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Teemo Build Guide by TsCrew

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TsCrew

Teemo (dps OP) no ap

TsCrew Last updated on August 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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How to play

When you start the game you can choose your side that you want. This build is not reccomend for mid because with this you are a support. So try to take top or bot. When you see enemy´s you are not suppose to rush into them just let a teammate of yours go on them. And then support him. When you lvld you need to use binding dart. It´s a very usefull skill that helps you to slay enemy´s much easier. You can use it to poke the enemy team. Know one thing if you hit them with the binding dart than they are blinded for a few seconds so they can´t hit you than. Then they can only hit you with spells.

When you getting lvl 3 you need to get the skill "Move Quick" it will make you faster with a bonus. You can also use it as a great escape.

When you are lvl 6 you will get your mushrooms. It is a very usefull thing if you know how you need to work with it. Most people don´t understand the mushrooms but they are on of the most important things of Teemo. The best place for the mushrooms is to place them in escape routes. Like placing them in bushes or in the jungle. So you always get a fast espace. But you can also lure the enemies into them so you have a easy kill. It is also a very usefull thing to place them near baron and the dragon. So you know when they try to killing them.

When you build is getting beter you can go solo with teemo. You will then have a OP Teemo and it won´t be easy to kill you.

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The items that you will buy are not for a AP ( abillity power) Teemo. It is more like a dps Teemo with a strong poison. And a good life steal.

The attack power and critical chance that the items give you will be great. It will be usefull if you get 1 vs 2 or sometimes 1 vs 3. It is also a great power against turrets because of the great attack speed what it takes with it.

The movement speed of Teemo will also be great because most of the times you are always faster in a chase. And if you get chased you will easly run him out.

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Summoner Spells

The spells are important to be a good Teemo. If you want a good chase you can always use flash or ignite with ignite he will burn to death if he got's low health.

But you can use flash also as a great escape. Because when you near walls and you getting chased than you can just flash you over the walls. Unless the wall is to thick.

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Team Work

This is the most important thing in the beginning. Because if you don´t work together with a teammate in the begin it will be a dramatic end for you Teemo. Because you are not made for killing in your own at the begin. You always need a teammate that can take some damage for you.

Later in the game when your build starts to work you can do most of the things by yourself. So than you don´t need a lot of help anymore. And then you can walk around the map to help your teammate´s.

But remember one thing you can´t beat the whole team when there all against you.

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Story line of Teemo

Teemo is a legend among his yordle brothers and sisters in Bandle City. As far as yordles are concerned, there is something just slightly off about him. While Teemo enjoys the companionship of other yordles, he also insists on frequent solo missions in the ongoing defense of Bandle City. Despite his genuinely warm personality, something switches off inside Teemo's mind during combat so that the lives he must end while on patrol do not burden him. Even as a young recruit, the drill instructors and other trainees found it a little disconcerting that, while Teemo was normally charming and kind, he turned deadly serious and highly efficient the minute combat exercises began. Teemo's superiors quickly steered him toward the Scouts of the Mothership, which is one of Bandle City's most distinguished Special Forces unit alongside the Megling Commandos.

While most yordles do not handle solo scouting missions with a great deal of finesse, Teemo is remarkably efficient at them. His record of success in defending Bandle City from infiltrators easily makes him one of the most dangerous yordles alive, though you'd never know it by having a cup of honey mead with him at his favorite inn. Bandle City chose Teemo as their first champion for the League, and he has taken to it like a duck to water. His signature weapon - a blowgun - uses a rare ajunta poison he personally gathers from the jungles of ***ungu. To help cope with his lengthy periods of isolation, Teemo recently struck up a friendship with Tristana, a fellow League champion and fellow member of Bandle City's Special Forces. This connection is healthy for both yordles, though now Valoran's voracious media outlets circulate rumors that the friendship is turning into a romantic relationship. Regardless, Teemo is a crowd favorite in the League of Legends, and a pint-sized foe that many have come to fear.

''Teemo rides a thin line between chipper compatriot and unrepentant killer, but there's no one else I'd rather have as a friend.'' -Tristana

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Short words

LoL = League of legends
CC = Crowd control = Snare, stuns, taunts etc.
HP = Health Points
ArmP = Armor Penetration
MP = Magic Penetration
Gank = When you charge one player with more then one player (Planned attack)
Asap = As soon as possible
AP = Ability power
AS = Attack speed
AD = Attack damage
Blue pill = Blue buff you get from the golem in 5v5 only.
Red pill = Red buff you get from the lizard in 3v3, 5v5.
If I used another shortcut for something and you don't know what I mean? Please put it in a comment and I'll update it asap!



- Can stealth by standing still, great for ambusing.
- Very strong damage during the whole game, early, mid and late.
- Good chaser, excellent for chasing down your enemy's.
- Can have great escapes by using mushrooms.
- Blinding dart can blind your enemy's causing them to miss.
- Great farming capabilities using mushrooms.
- Excellent for ganking enemy's, suprise them.