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Teemo Build Guide by J4ckOfSpades

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author J4ckOfSpades

TEEMO assasin / ad,ap killer. HIT AND RUN murder

J4ckOfSpades Last updated on November 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Intro to teemo the speedy hit and runner

Teemo is possibly one of the best hit and run champs that can melt you in seconds. this guide is a good balance of Ad and AP for great magic damage and poison, while giving great base damage for turrets and lifesteal. teemo has great team value with a free ward every ~20 seconds. you can almost always escape death with passive and ability speed. If you like high risk high reward mass murder them teemo is your champ.

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early lane

Early lane phase

Teemo is actually a better bot champ then most expect. his poison gives him bonus damage to control the lane early and his free wards help prevent ganks. the purpose of teemo bot is to blind the ad and keep getting poison hits as much as possible so then the enemy has to use up their potions early and recall giving you the lane advantage.

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late lane

Late lane phase
attack minions constantly poisoning them for passive last hits. keep pushing the lane and using the powerful blind on their ad carry this renders the damage dealt by them, completely useless. once you push them back and maybe get a few kills in, get the turret. once down its time for speedy teemo to roam.

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mid game

Mid game--
this is very important for teemo, with his attack speed and blind teemo is able to get enemy carries down to half health before they can attack, use the bushes and mushrooms to bait, slow, blind and auto attack. you can rush low health enemies behind turrets and use your w to speed out of their sometimes before even 1 turret attack. try to help push the other lanes because your lane is usually pushed before the others if teemo was played right. teemo should be dealing damage but try not to steal kills because teemo will always get the last hit with his speed, so instead if you are very fed only kill is they will get away, teemo is a speedy clean up crew who only yi, and rammus can outrun.

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late game

late game- this is where you start switching out items if fully built. berserker grieves can be switched for a phantom or a guardians angel. your malady could be switched to a black cleaver if the enemy is tanking hard at this time. Mainly i have found that late game teemo can do some outrageous backdooring this means while the enemy is distracted. push all the turrets and get an inhibitor within a minute. some games you can rush the nexus turrets and nexus before they even notice. if you need to stay with your team, the best thing you can do instead of a backdoor is to place mushrooms in ally bushes this allows for allies to run through and get the enemy slowed so they can escape. this is how you save lives. teemo never should initiate because even late game teemo is very squishy so stand back and pick off the damage dealer with your speed, you can win team fights with triples and quadras quite often. ENJOY --- j4ckofspades