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Teemo Build Guide by UnrealSlinky

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author UnrealSlinky

Teemo Doesn't Die! (Teemo survival build)

UnrealSlinky Last updated on March 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Updated: 03/15/2012!
Please Don't Forget to Vote Up For This Build! I want more people to see the Amazingness of TEEMO!
Hey there, fellow Teemo lover! My name is Unrealslinky and I am here to introduce a creative build to maximize damage and sustainability for Teemo. I have played Teemo since I began League of Legends long ago, I use him almost every game! Teemo is considered a squishy champion, I'm here to combat that and show the world why Teemo is a force that can change a game. Remember this is an Real Time Strategy (RTS) game and Time is very important! EVERY SECOND COUNTS!!

Why I think this build is superior to other builds:
    -The final cost of this build is only 13.5k, where most builds are 15-20k. This build offers a more reasonable goal to get to the final build, rather half way through it.

    -Your attack speed allows you to regain life rapidly, therefore surviving a lot of battles and 1v1's normally Teemo would die in.

    -Gives early game survive ability and a quick Starks Fervor for your whole team to benefit from.

    -Every item is useful to you and most to your team (Starks Fervor, Frozen Mallet, Malady, Blood Razor).

I LOVE feedback and am always looking for ways to improve this build (not change completely!) so leave me a comment below and tell me what you think, I want the GOOD and the BAD! Please try this build out a couple games then tell me what you think of it. This is a very deceiving build that I have not seen anyone else do as Teemo. Also you can add me in game my ID is UnrealSlinky!

These are the reasons I have come to love Teemo as a Champion:
    - He relies on his basic attack, the faster the better.
    - He is very mobile.
    - His Blind attack can change team fights.
    - His DPS is outrageous.
    - I could do this all day...
    -Here is a video that shares why I love Teemo, this is not my game play!

^^^01/12 @ 12:11 AM^^^ This was taken from my latest game. This game lasted 54 minutes. Finally got a game to show you were the build is complete. If you are wondering were my boots are..well after my build was complete I had banked 6k and sold them to make more room, then they surrendered! We Win. Things I took from this game:
1. I can do 500 AD/Sec! (before armor reduction)
2. Farming is easy when you don't die!
3. You don't have to go AD or AP to do a lot of damage!

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Please allow me to explain all the reasons for the items I have chosen.

1. Boots & 3 Health Potions: Allows Teemo to dodge and chase enemy's early game. You use boots the whole game, to be considered as the most useful item in the game. The 3 pots are to allow to lane long enough to get the next item!

2. Phage: Gives health, attack damage, and chance to slow. Plus builds into Frozen Mallet.

3. Zeke's Herald: This is a good team item that benefits everyone. Getting it early is a key to early team fights and ganks. Who doesn't like increased Attack Speed and Life steal? Also it will allow your team to fight Baron earlier as he will die faster and everyone will heal. For example, during one of my games at level 13 me and a Warwick solo'd Baron, it took about 45 seconds but we did it, our team got the BUFF and GOLD and we dominated from that point on! Not to mention the cool down reduction for your SHROOMS!

4. Frozen Mallet: Slows down your enemy?!? That should be enough. This combined with Teemo's speed makes a chase much easier. Plus you get a chuck of health and some Attack Damage.

5. Ionic Spark: Gives health, Attack speed, and AOE.

6. Wits End: This is just another amazing item. It gives more Attack Speed and magic damage and the stacking magic resist it gives on hit.

7. The Black Cleaver: Gives additional stupidity. Attack damage and Attack speed, the passive is where it really gets awesome. This combined with Frozen Mallet makes the enemy die even faster!

Final Build Analysis: These items together work very well with Teemo's natural talent and give Teemo a surprise to any enemy that thinks twice about being able to take you 1v1, even 2v1 depending on the attacking champions. I know AD and AP Teemo players say that he needs Infinity's Edge and Death Cap, but this build and these items are also meant to give lane sustainability (For more farming of course) and weigh in more in team fight's instead of dying immediately, you can actually survive and do a ton of DPS! If you notice most of my items are fairly low in price, this allows a quick build so you can start kill farming the enemy team.

Side note: I hate getting Doran's Blade, it is a very good item but there is a reason it is so cheap. It doesn't build into anything and only helps early game, I'd rather skip the Blade and use the Gold to build things I'm going to use the whole game and not just sell. Let me compliment this statement with the early game is very important, so don't over-extend!

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Why all Attack Speed? I have seen many builds that use defensive runes to balance Teemo, I believe that Attack Speed runes are Offensive and Defensive with this build. This allows much more efficient farming early game and allows to double DPS on level 1. In my opinion these runes are meant to be for Teemo!

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This is where Teemo should be balanced. Go all out defense, your DPS is already good and you cant deal damage if you are dead. This talent tree in combination with your items allows you to dominate any lane early game. Unless you have a horrendous partner (like Garen players that stay in the bush the whole game) (-.-).

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Skill order

I have strategically placed these in this order to maximize DPS. Maxing ASAP allows better farming. His is good but only helps in certain situations, thus taking this at level 4 will suffice just for the movement buff. is very good, but should not be relied on as a damage dealer, more about that in the "How to Play" chapter..

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How to Play Teemo

To begin I would like to make an important statement to all Teemo players! A finger must always be on the "A" on your keyboard. This is the only way to truly master Teemo. "A" and clicking makes it much easier to farm. Warning, everything I say in this chapter should not be taken super literal, I will give some advice and scenario's that you need. But use your best judgement on what to do sometimes!

Farming: To define for someone that might be new to the game. Farming is getting gold by killing Creeps ( the little minions that spawn at each base), remember to target the creeps that are almost dead, you must get the last hit to gain the gold! To farm best your APM (Action's Per Minute) must be fairly high, I am almost always clicking around. While clicking press the "A" key, there is not a reason to not be on Attack move. Look at farming this way, Time = Gold, Attack = Time thus Attack = Gold (doesn't sound right, hope you get what I mean).

In the Lane: During the lane phase Teemo excels at keeping the enemy from farming while farming yourself. Constant poking from Teemo makes the enemy weary of getting near the creeps. Take advantage of this, the better you do at this the less gold the enemy's have to spend and more gold you have, economy is an important aspect in this game. A word of warning, it is very easy to over-extend as Teemo in the early game, especially if you don't have direct communication to your partner, if you don't know Teemo well yet I strongly recommend staying behind or near your creeps if at all possible.

Fighting Alone: Firstly, my favorite thing to do in a fight: step 1. them. 2. Put a next to you. If fighting a Melee enemy they die really fast. If fight a caster they usually end up hitting it while dancing around. 3. Keep shooting! A mistake I see many Teemo player's is moving around too much. When you move around you lose Attacking time thus lose your Health gain and more damage on them. This seems weird to say, but standing in one spot during a 1v1 is your best bet to survive and kill them fast. See video up in my Introduction to see a vague use of this.

Team Fights: During a team fight Teemo should not be in front, I know this is a survival guide, but it isn't a miracle guide. Teemo needs to be in the middle of your team or behind them. Blind is a very useful spell in a team fight, be sure to target an AD carry such as Caitlyn or Master Yi, this prevents them from doing damage and render's them useless while blind. Blinding casters such as Ahri or Leblanc, does nothing to the ability to do damage! Do not blind them in a team fight! If you are being targeted in a team fight you should run backward through your team and behind them. Hopefully your team can grab a quick kill on one of them and you should survive.

: This is one of your biggest contributions to your team, you provide vision to key places. Place them in all bushes! Next to Dragon! All of the Buffs! and BARON! Don't go out of your way to place these unless it is important. You should always keep your on CD (never have 3, pref none). Neat trick you can do, when in the mid lane you can place them in the side bushes by standing on top near the clff and clicking close to the ledge in the bush and vice-versa (you can be in the bush and place it up on the cliff). be continued!