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Team Guide by the jedi master

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League of Legends Build Guide Author the jedi master

Team Compositions : Poke Compostion and the counters

the jedi master Last updated on July 24, 2013
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Poke team 2

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Hello my name is TheJediMaster and have played league and watched competitive league in 3 years.

I have been seeing a lot of diffrent kinds of teams in the time. I wanted to help other teams with team comps. So there will be some diffrent team comps with: Poke comps, 1v2 comp and how to do that, AoE team comps and maybe some more :)

In this Guide i will talking about poke comps and how to play it and counter it.

I wont talk much about builds but i will talk about some of them in another chapter.

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Poke Team 1 and 2

This team is a common team to play against. Ezreal + Sona botlane is pretty normal. Jayce is also a common mid lane and top lane. Jarvan is a normal champion too meet in SoloQ. Rumble is now a days more rare but still works.

This team comp is a good poke and good initiate.

Remember that this team comp can be something else. Just one thing is that you need to remember your team comp in champion select that you choose which team comp you want to run.

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Early game (Team)

This poke team a early invade would be great. With a Jayce To The Skies! / Shock Blast and Rumble Electro-Harpoon and Ezrael Mystic Shot and Sona Hymn of Valor and Power Chord Is hell of a lot early dmg.

There is different routes you can go.

1. Invade route
2. Invade route
Early ward(before thier adc and support comes down there)
And if you are blue team you just mirror the paintings and you got it for blue team instead of red ;)

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Early game ( lanes)

Top lane: When you play rumble(or another toplaner with a good potential you can do that too) you would like to farm up too lvl 6 or get a gank from your junglers. When you hit that 6, you got a lot of dmg if your opponent is aggressive. Another thing when you play toplane in the current meta you would try to get the tower early. When rumble you would like some help from your jungler.

Jungle: Jarvan you would try to find possible ganks and farm up. As written over this, i wrote that the jungler would try to gank top lane when Rumble hit 6 and get the top turret. Something your team need to remember is the Dragon. When junglers goes toplane the dragon is an easy objective. So a well placed ward and a team there is ready for it can stop your enemies from take it.
Something else to do is to gank botlane and take the drake. This sounds easy but can be very difficult, your botlane needs to be ready for it.

Midlane: Midlane is a common midlane for jayce. if you dont quite know how to play jayce you can look to find a "real guide" for jayce here on Mobafire or another site for builds. (not the best jayce player ;) )

botlane: The game with bot lane is that you acutally needs to win... Maybe a bit rough said but the strongest poke from Ezrael is when he is going blue build(Check other guides). But when you go sona and Ezrael it will be a good lane.

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Mid game and team fights

In the mid game your champions will start to be very strong. With the Rumble and his high dmg with his Ultimate, Jayce poke with E+Q combo and Ezrael´s constant poke with q´s and of cause if you need to engage we got our lovely Jarvan there tries to help ;)

You see if you want to siege an enemy turrent(like mid tower) or if you dance around drake you can poke the enemies.

In the mid game you would like to take all the outer turrets.

After you have taken the turrets and meanwhile you need to be sure to keep drake yours. Drake is a lot of global gold.

If you are ahead of your opponents, you could start to dance around baron. BUT REMEMBER THE WARDS AND NOT ONLY SIGHT WARDS ALSO VISION WARDS. That is often the reason people lose the baron or drake. vision. The lack of vision can make you lose the game. It is not only the support, but when you are in a team the others also can buy wards.

Jungler helps top and drake wards or to help mid.

The top and mid lane places defensive wards.

The Adc can also buy a ward to place in the enemy bush on line or in the tri-bush.

The Support knows how to ward. i hope :P But the support just need to think of that. Vision wins games

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Late Game

If you haven't won yet, you either haves some problems or just take it slow :)

At this part of the game you would try to push towards some turrets and try to siege it. A blue buff on Ezreal or Jayce. Jayce got a hell of dmg and hurts!

Instead of using this tactic offense it can also be used defensive. When the enemies tries to siege your tower, the Jayce E+Q combo and Ezreal ults can stop a lot of minions.

Now just take on the poke team and win some games :) Have fun

Im gonna continue with the second team. There is not much of a diffrent but something can be worth reading :) As an example i think it would be smart to read Counters there will be a bit later.

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How to Counter Poke compostions

When you are going to play against a poke team. You normally know what you are gonna face, a team there throws **** to your face all time. First of all you need a very good engage.
A good team could be:

Malphite Zac Orianna

That is a super good engage and can destroy a team. To stop a poke team, engage early and before they have poked you down to under half hp. You must not let them poke you or they will win the fight.

Another thing is to take their blue buff away from them, Jayce and Ezreal will run out of mana and cant poke or do much in team fights. Dont let them get control over the buffs.

The last thing i think people often forgets is the vision. Vision can win games.

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Thanks for reading this guide. It is my first and now i will wait too see how many there is going to watch this and how many comments there comes. If you got anything i can do better or some criticism to it put a comment and i will look into it.

English is not my native languages so spelling is not quite right but i hope you can read it ;)

Have fun out there and good luck in Ranked.



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