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Xerath Build Guide by S4tisfaction

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author S4tisfaction

Teamfights?? Xerath is calling that:"Freekills"

S4tisfaction Last updated on January 31, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome :)

In this guide I want to bring nearer a tanky Xerath build. As you see, you´ll also be able to dominate against tanky chars.

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For Runes I take Magic Penetration, mana reg per level seals, cooldown reduction Glyphs and Ability power Quintessence´s

Marks: I take magic penetration Marks because if you want to make dmg on every Char you need AP and Magic Penetration, you can take more AP to if you want

Glyphs:You sure think why I take Cooldown Reduction on Xerath.... so You can do your Q spell every 3 seconds when its maxed. And this spell is the most important spell in Teamfights.

Seals:You need the Manareg for mid and early Game if they aren´t enough, just ask the Jungler for Blue Buff and grab him.

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We Start with Dorans Ring because we get nice Health, bonus armor because of the passive (against ganks from the jungler), and bonus AP :D

U can start with Boots to if you want but i prefer the Ring.

Then We look to get our Boots for a second item, we take Cooldown Reduction on the Boots but you can take Magic penetration to i prefer the cooldown reduction boots because i think that Xerath makes enough Damage.

Next Item is Rod of Ages because of the Extra Health, AP(Armor) and Mana.

And now the most important Item: VOID STAFF: WTF THIS ITEM IS OMFG LOOK AT IT AP AND MAGIC PENETRATION!!!WTF????? PERFECT FOR XERATH(magic penetration is the most important Stat for Xerath because u get 40% More Magic Penetration in Artillery Mode) JUST BUY IT.

Rabadons: I think you all know that this just Rapes.

Rylias: Your Ulti slows, q spell to and if you dont hit the enemy after your e spell, he is stil slowed, oh and Dont Forget the bonus armor, AP and the health.

Now we get Guardian Angel because the enemy has realised that you just rape in teamfights, so u get focused. Guardian gives us more armor, Magic resist and we just revive after Death, and the enemies are always dumb so they wait until your are revived, in this time your teammates are going to kill the enemies, and WHEN you are revived, you got the most cooldowns back.

So What we got now: 3000 Health, enough ap, in artillery mode we have like 60% Magic Penetration, Alot of armor(the carries can kiss ur ***), Magic resist and a free Revive all 5 minutes.

Hafe Fun

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I go more on Utility because Xerath makes enough Dmg and the Manareg is very important for Xerath. You can go more on the offense Tree too But i think you will probably have problems at early Game, just try it out and Leave a comment if it was good or not.

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Summoner Spells

We take Flash and Teleport, Flash is your Escaping Spell, Dont try to get a kill with it. It wont work....

Teleport: So we need Teleport To get as fast as possible back to our Lane, u can use it to Help a Teammate to most Ganks are ruined when you port to your Teammates.

Other Good Summoner Spells: Ignite, Ghost, Cleanse.... NEARLY EVERY SH*T is good with Xerath Except Surge and Promote.

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Early Game

In the early Game you need to harass the enemy with your q-spell. Use your w-spell to attack the enemy while you´re standing in fog of war. When you get your Ultimate try to make a combo against the enemy start your combo with the artillery mode,then throw your e-spell against that peace of sh** to show no respect then shoot your q-spell against his fuc***g head
and let your ultimate bomb 3 times against the Enemy. Maybe he dies cuz of that combo, however the first combo was just to watch how much dmg you deal to the enemy. Now you know how much you have to harass the enemy to kill him with a combo :D

(But PLS dont forget to farm a lot

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Mid Game

I will explain 2 different situations for the Mid Game:

Situation 1: You Dominated in the early game, or you got a few kills and lesser deaths.

Play more aggressive but dont underrestimate the enemy. Start Farming the minion Waves With your q-spell and just do the same like in early Game :Harass,Combo,Kill,Harass,Combo,Kill.......

Situation 2: You died like 3 Times but only got 1 or no kill and the Enemy is dominating you very Hard.

Play Very Defensive against the Enemy and go to artillery mode while you´re standing near your tower and Spam your q-spell to Farm the Minions.

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Late Game

Just look that you get your full build by farming some minions, if you already have your full Gear try to Help your team by ganking some enemies

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Xerath passive gives him more armor, the more ap he has, what makes him a good offtank, especially against ad chars.

Harass the whole Team with your q-spell out of a safe range with your artillery spell (w-spell).
When the Teamfight begins, you have to stun the enemy who makaes the most dmg and focus him out of a safe range. Try to hit the whole Team with your Ultimate.

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End of The Guide

So This is the first guide i made, Pls Rate it and leave a comment and pls say me if you have improvement suggestions