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Teemo Build Guide by chandiah

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author chandiah

Teemo - DPS

chandiah Last updated on December 17, 2011
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Alright to start off, people underestimate Teemo as a DPS champ... They usually think he should go AP/AS, or Hybrid, but there are a variety of ways to build Teemo. I for one absolutely ADORE a DPS Teemo. He is one of the strongest DPS champs in the game because of his Toxic Shot passive.

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Pros / Cons


    Excellent DPS
    Can take tanks down faster than most DPS
    Noxious Traps are obnoxious as hell
    Insane farming skills
    Extremely mobile

    All around squishiness (Frozen Mallet will help)
    Gets targetted first in many cases

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First, I would take Magic Pen. Marks for the effectiveness of his Toxic Shot.

For seals, I would take Flat Mana Regen just for shrooming everywhere.

But, you could go withAttack Speed Seals as well.

Unless you're MAYBE tanking, there is no Glyph better than Flat CDR. Although, they are expensive, they're well worth it.

Flat Health Quints are another "Can't go wrong with" Rune. It helps with Teemo's pre-Frozen Mallet levels.

I would also considerMagic Pen. for more effectiveness of your Toxic Shot/ Blinding Dart.

OrArmor Pen. for a greater effectiveness of your Auto Attack.

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The Amplifying Tome as your first item will give your blinding Dart an extra punch to it and your Toxic Shot's will deal a bit more damage.

Obviously just for surviving and remaining in your lane.

On your FIRST trip back to "B" you should come out with Malady and Shoes. This combo will put your attack speed well over 1.0. The combo between Toxic Shot, Malady, and Ignite will be unstoppable.

Taking the time to get the PD before some damage is rough but Teemo can pull it off well. The faster the shots go in, the more poison goes in, the more kills you will end up with.

Things get pretty awful for your opponents with the Inf Edge. Now Teemo has 50% Crit Chance along with 260% Crit Damage. His AD is around 180, and his Toxic Shots are doing close to 25 Magic Damage per second for 4 seconds EACH.

With a fully farmed Bloodthirster, your survivability increases by a TON. Now your AD is around 280.

The Frozen Mallet puts an exclamation point on your build because now Teemo has over 2500 Health, close to 300 AD, and now poisons AND slows your opponent among every auto attack.

Madreds will replace your malady. You give up 15% AS, you replace 25 Magic Damage per hit with 4% of the opponents Max Health per hit, you gain armor, AND you gain damage.

For a complete build with your Madreds:
[*] Attacks Slow and Poison every auto attack.
[*] Consistent 300 AD
[*] 1.7ish AS
[*] 2500+ Health
[*] 25% Lifesteal
[*] 50% Crit Chance
[*] 260% Crit Damage

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Skill Sequence

The first 9 skills are CRUCIAL to get correctly.
Max your Toxic Shot first because the poison you dish out is the reason Teemo is such a strong DPS.

Max this second because your poison is more crucial than being able to blind for a longer period of time.

Max Move Quick last because it's only use is escaping, and catching up. It acts as your
Max your Noxious Trap as you would any other Ultimate.

The only reason I would use this is to surprise attack champions or to prevent auto attacks. AoE spells can still affect you so don't overestimate your passive.

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Summoner Spells


The perfect Summoner Spell. Target locations to get closer to champs, to run away from champs, to hop through walls... etc.

Don't even get me started... lol. Once you get malady; Use Ignite and your auto attack, and your opponent is in for some serious trouble. True Damage, plus Magic Damage, plus Physical Damage all rolled into one combo. It gives me an erection just thinking about it... lol.

Considerable Alternates
Cleanse isn't bad at all with Teemo, since your kills are based on your auto attacks. Also people will get pissed off with your Blind and they may try to Exhaust you. Cleanse is a perfect counter.

Not bad at all with Teemo, especially early game. Although late game, it's kind of useless.

Again, like Heal, Clarity helps early game when you're shrooming, but it becomes useless, especially in team fights.

Teemo is an excellent farmer, so when a turret is in trouble, Teemo will be there.

You have Move Quick for a reason... And it's on a MUCH smaller CDR.

You have Blinding Dart for a reason and it's stronger than Exhaust. You don't need to slow champs down anymore either. You have Move Quick.

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The Art of Shrooming

I've made a map of where "HOT SPOTS" are located if you're on the Blue Team. It will go the same way but opposite if you're on Purple.

Important Things to Know

[*] Grab Blue Buff (If you can) before you start shrooming.

[*] Always have Eagle Eye Map Awareness, to refrain from being ganked.

[*] Use your passive to your advantage to refrain from being ganked.

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1v1 Fights / Team Fights

1v1 Fights

[*] Use Blinding Dart to initiate, and let your auto attacks do the rest.

[*] If you're going against a melee, Place shrooms right on the Champion during a fight.


[*] If you know you're going to die, keep attacking and your poison should finish him off afterwards.

Team Fights

[*] NEVER initiate a fight with teemo. That's what tanks/ melee are for.

[*] ALWAYS take out squishies before tanks... obviously! They are unnecessary damage that can be destroyed in 2 seconds.

[*] Use your teammates as shields. Always stay behind them.


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That's pretty much all I have to say for DPS Teemo. So please comment, rate, subscribe for more builds. Honestly, try out the build before you rate.