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League of Legends Build Guide Author Seriouslee

Teemo on Steroids : AD Teemo Guide!

Seriouslee Last updated on April 10, 2011
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This is my guide/build to AD Teemo.

People usually go AP Teemo, but i believe AD Teemo is much better in team fights. This build is heavy on AD, a lot of critical chances, and some lifesteal. This is a quick and simple guide to play AD Teemo.

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Red - Crit Chance
Yellow - Crit chance
Blue - Crit chance
Quints - Crit chance
*Total - 20% Crit chance*

I chose to go all critical chance runes because it will be great help at end game. I have tried going armor penetration marks and quints but in my experience, critical chance works better at end game due to the extra 20% crit.

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First i started off with a Vampire Scepter for a longer laning time plus i would make it into a bloodthirster later on in the game, which would save me some gold. After that if i had to go back early, i would try to pick up boots and go on into a zeal for some speed. I went Sword of the Occult after and then a dagger. Now when you are trying to stack, you MUST take into consideration of MIAs and junglers and try to play safe, don't think "oh no one is going to try and gank me when i see 3 mias", then BOOM before you know it, you lost your stacks. After that, get your Boots of Mobility so you can travel the map faster and plant shrooms for map awareness. Since you will be stacking up, you will gain damage each time you get a kill or an assist so try to go straight to a BF sword then an infinity edge. After that you should finish building your phantom dancer from the zeal and dagger. Next, get another BF sword then make it into a bloodthirster. After that you should get a frozen mallet for more health and slows. **IF YOU SOMEHOW FEED OR CANNOT STACK UP, JUST CHANGE THE SWORD OF OCCULT INTO A BLOODTHIRSTER FOR MORE LIFESTEAL.**

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First, i maxed out toxic shot for harassment since i don't like using up all my mana. After i max out shrooms ASAP and then blind dart. Since i'm AD, i usually only use blind dart if I'm going against a DPS champion. After that i get Move Quick for movespeed, by end game, with boots of mobility, move quick maxed, and a phantom dancer, i usually have around 500 movespeed which is really great =p.

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Summoner Spells

I ALWAYS get ghost and flash just in case i get caught in a team fight or get ganked. Believe me, ghost and flash is way better than exhaust or ignite. Since you're stacking, you cannot afford to die. It is also a great help when chasing someone, but don't chase to far when the rest are MIA.

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*Map control
*Strong carry and input damage
*Great Survivability
*Fast Map Travel
*Fast stacking due to assists and kills


*Unable to stack up
*Very Squishy
*Gets dropped in team fights fast if initiated

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Play Style

When playing any champion, you will want to play as safe as possible! When playing Teemo i try to go mid because i don't like counting on other teammates in laning, but it's up to you. Since i max out Toxic Shot first, i can harass players by just regular attacking them. If you're getting harassed then you should try to play safe and hug tower. I usually find the casters hard to harass due to their burst damage. But if it's a DPS champion, it is usually easier since you have blinding dart. Throughout the whole game you should try to get kills and assists and try not to die. Try stacking up slowly and participate in every team fight. Also plant shrooms all over the map! You never know when you might get a kill or an assist from shrooms! You should also get Red and Blue buff on teemo when possible. Blue buff to put your shrooms all over the map, and red buff for more harassment. In laning, you should wait until your opponent uses their offense skill on a minion and is on CD, then you should give a couple of shots on him/her. Also try to farm up as much as you can.

-I will try to get a gameplay video of AD teemo posted ASAP