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League of Legends Build Guide Author ragon

teemo (and any dps) build

ragon Last updated on December 14, 2010
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item build explained below

Ok this is my first build so I hope you like :

This build ive found to be good on any dps champion

im not going to promise you uber rape if you use my build but ive found this to be very good

the first thing you do with any dps champion is to start out with 9health potions and 4 manamana potians

now some of you are probably going "WTF NOT BOOTS? NOOOOOB!" but let me assure you that if you play smart you will not need to have boots for a while. also the 9 health and 4 mana potians allow you to stay out in the lane much longer then anyone else and be able to out farm the others in your lane.

of course if your champion dosent need mana then just buy health potians till you are out of money and then go to your lane

pretty self explanitory just farm untill you are out of potion (if you run out of health potion before mid game you should uninstall the game) or untill you have a **** ton of money. when you go back first if you have the money for it buy a bf swordif you dont then buy zerker grives
now here is where the choices come in

next go for w/e you want as your second item is compleatly optional tho here are some sugestions

go for starks ferveror if you want ability power go for stingerand later on turn it into nashors tooth
again these are just reconmendations you can go for w/e you want for your second item

for your third item get maladyor last wisper
for your forth get sword of the divineor wits end
you should have all this by the middle of mid-game about 28-37 minutes in if you dont then start foresting and farming lanes like crazy

notice above i have alot of DoT items or damage over time these are good becuase alot of times my experience has been that enamys will look at my attack damage (didnt get any attack damage items yet unless you got last wisper) and think im an easy kill and over extend trying to kill me wile with the attack speed causes the DoT items to proc faster and eat away at there health massively

so now if you are playing right and playing smart you will be able to hold your own in almost any 1v1 fight.

and about your attack damage... lets turn this game into a rape fest

for your last 2 items you have choices

infinity edgeblood thirsterand black cleaver
these are the finishing touch on your build and there passives (exept infinity edge)
are not unique meaning if you get 2 of them they will stack passives

go for wich ones you want. go for 2 of the same or a combination of them
heres how each will affect your build and the situations you should get each in
if the enamy team has 1 to 0 tanks on it go for 2 of these. the crit chance and attack damage will make your attacks hit hard as hell and cause enamys to run at the sight of you unless theres more then 1/2 of them. but i almost never get these
this improves your survivability alot because of the life steal and it has good damage. the life steal and damage increase with each kill and when maxed out it totals to an aditional 40 attack damage and 10% life steal. so total of a maxed out blood thirst is 100 damage and 35% life steal. i usualy go for 2 blood thirsters as my last 2 items because 2 maxed out is +200damage and +70% lifesteal meaning each attack you heal and do alot of damage.
the only downside is that if you die you loose all bonuses. SO DONT DIE
black cleaver is a tanks worst enemy. if the enamy team has alot of tanks then get 2 of these. the armor reduction stacks mean your attacks will shred them even if they stack armor. these i rarely get because when i get the blood thirsters maxed out i can out-tank the tank in a 1v1 fight.

again this was my first build guide. it is not a build and how to play guide because you have to find your own play style.

hope you like it and please comment as any improvements or suggestions will be apriciated :D