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Team Guide by RobertFreeman

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RobertFreeman

Team Nowhere

RobertFreeman Last updated on August 5, 2011
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Team Nowhere

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Team Nowhere; Philosophy.

"Team Nowhere"--also "Team Teamwork," and "Team What The **** Just Happened," is a team designed to make sure that your opponents all. All of them. All the time, forever.

But, seriously, this team is designed to never let that kill get away. It's designed to gank early, and keep ganking. It's designed to get to higher levels and higher amounts of gold, fast, for an all-around advantage that starts early and lasts the whole game through. It's designed to never be shorthanded in a teamfight, and always come up ahead. It's designed, most of all, to mess with your enemies' heads. They won't enjoy getting Ganked by Nocturne or dealing with Panth's stun early game, Requiem and Grand Skyfall and Gate and SU mid game, or Gate-based Split Pushing late game--that is, the time you spend all up in their base, killing their mans.

This team should be highly mobile. Shen should be using CV frequently. Purchase tons of wards -- both colors. Occasionally leave your lane for a good gank. Put Oracle on Shen at some point, and eat wards. Remember, Team Nowhere is Team Teamwork.

Your early game will be difficult all around, but if you can hang on until mid game, you won't have to wait too long until you start raping face and making your enemies wish they were playing against a different team.

Try focusing on one or two of them, so they start complaining that those one or two are feeding, while they're doing nothing wrong. If they ward and turtle, pink ward to eat their wards, and zone the **** out of them with constant pressure until you take their tower. Then, with a couple of them starved and low on confidence, your enemies' teamwork will be ****, and you'll only have to worry about one or two targets--who you'll be able to gank easily.

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For this section, I just want to remind you all of something that should be obvious. All builds are, naturally, variable. Don't build void staff if they aren't building MPen. If they're stacking health, build Madred's and ruin them. If they don't ward once by 20 minutes in, don't bother buying pink wards or oracles.

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Summoner Spells

Not too many special sections here, but I'll briefly go over the idea. You need Clairvoiyance. Your jungler needs smite. Everybody needs flash. Teleport otherwise, so you can be everywhere. Simple, right? You might want to trade Port/CV on Shen/TF -- and, either way, consider giving the one holding CV 21 points in Utility.

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Laning and Direction

Karthus should take mid. He harasses with Lay Waste (Q) and builds up his max mana with the Tear of the Goddess by spamming Q. If you want, you can give a few extra levels to Defile (W) instead of Q early on. This will allow you to deal massive (albeit risky) damage when you need to--and when you die. It will also keep the cost of Lay Waste low, which makes it more spammable.

Panth, as your tanky dps, will take Top. Make good use of his passive. use his Javelin for light harass, and his W/E for heavier harass. Alternatively, you could have TF top, to get fed fast, but Panth has more survivability solo, and TF's damage works well next to Shen's protection.

TF and Shen will take bot. Shen will donate whatever last hits he can to TF. Shen will help Nocturne to Dragon whenever he can (Dragon early and often). Of course, TF is another of four characters who you desperately want to be leveled higher than they should be; this is why we have a whole lot of Awareness masteries, all around. TF builds hybrid mostly to mix his damage, but remember that he needs to be able to carry his own portion of the split push. Shen should focus on things like Auras and Randuin's slow; he's part support here. He builds more HP than most tanks. Do take care if your enemy builds percent damage.

Nocturne is jungling -- look at actual Nocturne jungle guides for the main advice here, but remember to put some extra weight on ganking and warding often. Ward the enemy jungle; as your team hits level 6, you might find that the enemy jungler goes low at about the same time a global ultimate becomes available. Then, you will smile. One final piece of advice -- never jungle without Smite. With anybody. I'm not even going to humor the idea of jungling without Smite.

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Shen, Pantheon, and Karthus can each initiate here. I would go in first with Shen, and Panth a second later; the two will burn most of the enemy damage. Karthus should then nuke in. Their focus will shift, and, if you played it right, some of them will try to finish Pantheon, and others Karthus. TF and Nocturne clean up nicely.

If Karthus initiates, you want to keep the fight around Defile and Wall of Pain. Use Shadow Dash and your stuns to keep them in place. Again, TF cleans up with ranged damage, and Nocturne is a great chaser.

If you're warding well, and timing your cooldowns and spacing well, you can start a teamfight from anywhere! If you see that the enemy team has three champions here, and two there, you may actually be able to pounce on the three, from across the map, wipe them out, and take a turret!

Also, try to share the love with Assists. They're like free money. Kills should ideally go to Karthus, and least optimally go to Shen, but don't be angry if somebody else secures a kill. On Team Teamwork, there's no such thing as KS!

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Alternate Champs

As far as alternate champs on Team Teamwork: global ults, stealth, auras, and powerful roam all contribute. In addition to these guys, you should consider Ashe, Lux, Gangplank, Caitlyn, Ezreal, and Alistar (a great roamer). Taric is a good roamer, and great with auras, but underwhelming in teamfights. Sona is a better choice for auras, but there's nothing vaguely roamy or global about her. Eve and Twitch are UP now, but will be reworked soon to the point where they fit in well.

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Credit Where Credit is Due

Team Teamwork is the name of a remixing group that works with video game music to create awesome. I highly recommend listening to "The Ocarina of Rhyme".


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