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Teemo Build Guide by musicxmp3

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author musicxmp3

Teemo Build Guide - Madreds Reloaded

musicxmp3 Last updated on February 23, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is the build I mainly use on Teemo. Items can't replace skill but if you know how to play Teemo you should be kinda owning people. With this build I just got nice stats in several games. This guide just contains some brief information about a viable build on Teemo and no gameplay tips or anything else.

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Items / Skillorder

Of course you need to get items that counter the enemy team but early Madreds and Rylais are the core of this build and should not be replaced 'cause you need that early Attackspeed and Dmg and the tankyness of Rylais (you might get Frozen Mallet if you feel like this beeing more useful).

If you start versus champs like Tryndamere or any AD Carry blinding dart gets more important in the first levels but you should still max your e first.

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Summoner Spells

I prefer using Ignite and Flash since you have kinda build in ghost with your w and you can kite enemies with slow or blind them so exhaust is not the best choice. The damage output of flash -> ignite -> autohit -> q combo is very useful to kill enemies that are low on health but are out of range and it just takes a second if you use smartcast to do the damage that kills them.
In addition to that, flash is my favourite summoner spell because you can escape situations that you can't escape with any other spell. You just need a wall to flash over. If there is none press w and run until you find one.

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Runes / Masteries

The runes and masteries aim to give you a decent amount of ap in lategame while giving you some magic penetration and ap early and mid game. The main source of your damage will be magical since Madreds Bloodrazor deals magic damage as well as your q,e and r.
If you wonder why this is 21/9/0 and not 21/0/9 -> it's just that you won't get very tanky until midgame and you need some health early on. Even though it's just a little amount this fairly often saved my ***.
I also don't take the improved attackspeed. This is because I don't think that it's necessary since it's just a little amount that you get and you won't neet armor penetration anyway. Therefor you might better take the cdr and magic penetration as well as ap per lvl.

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Pros / Cons

- You can place Shrooms everywhere
- They do decent damage as well as your Blinding Dart
- You have a decent amount of Attackspeed
- You are not that squishy 'cause of health and resists
- You can shred down high HP targets as well as kill Carries very fast
- Epic kills with shrooms

- People often flame Teemo
- Teemo is a champ that gets focused very often
- You need to know how to play Teemo or you will fail like with any other build
- You have no kind of Health Regen / Lifesteal / Spellvamp
- You are still not tanky enough to tank many enemies

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Other Tips

This is not a real guide on how to play Teemo, it's just to show you a way to build Teemo in a decent way. There is no absolutely best build but i feel very comfortable with this one.

For tips about placing shrooms or everything else regarding not the build you can visit any other well rated guide since they are really helpful.

Thank you for visiting this build guide.
GL & HF!