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Teemo Build Guide by pwnagecarry123

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author pwnagecarry123

Teemo-damn I stepped on something (*dies*)

pwnagecarry123 Last updated on July 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my Teemo build. Teemo is a versatile character who can either be built AP or AD/ATS, this build focusses on AD/ATS and it turns Teemo into a shredder who can ambush people anywhere with the help of his mushrooms and passive. Teemo has got to be one of the most annoying characters to face EVER.

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Pros / Cons


Massive attack speed
Good farming due to attack speed
Extremely annoying when enemies step on mushrooms in the brush
Poison very helpful if your enemy doesn't like sticking it out in a fight
Move quick makes it hard to catch Teemo
Passive sets you up for ambushes throughout the game especially at towers


Quite squishy
Prone to focus

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NOTE: When you use this build you will have to get rid of doran's blade for the last item.

Early Game

Early game you need to get a Doran's blade which willl give you much needed health (as Teemo is extremely squishy), lifesteal (to keep you in land), and attack damage. Next you need to get some Berserkers Greaves to start your attack speed build off. The greaves really help with early game chasing and fighting. Your final item for mid game should be a Maladyand then build it into a Nashors Tooth to give you a AP boost for your abilities, ATS, mana regen (teemo's mana pool is not great) and CDR.

Mid Game

The first item that you are aiming for in mid game is a frozen mallet because by this stage you should be needing some defensive stats like health because as I have said before, Teemo is very squishy and also the frozen mallet help you with AD and chasing with it's passive. The next extremely important item for Teemo mid game is s Stark's Fervor because of it's lifesteal that helps Teemo in 1vs1 and it's ATS, enemy armour reduction and health regen which all add together to benefit Teemo and his team tons.

Late Game

Late game with Teemo you can now build pure attack speed, damage and crit strike. Your first item will be The Black Cleaver for the ATS and attack damage boost as well as the Passive that, with your stark's fervor will reduce the enemy armour by around 65 which means that squishy carries will have no chance. The last item that you need for Teemo is a Phantom Dancer for it's crit strike chance and ATS which makes his ATS furiously fast.

Situational Items

For boots you can also have Boots of Swiftness for chasing or Mercury treads if the enemies are giving you a hard time with CC. Unfortunately these boots are not that great for teemo so I would definitely recommend the Berserkers Greaves.
If you are taking damage in team fights you can replace the black cleaver with a Hexdrinker or some kind of Defensive item like a Thornmail or a Madred's Bloodrazor if the enemy team is high on HP.

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teemo's abilitys are bliding dart,move quick,toxic shot and noxious trap.
Blinding dart blinds them causing all auto attacks to miss for a duration of time.
Move quick increasing teemo's movement speed until struck by turret or champion,toxic shot makes teemo's normal attack poison his target and do damage over time, it lasts for 4 seconds and for his ulti he leaves a mushrme down which becomes stealthed until a enimy walks over it dealing lots of damage and slowing the enimy. You get a mushroom every few second, Teemo can have up to 3 Mushrooms held at a time and they each last for ten minutes or so.

when I use teemo I normally get first blood due to my 3rd ability.this ability help a lot at taking people down at low and high levels. teemo's attack speed is legendary in this build his auto attacks will shred squishy champions easily and bliding dart is great for helping destroy champions like tryndamere or Master Yi who mostly rely on their auto attacks.
Teemo's mushrooms are a great way for scouting and can act like wards. You can set them up for ambushes and use them to stop chasing enemies who are after you and catching enemies who decide they will take the jungle route to run away.

teemo's passive is if he is not damaged for 2 seconds he becomes stelthed intil he moves again this is great for ***ination of target or you could use it for hiding if you are getting followed by enemies. Watch out for AoE spells because they will reveal you if you are hit.

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is teemo a jungler?

Teemo can jungle quite well in this build if you get starks fervor which gives you life steal, attack speed and health regen which are essential for jungling. Personally I don't jungle with Teemo but if you got an early life steal item then he might be viable as a jungler.

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I take armour penetration marks to help take on enemies with auto attacks, ATS seals because Teemo needs his ATS and armour glyphs because Teemo is a kind of hit and run character who needs some survivability when he is in lane and is soloing people. I find that health quints are the most valuable of quints to get as Teemo is somewhat squishy and to be able to survive and get a first blood he needs to be more durable and able to take people on.

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For masteries I take the standard masteries of a DPS-21/0/9

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How to use Teemo.

Firstly I want to talk about ambushes, use your passive to a advantage when ambushing to do this simply stay stealthed and don't take damage. You should use your ulti to ambush as well because they slow the enemy and do quite a lot of damage. To set up an ambush you need to put mushrooms where they will run and put mushrooms in the brush to see if enemy try to gank you if your ambushing make sure you stay stealthed until you want to kill them or if there running away use Blinding Dart and Toxic shot to finish them off. Eg there is an enemy Tryndamere running away and he is invincible a good toxic shot and blinding dart will finish him off when he becomes killable again.

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So if you want a high attack speed champion you should buy teemo great for ambushing and really annoying for the opposing team. My summoner name on league of legends is killerknine and I worked on this build in conjunction with Ultracheese. Rate and comment pls, see you on the fields of justice. :D