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Teemo Build Guide by 6Jagermeister9

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 6Jagermeister9

Teemo AP w/ Health

6Jagermeister9 Last updated on December 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Starting off we want to build a teemo that can handle solo/team fights. To achieve this we want to build an AP teemo. We need him to have enough health to withstand attacks/stuns before his poison darts/mushrooms start to take their toll. If you have any questions or comments, or even advice on how to improve this build send me an email ( or find me in game 6Jagermeister9.

It is actually in the 500's with rabbadon's death caps passive ability of adding 30% more AP onto your total.
ALSO Do me a favor of explaining your votes please. It would be greatly appreciated so I may update this guide effectively.

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Now for runes you want to break through armor, so obiously you want magic penetration. Now teemo is a bit tricky to start with towards the beginning of the game because of low health and no AP, so we get the runes to achieve both. With the added runes for AP you start out with a good amount of magic power to do serious damage with your darts added with their blind ability, and you have a real lead on beginning kills.

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Well I have found these masteries to help significantly you get the attack speed boost to Hit harder faster and add more poison by the second. With that you have more magic penetration along with more armor/magic resist. Cripple helps the exhaust spell significantly with teemo, because you need a slow and a power down on the enemy to further help the squishy-mess of teemo. And when worst comes to worst, you have your ghost/movequick, that will get you out of a fight fast.

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Heres where I need to actually go in depth.
Step 1: You need to buy would be the health regen so you need the Regrowth Pendant. This is significant as a starter because you need to harrass your enemy at the start and maintain in fight for the gold from last hits as well as champion kills to proceed. ASAP you need to upgrade that pendant to Philospohers Stone. This will give you extra gold throughout the game and will be kept until you need that 6th and final item to replace it[/color].
Step 2: Following this we need a faster teemo, so we get our Sorcerers Shoes which gives us additional magic penetration. This allows us to do even more damage with our build early on, doubling as a power booster for Teemo.
Step 3: Now its time for the good stuff, Void Staff. Its crucial not only will it further your magic power but it increases your magic penetration SIGNIFICANTLY.
Step 4: The obvious needed item would be Rabbadons Death Cap, which is needed for almost every AP build adding 140AP and +30% more AP onto your total magic power.
NOTE: You may switch the items Void Staff and Rabbadons Death Cap's order. Either way is effective.
Step 5: By this time in game you will notice you have become squishy again, you still need to boost your damage and you need more health. So, how do we achieve both? Rylais Crystal Sceptor allows us to do more AP damage and also giving us 500 more health, which will make it a little better until our next item. The slowdown on Magic attacks is also a nice touch.
SIDE NOTE: Now Rylais and our next item Warmogs can be switched in game depending on how fed the opposing team is and its heroes. So you may need Warmogs first, In other words they are interchangable.
Step 6: Warmogs gives you Health and health regen, along with its special passive allowing more of both again, definately a plus for squishy teemo. And nows the time to get rid of philos stone since it was so gracious enough to supplement a significant amount of cash and regen for us.
Step 7: We get more armour and more AP with the extra 30% from our previous item with Zhonyas hourglass.
LAST NOTE: Now If this is still not enough damage you can get rid of the boots after this and replace it with Lich Bane, this will give more ability power and give you the extra damage from its passive along with the movement speed allowing you to be the same speed as other characters. This will be a last ditch effort in case your team hasnt been doing so great, teemo will still be just as fast as other heroes with his movement speed plus his move quick ability.

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Skill Sequence

Well as stated above its simple. Theres not much to say about it other than poison dart and toxic shot is important to harrass.
As far as Teemos skills are concerned:
Poison Dart causes blind which does not stop magical attacks but do prevent physical attacks for a 3 seconds. This is useful against Tanks, or range characters, so in a fight you use a regular attack for the poison and throw a poison dart following it, that allows you to keep an engagement and allow the poison to take effect and giving you 3 precious seconds of attack to get damage in on an opponent.
Move quick allows your character to passively run faster increasing it by the % per level. This is amazing when you are trying to chase an opponent as well as running to your different towers and to assist other champions.
Toxic shot is passively attached to every attack. This is extremely useful because it adds magic damage and the Ability power attached to it gives it a boost. It does 3 hits after attacks cease. If you have a running enemy it will slowly damage them and if they are low enough this may even kill them as they run.
Mushrooms Now this is the most important skill of all, as with every ultimate. This requires a good touch, finding the right spots to place these little devils. Bushes are great places to be used as wards or for retreats as well as ambushes. By the dragons as well to see when enemies are going for that extra gold/buffs. I find that placing them in a lane that you are team rushing as a good retreat option is effective, it saves teammates and lets you weaken and even repush if you can.
Knowing all of that good luck and happy hunting.

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Summoners Spells

Well I know it seems noob to use exhaust and ghost since thats the standard for most, but the advantages of using both these spells with teemo gets you around fast and slows the enemy. The damage reduction to enemys makes him less squishy too. This is the best combo I have been able to see with him, but For these you are free to experiment and let me know your results.

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This build will allow significant magic power at the same time as improving his health and armor. This will make those pesky mushrooms to be amazingly powerful and incredibly dangerous. If you place them right, its a real push stopper, as well as making the opposite have to be careful where they retreat/push. It also makes them second guess ganking Teemo.

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Creeping / Jungling

I dont suggest Jungling for teemo, Although i am not the best jungler, Every time i have tried it for teemo it wasnt effective.

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Team Work

Poison dart stops attacks for a short period which will allow your team a significant advantage against the hard hitters. His poison is dangerous and the mushrooms do area of effect. ALl of which make teemo a real team player.

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Unique Skills

This build has a significant advantage over other builds due to its Heath with its AP damage. This will make teemo a Carry if he must. Try it out and see what Im talking about.