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Build Guide by metamilo

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author metamilo

Teemo, hybrid havoc

metamilo Last updated on January 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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*** note that the three teemo setups are just to show variations on this one build ***

- Intro
So I have been playing Teemo for quite some time now. When I first started playing him I tried many variations of physical dps builds with little if any success. Next I tried a few heavy Ap builds but found them to be somewhat effective but they relied too heavily on getting your enemy to hit your shrooms. Then one day I played against a Teemo who carried his team of 4 against my team of 5 and almost won it for them. He ended something like 31/5/12. I tried his build and over the last 100ish games have adapted it into this build which averages me a 5:1 kill to death ratio and a solid 70+% win ratio in solo-que.

- Theory

The basic strategy of this build is to get an early damage output advantage and then carrying that advantage as far into the endgame as possible. (teemo naturally trails off at this point) In the mean time your job will be to provide your team with map awareness and control of the jungle areas. This build doesn't provide you with any way to heal so take good care of your health pool and expect to shop often. You may notice that the stats for this build seem dreadfully low, this is because you will be dealing most of your damage with on-hit effects from malady, bloodrazor and poison. Once you have your malady you will be doing some excellent damage but will need to be careful due to your squishyness. You need to create an advantage before you can keep it so capitalize on the fact that you have completed one of your core items while they are still starting theirs. (the malady synergizes with teemo's abilities sooooo nicely) You should be able to go 3/1/? by level 8-9, if not you need to play more agressively. Upon finishing your boots and phage you can start venturing out more and should start asserting your control of the river and if you have taken your turret you should be able to start edging into their jungle stealing their buffs as soon as they come up. Madred's bloodrazor takes a while to build and you may notice your damage output start to slide as everyone else gets their build underway. Once you complete the bloodrazor though you will reassert your lead in damage output.

- Summoner Spell Choice

Flash - I like taking flash because this this build because it helps to both avoid high damage situations and get kills on fleeing or unsuspecting opponents

Ignite/Exhaust - I usually take ignite because I like to single out healers in team fights and when combined with his poison I get many kills from opponents who stick around too long. Exhaust is also an excellent spell for teemo especially when in the enemy jungle he can take out an enemy jungler with blind exhaust blind even when underlevel. Taking the mastery point for it makes it even sweeter.

- Mastery and Rune Choice

In offense I take ability power, attack speed, armor and magic pen and a point in exhaust and/or ignite for a total of 13-14. I stop here because there isn't anything else that is worth what you can get for the points in either defense or utility.

In Defense I take full armor and magic resistance, 2% dodge and 60 health. Taking these points in defense will help you stay out longer and start rushing your malady right away.

Optionally if you would rather swap out your Ap/magic pen quints for flat hp ones you can then put your mastery points into utility instead of defense. If you do i suggest getting the bonus experience, move speed, cooldown reduction and buff duration.

Also if you feel you are too squishy to begin with try switching out one or two quints for flat hp ones.

- Skill Assignment

I like to start with blinding dart just for the first encounter since it is a great harassing tool. Second I always get my poison. Now after evaluating my opponents if I think I will be able to harass them enough to zone them out of exp and gold I will upgrade blinding dart if not then I will go with my poison. Since this build is based around attack speed and doesn't have much in the way of Ap or mana regen poison is not the priority. Around level 4 I will start running low on mana so I will slow down my harassing with blinding dart to save mana for my shrooms at level 6. My (5th if I put 2 in blinding dart, 4th if I am doing poison priority already) is always in movement because it allows me to forgo finishing my boots while keeping me faster than opponents with movement 2. From level 6 on I upgrade my skills with the following priority; shrooms, poison, blinding dart, movement. The only exception would be if I am facing an annoying physical dps character in which case I might put a few more points into blind solely to increase it's duration.

- Item Explanation and Play-style Tips

Taking some defensive masteries lets you dive straight into your build so start by buying an amplifying tome which will later be built into your malady and a health potion.

Head for the bottom lane if you can because from there you will easily be able to scout dragon with your shrooms. If you can manage to get first blood head back and grab basic boots. If you can't make sure you have enough for them when you go back for your malady.

Next you want to rush your malady since it will greatly increase your damage output and I consider it your first core item. This should be easily achievable by level 6.

At this point you will probably need to improve your survivability or at least make yourself less appealing to ganks so grab a phage and finish your boots. (if you haven't already) You should now be dealing excellent damage and be fairly resilient. The attack speed/phage combo should net you at least a few kills at this point especially if you manage to pick up their red buff. (use shrooms to scout and steal it or gank jungler)

When you have the gold to buy both the recurve bow and madred's razor go shop. These items will make stealing their red buff much easier and are a nice pit stop on your way to madred's bloodrazor. Finish it as soon as you get the gold. You should notice your damage output skyrocket from it's passive and your magic pen. This is your second core item.

Now you should take the rest of the build as far as you can before finishing the frozen mallet. (about 50% of the time you will need the extra health at this point though)

Next build the nashor's tooth starting with the stinger for the attack speed. The cooldown reduction and mana regen will greatly increase your shroom output and the Ap and attack speed will compliment your build nicely.

For your final item I would suggest one of the following depending on what your opponents are building and how they are playing.
- hextech gunblade
- abyssal scepter
- banshee's veil
- sword of the divine

Once you are done building madred's bloodrazor you should just be adjusting the build to the situation however I find that nashor's tooth is a good item to get in most cases.

Have patience learning to play this build, it is well worth it. Tweak it to your playing style and GLHF!