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League of Legends Build Guide Author EggZ

Teemo - BBQ time ;)

EggZ Last updated on March 5, 2011
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Welcome to my first ever guide, I have been playing Teemo since beta, and he is without a doubt, my favourite champion, and always will be.

Lets start off with his abilities.
First of all we have Blinding Shot -

Obscures an enemy's vision with a powerful venom, dealing magic damage to the target unit and causing all their attacks to miss for the duration.
Cooldown: 8 seconds
Range: 68

This ability is very useful against melee attackers, which seem to populate most teams these days. The blinding debuff lasts from 1.5 - 2.5 seconds, enough to escape an enemy or engage it enough to cause some serious damage without getting hit.

Next ability is Move Quick -

(Passive): Grants increased movement speed until struck by a champion or turret. The passive is restored 5 seconds (static cooldown) after last being struck by a champion or turret.
(Active): For 3 seconds,Teemo gains double his passive movement speed and will not lose it even if he is hit.
Cost: 40 Mana
Cooldown: 13 Seconds

This ability is very nice to escape death, not only that it can be used to get to enemies in other lanes quickly for a nice kill, keep in mind that this ability will give you a tactical advantage to staying just out of range of the enemy champion(s) your laning against.

For out penultimate ability, we have Toxic Shot -

(Passive): Each time Teemo deals damage to an enemy, he will poison the target, dealing damage on hit and each second for 4 seconds.

This ability is very useful overall, it gives a huge advantage at the beginning of the game, increasing your damage majorly and adding a DoT incase they run away with low health, very useful for conflicts.

Teemo's final ability is Noxious Trap -

Teemo places a trap which stealths and arms in 1.5 seconds. It detonates if an enemy steps on it, dealing magic damage by poisoning nearby enemies plus slowing them for 4 seconds. The traps last 10 minutes. Teemo will store one every several seconds, and can have a maximum of three stocked up. Each cast requires and uses a trap.
Range: 230
Cooldown: 1 second
Collision Area of Effect: 20
Explosion Area of Effect: 500 (estimate)
Sight Radius: 425 (estimate)

This ability is extremely handy when used correctly, it can be used to scout out areas like the baron, dragon and golem, while also playing a big part in battles and escaping. Use it when running away along with Move Quick to practically guarantee an escape, If you happen to get in to a close range fight, pop down a mushroom and fire away, usually you'll win any 1v1 battle using this.

Finally, here is his passive ability -

If Teemo stands still for 2 seconds without taking damage, he becomes stealthed (damage will break this effect). Moving or taking actions will break Teemo out of stealth and give him Element of Surprise, increasing his attack speed by 40% for 3 seconds.

I wouldn't rate this ability one of the best, however it can be very useful with tricking the enemy and ambushing them, and also to get away with recall.

The next chapter will introduce the rune build for Teemo

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While these runes aren't completely necessary, they do help a lot. We have a lot of critical chance bonus, very hand early game for high damage, attack speed to boost the amount of attacks you cause, thus increasing damage and some critical damage increase, for a big boost in damage when you critical. Feel free to replace the runes to your comforts, if you do however, I would recommend adding some armor penetration, also useful for early game.

The next chapter will discuss the mastery build.

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I have gone for a 21-9-0 build, this build will be very beneficial against melee attackers, on the offensive tree, we have increased critical chance, Cripple which reduces the enemy's armor and magic resistance and increases the duration of of your Exhaust summoner spell. We also include armor penetration, massively increasing damage dealt, and an additional 10 ability power when Ignite is on cooldown.

The utility tree increases your dodge chance and armor, and increases your movement speed when you dodge an attack, very useful for escaping and tactical encounters.

In the next chapter, I will talk about our purchase sequence.

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Item 1: As soon as you enter the battlefield, buy a Vampiric Scepter, then buy a Recurve Bow, finish off your Stark's Fervor asap.
Item 2: Secondly, buy some Boots of Speed, then farm and save up for a dagger and finish off your Berserker's Greaves.
Item 3: For your third item, buy a Pickaxe to start it off, then move on to a Long Sword, then some Cloth Armor to finish off Madred's Razors, buy a Recurve Bow to finish off Madred's Bloodrazor, a very handy item.
Item 4: For your fourth item, buy a Cloak of Agility for a nice upgrade on your critical chance, then move on to BF sword then your Pickaxe, to finish off Infinity Edge.
Item 5: For your fifth item, save up for Zeal and buy that asap, but a Cloak of Agility, and finish off your phantom dancer.
Item 6: For your final item, buy a Vampiric Scepter, and finish off The Bloodthirster.

Overall this item build should you leave you the ability to gank most champions. Be wary of your health though, you'll want to stay a moderate way away from melee champions when attacking them.

For our next chapter, I'll explain the Skill Sequence.

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Skill Sequence

Here is the simplified skill sequence: E Q E W E R Q E Q E R Q W Q W R W W

This will boost your damage early game significantly, while also sampling Move Quick, to give you a slight speed advantage to enemy champions and Blinding shot, very useful against melee champions.

For the next chapter I will discuss Summoner Spells

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Summoner Spells

Our first summoner spell, Exhaust, is very useful when mixed with blinding shot, giving them a long time unable to hit you with melee attacks, especially useful against champions like Tristana, Twitch, Teemo and other melee champions. Exhaust will also reduce the enemy's magic and damage resistance, increasing your damage dealt on them significantly.

Our second summoner spell, Ignite, is a great addition to your overall damage output, mixed with Toxic Shot, it's great for taking out running enemy champions that are low on health. Ignite will also give you 10 ability power when on cooldown, increasing your Toxic and Blinding Shot's damage.

Our next chapter will tell you how to play throughout your levels.

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Team Work

Here is a quick leveling guide for levels 1 - 18.

Levels 1 - 6

Try and persuade your team to let you solo the middle lane, start farming creeps and keep that at your main priority, while laning mid, your enemy champion will most likely be a melee champion, giving you an advantage overall with Blinding Shot so you should get a kill or two in, but don't worry of you don't. The most important thing is not to die, an overfed enemy champion at early games normally leads to defeat.

Levels 7 - 11

You should keep on farming on your lane for now, go to other lanes to assist your team mates every now and then and make sure you keep your mushrooms down at hotspots on the map, try and get a few kills but most importantly don't die once again.

Levels 12 - 18

Your team should now start to gather on one lane and you should be constantly pushing that lane. Rack up a few kills and focus on turrets, then inhibitors and so on, you can go for the baron at levels 15 - 18 to give you a massive boost to damage and health regen.

The next chapter will show you your mushroom placement in more detail.

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Mushroom Placement

Use this map to help you place your mushrooms.

The next chapter will summarize the guide.

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This is my first guide ever, and I hoped you enjoyed reading it. Rate and comment it and good luck playing Teemo!

Please comment on any thing you think I should change, and I accept all criticism along with praise.