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League of Legends Build Guide Author KidkPro

Team Comps in Season 4: Looking at Cloud 9 EU v.s. Reason Ga

KidkPro Last updated on January 14, 2014
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Cloud 9 EU


Reason Gaming

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Introducing ME!

Hey MobaFire and community. I'm KidkPro, your average Gold V player (So bad right?) I am a terrible early game player, my one excuse for my play, but I love the strategic aspects of this game. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this analysis of this game! Here's a link to it if you haven't seen it yet:

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The Picks and Bans

As an opening note, I believe that RG had a superior team comp than C9EU by a mile. C9EU was blue team, RG was red team.

Picks & Bans
Cloud 9 EU
Reason Gaming

C9EU started the champion selection off with a Annie ban. They then banned out Renekton and Ziggs. All of these champions are notoriously strong in the most recent patch. Annie dominates botlane with her high damage and crowd control output. Renekton is an immovable object in the top lane, able to build very tanky and abuse the new masteries. Ziggs is an absolute monster in the midlane right now. With the implemented changes allowing teams to come back much more easily, Ziggs has abilities made to stall out games or siege the enemy turrets. His poke and pushing ability are unrivaled as of now.

RG banned out Rengar, Riven, and Kassadin. Rengar is a high damage assassin that counters the current meta with his ability to instantly pass the tank-line and burst out the carries. Riven is a hyper carry that is exceedingly strong with the new masteries. She can also burst carries and offers much more crowd control then Rengar. However, she has a lesser gap closer. Kassadin is yet another assassin. He has excellent roam and the ability to also gap close and burst down carries instantly. His real strength comes when he hits six and begins to roam.

I really like the bans that C9EU had selected. I felt that it shut down many of the stronger team comps that we could have seen out of RG. However, I think that the Annie ban could have been left till the end or even first picked because the team they ended up picking lacked hard crowd control.

I felt that the bans from RG were directed at a very specific team comp that they wanted to play. Banning all assassins had lead me to believe they would pick a hyper carry such as Vayne or even a Kog'Maw. However, they chose to go with Sivir.

So the teams ended up looking like this:
Picks & Bans
Cloud 9 EU
Reason Gaming

At this point, I thought that RG had a superior team comp. Having Shyvanna and Mundo allowed them a massive tank line and huge peel potential. Combo that with the Orianna and Jinx would be blown up in teamfights. Karma and Sivir: I enjoyed seeing this duo lane immensely. Karma's E Inspire and Sivir's R On The Hunt are two of the biggest movement speed steroids. RG had the perfect disengage, re-engage, and chase.

C9EU had picked up an Elise and a Gragas. I like to think of this combo as "Midlane is dead after six" or "MIDAS." (See what I did there?) The potential burst coming from Gragas and Elise is astounding. Gragas has around 400 burst at level 6-7 with just his trusty barrels and body slam. Elise has major crowd control and about 300 burst damage. Combine all that with ignite and you're not going to be having a good time in mid lane. The Trundle pick confused me at first. However, I was reading up on his abilities and they really mesh well with the defensive tree. His passive is very strong in laning phase ( King's Tribute ) and allowed him to sustain v.s. Dr. Mundo. The C9EU botlane had picked very aggressively. Thresh has major kill potential and Jinx has huge burst at level 6. However, they had little to no escape.

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Matching the Lanes Up

After seeing all the picks fall into place, I felt that the match would be a very close contest. Cloud 9 EU had an incredible early game and a hard to beat mid game. Their late game was weak compared to the Reason Gaming Lineup. Sivir and Karma should lose heavily to the Thresh and Jinx lane unless... there was an abundance of JUNGLE PRESSURE.

The midlane match up wasn't going to be exciting, essentially a war of poke and farm unless... there was an abundance of JUNGLE PRESSURE coming out from C9. As I said before, Gragas and Elise are a true terror in the early game.

The toplane match up was also a farm lane. Even with the legendary JUNGLE PRESSURE, there still wouldn't be much action.

"What happens when two unmovable objects start attacking each other?

Nothing... They're unmovable objects."

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Matching the Teams Up (Spoiler Alert)

When I looked at the teams 5v5, it wasn't hard for me to see why Cloud 9 EU had won so heavily.

RG was all about winning the late game through hard engaging and chasing.


C9 EU had major disengage: Explosive Cask The Box Flay Pillar of Ice Cocoon
Their poke was solid with Jinx and Gragas. They also had the ability to engage with all of these abilities as well, HARD COUNTERING the mobility of RG.

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In short, RG had an incredible team selection, normally, v.s. the current meta. However, I felt that they could have used a Vayne or even a Draven. Sivir did not have enough damage at any stage in the game to get through the minor tank line of Trundle and Elise. RG was also outplayed in the early game because of the low damage of the Karma Sivir lane. I would have suggested they had ran a lane swap with Vayne. They would have continued to have a strong late game and they would have been able to contest in the mid game.

That's all for my analysis!

This was my first article EVER on League of Legends or anything really. Please drop a comment and upvote?


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