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Teemo Build Guide by Albo1125

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Albo1125

Teemo Dominionation AD/AS

Albo1125 Last updated on June 16, 2012
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Welcome to my first guide, featuring Teemo in Dominion!
I hope you'll take a little of your time to read this and leave a constructive comment =D
There's room for improvement!
Note that the total damage does not equal the damage in the cheat sheet; don't forget item passives and your E.

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You can choose to start with: Berserker's Greaves + Vampiric Scepter /// Boots of Mobility.
Depending on your role in that game, you'll want the first option for offence and the 2nd if you're going to backdoor a lot.
Next I get a Wit's End for the awesome AS and the 2 passives. The damage passive will make you destroy most champions quite fast in 1v1 with a few exceptions. The MR helps most times, too.
If you didn't get your Vampiric Scepter yet, do so now. After that, get a Phage, then Giant's Belt and build into Frozen Mallet. It gives you your well-earned health which you need as a squishy, and also some AD. It additionally comes with an awesome passive which slows your targets when you hit them!
After that, we'll build the Vampiric Scepter into Sanguine Blade (the Dominion version of The Bloodthirster). AD and Lifesteal that increases every time you hit someone. Enough said ;)
Next we move on to Ionic Spark, as it gives AS and the muchneeded health! Also comes with an awesome passive bonus that deals magic damage every 4 attacks.
Now we can either get 1) The Black Cleaver or 2) Phantom Dancer. Choose 1 if you need some extra armor penetration if your opponents have armor or 2 if you don't have armorlike opponents.

In a nutshell:

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Summoner Spells

Viable Summoner Spells

  • Flash is viable on nearly every champion. Chase, get away, get over walls.
  • Ignite helps you get the last bit of health off an enemy, or if you will lose a close 1v1, ignite your opponent at the last moment.
  • Ghost is very viable on Dominion specifically, as it gets you to a point quickly and can still be used to get away or to chase. If you take this, replace Flash
  • Exhaust Will slow your opponent and reduce their damage. Getting slowed near Teemo can be fatal. If you take this, replace ignite.
  • Garrison Some people in dominion can't play without it. I'm not a big fan of this one,but have seen good use being made from it. If you need this, take it.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Always get a point in all 3 abilities at the start, and lvl up your Noxious Trap when possible. I max Toxic Shot first because I'm focusing on AS (with 2 AS and lvl 5 Toxic Shot you do 90 extra magic damage + AP + poison + big AD)
Next I get Blinding Dart for the blind and the damage. Lastly I max Move Quick.
Alternatively you can lvl Move Quick and Blinding Dart at the same time if it suits your needs.

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Strategy Tips

Depending on your team, at the start either go to the windmill for the capture or get mid. If you get mid and your team approves, you can backdoor the other team's mid tower for real annoyance and disruption at the windmill fight.
Place your mushrooms on a health / speed relic every time you pass them. Health relics are better due to the 99% hit chance.
Don't overestimate yourself. You are a strong champion at 1v1 with your Wit's End, but of course you can still be beaten.
When there are big teamfights and your team can afford you missing, try and capture a point where nobody is at that moment. Your speed from Move Quick allow you to move faster than most other champions.
Don't chase champions you have less than 50% chance of catching if you can capture the point you just fought for. Also, Make your opponents chase you. Remember, Dominion isn't about kills, but captures!

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Thank you for reading my guide to Dominion Teemo. It is my first, so please bear with me and give me comments on how to improve; I'm open to ideas!
If you got a good score with this, feel free to post it too and I'll add it soon!
An amazing thanks to jhoijhoi for making her Guide to making a Guide guide. My first couldn't have existed in the way it does without her!