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Annie General Guide by Kyluthe

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kyluthe

Team Composition and Deciding Lanes

Kyluthe Last updated on August 1, 2011
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Ignore the Champion

The build for annie above is not an actual part of this guide. Im currently working on my build for her so the above guide isnt useful at all. PLEASE dont try it in an actualy game lol

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Okay so this is my first build and it may not be very good. However I hope it helps you in even the smallest way. I'll be focusing on a few things in this guide. Mainly in the composition of your team, how you should decide lanes, good teamwork, and perhaps a few other points. I am not going to claim that this guide will help in ranked or even that its going to win you games. I do however guarantee you that it will steer you in the right direction to making better choices at a games start. Many games are won before the screen is done loading, simply because no one chose a tank character or because 2 people decided to jungle (ive seen that happen). So to all of you, good luck, have fun, and enjoy the build :)

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Communication in the Champion Select

The first thing you have to remember in solo queue is to communicate as soon as you get into the Champion Select. If everyone immediately selects champions and locks in, chances are you will have a bad team composition. And do not ask someone to tank because everyone else already locked in their choices. If that person is not used to tanking then it is a bad idea for them to tank.

Take your time and talk to your team mates to figure out who will play what roll and select complementary champions. For example, if you have a tank, 2 AD carries, and 1 AP carry, you should probably choose an AP/off-tank. Mordekaiser or Blitzcrank or Vladimir are good choices in that situation because of their high health, and with 1 or 2 tanky items, you can help out the tank with some damage taking.

In ranked there is another thing you have to look for, if you are tanking and they choose all AP champions, Rammus is probably a bad choice, as he is primarily an armor tank.

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Jungling Pros and Cons

Jungling can be a game winner if the jungler understands what to do. However, too many times am I in a game where the jungler does not understand his purpose or a team does not understand how to play with a jungler. First off, a jungler should start ganking as soon as they feel comfortable with doing so. I see many junglers wait til lvl 6 to start ganking, and while this is a good idea for junglers such as Fiddlesticks, who rely on their ult to gank, it is not necessary for say, amumu, who can really do some damage on an enemy champion through a gank.

Now jungling is helpful because the other team will never know when a gank is coming, so they may not be prepared for it. Also it gives you two higher level champions (top and mid lane) instead of just one.

On the other hand having only one person top lane is hard to do because you have to have a perfect team composition so that the top champion doesnt end up being someone that is going to die a lot.

Overall jungling can be either really helpful or really detrimental to the team. So don't be so hasty to instalock a jungler. Especially if you're going to yell at the rest of your team for the entire game.

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Deciding Lane Partners

Okay this is one area that it is hard to go wrong in. Although, if you lane a janna and soraka together, someone should slap you lol. Jokes aside the best lane choices are hard to make even with a good team comp.

For starters your mid lane should be a strong carry. Vayne or Annie or Mordekaiser are good choices as well as oh so many others.

Top lane if solo, should be an offtank carry that can sustain a bit of damage while dishing out a bit as well. Mordekaiser, Jarvan, and Vladimir truly shine in this lane. However if you have no jungler, an offtank support and a carry are best for this lane.

Bot lane should have your tank and a ranged carry, although top and bot lanes can be switched to your teams liking.

All in all I guess what I'm saying here is dont stick two ranged carries or supports in the same lane. This can have a good effect, but more often than not Ive seen it fail horribly. I will admit though I laned two tanks together and absolutely wrecked in that lane. That will only happen very rarely though.

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A Promise for Greater Length

So I'm really sorry this guide is short and very bland. I will add more as I find more things to add to it, I dont have much time as work keeps me very busy. However I appreciate all advice that you have to offer, and am grateful for any feedback. Good luck and have fun!


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