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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cyrith

Teemo AP/AS Build (beta)

Cyrith Last updated on November 21, 2010
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My friend and i have been playing on smurf accounts, and Teemo is free. I quickly threw together a build that is based on enhancing Teemo's 2 major strengths: Strong early game harassment, and surprising damage in late game.

The first guide I have made was a Sona guide, which for my first was met with good praise by most. I hope to have another sucess here but i just would like to point out this was not done on a level 30 or tested on one, yet. Only on my smurf account where I end up taking out most enemies, and even when im losing a game i perform well. (which on a smurf account isnt a difficult feat.) Consider it a disclaimer. So, on with the guide.

Masteries and Rune Choices

I chose my masteries as i wanted the ignite AP and AS from Offence, with the incresed survivability from defence, as well as an extra 4% ability power and attack speed at level 18, which isnt too bad.

As for runes i went for a basic Mpen marks, regen/level seals, AP/level glyphs, and flat AP Quints. These give me an early game advantage with the flat AP quints, increasing AP as i level up, increasing mana regen to cover for the late game defecit in mana due to mushroom spamming, and Mpen to cover for no sorc shoes and no mpen items in my build.

Item Choices

My personal suggestion for the order in which to get items is given in the item progression, here i will state the end items and my reasoning for them.

Dorans Ring : While not an end item, im mentioning this as teemo can be weak early game, the extra health helps a lot, and the AP helps his harassment. I would say it was indispensable, however you could also take boots first and get some health pots too.

Berserker Greaves : I take these as AS is key to my build. When it gets to a later point in the build, with items such as malady and bloodrazors, the AS really helps.

Malady : Synergy with toxic shot, madreds, and itself. What isnt to love?

Guinsoo's Rageblade : At this point in the game, fights should be happening, not shoot and run. This weapon keeps your advantage in drawn out fights, as each shot means you attack faster and do more damage with toxic shot. An amazing weapon for a champion such as Teemo.

Rylai's Crystal Sceptre (via Giant's Belt) : At this point in the game, for me, usually around 25 miniutes, im noticing that im needing more suvivability. This keeps you on top of this increased demand for survivability, as well as giving even more ability power, and a slow on your blinding shot. An all-round useful item.

Madred's Bloodrazor : You always want more damage; how about 4% of thier health. And more attack speed, a bit of attack damage for good measure, and some armour to seal the deal. A good item, though hopefully the game wouldnt last this long.

Zhonya's Ring : I dont know how your game has lasted this long, ive personally never made it to a fully build madreds before the game was over a couple miniutes later, but if you need direction, a zhonyas isnt too bad.

For an overall feel, the build is dependant upon items that require fast attack speed, with items that give attack speed, with the attack speed synergising with both the afforementioned items and your toxic shot.


Firstly, the key to this build : Toxic shot. Its what makes your laning so hilarious, its what makes you deadly endgame. The entire build is based on making this one ability, and its linked auto attacks, to be as powerful as they can be. This skill is taken first, and maxed first.

Noxous Trap : badgerbadgerbadgerbadgerbadgerbadgermushroommushroom. The major source of lulz as playing Teemo, the think that makes you rage when playing against one, This ability should not be neglected.
1: Place it in brush, this gives you security when laning, also if someone on low hp runs in to recall; boom, free kill.
2: Place it in a pack of dense minions, if one moves, all of them get hit, and you get a lot of gold and exp.
3: Place a trail of them in an inconspicous place, and lure an over extending champion into them when your on low hp, and kite him around, then laugh at him when he dies. Capitolise on greed.

Blinding Dart : Use it as a nuke, a slow when you have Rylais, and a means of defence when in a fight.

Move Quick : Its good, put a point in if you like, but i tend to save it for last, i much prefer teemos other abilities and prioritise them as such.


Just a few paragraphs on Teemo if you need them. Im by no means an expert however.

Early Game : Hit and run, last hit minions. When you get it, auto-attack + blinding dark then run. Itll take off a good chunk of thier health.

Mid Game : Mushrooms everywhere in strategic locations, continue harassment until end of laning phase, attack weakened enemies and ensure that noone leaves a battle alive if you have anything to say about it.

Late Game : Set up mushrooms according to your prediction of the battle, try to bait enemies in, keep as many people poisoned as possible, and if you can, focus on one person and make them feel pain, its not outlandish to be hitting for around 200 on auto attacks with ~2.2 attack speed for about 500 dps, with blinding dark hitting for a 600 damage nuke with an attacked slow, plus madreds damage. Remember people will try to focus you.

Thanks for reading, not as in depth or as complete as id like, but i still feel happy with it.