvans, and nunu activates his ult right next to the cataclysm. Graves cleans up while blood boiled.


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