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League of Legends Build Guide Author Spook

Teemo: Mushroom Fever

Spook Last updated on December 2, 2010
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Hello, one and all, this is a very basic Teemo guide that I've developed since Teemo's mushrooms were changed to be used in charges rather than on a cooldown. He's become somewhat of a different champion since I first played him, but it is more beneficial than not.

Let's Begin
To understand how to properly play Teemo, you must first understand that your mushrooms are a very important part of your job. I have seen many a disappointing Teemo wandering around with a full 3 charges of mushrooms for half a game.
Important Information About Mushrooms
As Teemo, you must understand that your mushrooms can mean life or death for your teammates. Proper mushrooms placement can screw over the enemy team's ganks(or prevent them all together), as well as being a deciding factor in teamfights. Not to mention how good it feels to be awarded a kill from all the way across the map.
Your mushrooms are not just fancy wards and they should not be treated as such. Place them where enemy champions enter the bushes, where they will potentially come in for a gank and other high-traffic areas. If you are interested, HERE is a quickly-thrown-together map of good mushroom placements for laning, as well as good areas to place your 'shrooms whilst wandering through the jungle. I would actually highly recommend the above shroom map to any of you noob teemos out there.
Summing it Up: Good places for 'shrooms include tight passageways, places where enemies enter bushes, and high traffic areas.

The Build
I have chosen an AP heavy hybrid build for teemo. The reasoning behind this is that your major damage factors are your mushrooms, your poison and your blinding shot. After considering that, a full AD build for teemo seems a bit foolish. However, AD is an important part of teemo. A bit of AD allows teemo to be a competent 1v1, and gives him the boost he needs to take down towers quickly. The build I have chosen does not have any health items in it, as you have probably noticed. This is because any good teemo should be able to efficiently kite and blind champions keeping them disabled and out of range enough to kill them, or get away without much trouble. Be wary against casters, and always try to get the drop on your enemy, if they surprise you and have high health your best option is to run. Don't worry, you'll get your revenge later.

Summoner Spells

    Spells to take:
  • Ignite
  • Flash
  • Teleport
  • Clairvoyance
  • Exaust
These are all decent summoner spells for teemo. You should always grab either improved Ignite or improved Exaust as both of these will be able to garuntee you that first blood. I prefer Ignite over Exaust, as Ignite works better as a DoT on top of your poison, and will get the kill more often than Exaust.
Flash is a very good spell for teemo, as you may find yourself wandering around placing mushrooms and suddenly find yourself facing three of the enemy team. Another good reason to pack Flash is that the enemy team will often decide to focus you, or continuously organize ganks.
The alternative to Flash would be Teleport.
Teleport is good for getting the drop on your enemies. Suddenly coming into a team fight or ganking in the jungle by teleporting to one of your mushrooms is a good a good way to get kills. But you must be careful where you teleport.
And finally, Clairvoyance is a good spell to take just to make sure that there are no enemies waiting for you in bushes while you are attempting to set up your 'shrooms.
When packing Ignite or Exaust, make sure to grab the improved versions of them in the offensive mastery tree. Just remember to take one or the other, and not both.
    Spells NOT to take:
  • Heal
  • Smite
  • Revive
While Heal may seem like a bright idea, you will miss out on many kills with this summoner spell. Smite will be useless for you as you will not be actively jungling. And Revive is no good for you either as you shouldn't be dying enough that this would be a necessity anyway.

You should be prioritizing Toxic Shot. While it is tempting to prioritize Blinding Shot, Toxic Shot will help you get far more kills and assists than Blinding Shot ever will. Take one level of Blinding Shot at level 2, and get your first level of Move Quick at level 4. Remember to focus on blinding melee champions and don't just use Blinding Shot for damage purposes. The second most important thing to being a good teemo, is knowing who to blind.
See important information about Noxious Trap, as well as a map of good mushroom placement, at the top of the guide!
Noxious Trap is what separates the good teemo from the bad, you should almost never have a full 3 charges of them! There is always somewhere on the map you can put a mushroom. Good placements for Noxious Trap in your lane are places where the minions will not easily hit them, but the enemy champions will. Camoflaging near your mushrooms and capitalizing on the enemy champion running into it is a good way to get kills.

The new Malady is perfect for teemo. With the extra magic damage on hit, and the fact that it now provides the holder with ability power, it compliments his poison very well.
Although the cooldown reduction on Nashor's Tooth is not as useful as it used to be for teemo, it is still an amazing item for the attack speed, and AP, and I strongly suggest picking it up.
Guinsoo's Rageblade makes teemo a formidable 1v1 champ, just remember the importance of the mushroom kite!
You should start with a Doran's Ring and a health pot. If you are confident in your abilities, take mid, so you can plant your mushrooms as quickly as possible. Go back once you have enough money to purchase Boots of Speed and at most, if not all of your Malady. You should be able to destroy your enemies now if you are mid or you have a competent lane mate. Once you have enough for a fiendish codex and boots of mobility you should go back to purchase those items, and if you have enough after buying your Boots of Mobility start to finish up your Nashor's Tooth. When purchasing your Rageblade Grab the Pickaxe before the Blasting Wand. The rageblade will turn you into a competent 1v1 champion and you will start to get many more kills in teamfights and ganks. Once you purchase your Void Staff your mushrooms will be doing a lot of damage.
And finally, if you have time late game, Sell your Doran's Ring for a Phage, and eventually a Trinity Force.

If you are having trouble with surviveability you may want to switch out the Void Staff for a Rylai's Crystal Sceptre or a Rod of Ages. Whatever you do, do not get a Mejai's Soulstealer, you WILL get targeted, and things will not end up so nicely for you.

That's about all you need to know! You should be getting scores like this:Enjoy!