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Team Guide by jack1997

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jack1997

Teemo -

jack1997 Last updated on May 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Chapter 1

It was a crisp autumn evening in Bandle City, and it's yordle inhabitants were getting ready to retire to their homes for a quiet night of relaxation. A faint orange glow draped itself over the city, and all was well.

Except for League Champion Teemo.

On a tall grassy hill, just north of the Bandle City market, the Swift Scout was unusually downcast. For hours, he had been staring into space, with a frown etched across his face. No-one had seen him in the city all day, and many just assumed that he was just on an incredibly dangerous mission, or in some kind of League contest. But they would be assuming wrong.

The sun was setting, but Teemo showed no signs of leaving. Suddenly, a small gloved hand reached out to his shoulder.

"Heya Captain!"

It was Tristana. Although down, a visit from Tristana always cheered Teemo up.

"Oh, hey Tristy. How're things?" he responded.

"Don't call me that," she snapped, with a frown. "You hear about the newest yordle to join the league?"

"No, why?"

That was a lie. Teemo knew full well who had just joined. Rumble, "the Mechanised Menace", the blue midget (even by Yordle standards!) who had just barged into the summoning chambers one day and ended up joining. Among other things, there had been rumours, rumours that..

"He's named his bloody machine after me! Tristy! Can you believe that?"

Teemo tried to resist the urge to laugh. But it wasn't enough, and for the first time all day, he chuckled.

"You can't be serious! Sure it's about you and not another Tristy?" he said, laughing back.

"Yeah, I'm sure." she said, looking down at the grass. "He's been stalking me since I joined the Megling unit. Writing on my cannon, launching giant I <3 TRISTY fireworks over the town and trying to launch his harpoons into my...anyways, he's creepy." she finished, in a sombre tone. Teemo started to think his companion wasn't so chipper, despite her almost eternal grin. Suddenly, the captain had an idea, and rummaged around in one of his bags.

"Here, take this," he said as he grabbed something out of his backpack, "it's a bomb made from the Walawonga plant, with one of the most horrible smells known to yordle. Think of it kinda like.... Gangplank's chesthair, multiplied by 100."

"Let me guess, I stick that in his cockpit when he's looking the other way?"

Teemo nodded.

Tristana looked shocked and impressed at the same time, as she took the bomb and carefully put it into her bag. It was no bigger than her palm, but she could tell it was potent.

Finally, she decided on a smile, and thanked the captain with a cuddle, bringing herself next to the captain so they could watch the sun set on Bandle City together.

" doing anything tonight Capt'n?"

Teemo blushed..

"Trist, I know we've known each other a while, but isn't that a bit fast?" he smirked

..shortly followed by Tristana.

"Not THAT, silly! Just wonderin' if you wanted to come with me to a dinner."

While not feeling any better, Teemo knew he wouldn't just by sitting and watching the world go by. As much as he liked his personal space, he loved company, and Tristana's company even more.

"Alrighty, where is it? Bandle Bhiah? Yordle Yummies? Piltover Paninis?" asked the captain eagerly.

Tristana laughed, and replied;

"I was thinking we could go see the new Sinful Succulence, it only opened a couple of weeks ago and I hear it's a real hell's kitchen!"

Thinking it over, Teemo smiled, and nodded.

"Are we going now?"

"Can we wait a few minutes? I want to watch the sun go down with you" Tristana responded, looking deep into his eyes (or would be, if they were open)

Since Tristana arrived, an hour had passed, and the sun was almost out of sight. Of course, to the two yordles, it had felt like minutes. Time just flew when they were together, and they hadn't even noticed they'd been holding each other for so long.

The sun finally set, and they broke off from their embrace.

"Umm, I'm gonna go back to my place and change into something more comfortable, mind if you go on ahead and wait for me at SS?" asked Tristana.

"Wait, who's missing?" smirked Teemo

"Haha, very funny Capt'n." sighed the Megling, "See ya there!"


Tristana turned.

"Thanks for coming to find me.." said Teemo quietly

"That's ok, you know I look after my friends. And there's no friend better than you, Teemo." Tristana responded, "..just don't disappoint me later, alright?"

They locked in another embrace, as Tristana kissed her captain. Her Teemo.


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