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Teemo Build Guide by shadetheartist

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author shadetheartist

Teemo: OP people just don't know it yet.

shadetheartist Last updated on November 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Teemo. The hidden master of ad.

There are Four rules to this Teemo build.

1. Know what your capable of.

2. Learn how long blinding dart lasts, and time your pokes thusly

3. Know how to plant, not only Safety shrooms, but "proxxy" shrooms aswell

4. (most important) If they know where you are. That's bad.

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Pro's - Con's

* Extremely dangerous
* things that he wants dead DIE.
* late game he is literally unstoppable
* very good early poking
* ****ing FAST
* can be a bunny

* very squishy (used advantageously)
* without CS or kills takes a while too get IE
* can be 2 hit by literally anyone that does damage

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Why people underestimate Teemo....

In this build, Teemo is really freaking squishy, However you can take advantage of that fact.
Because in this build. Teemo is one of the most (if not the most) high damaging player in the game. within reason of course...

Some people wish to build Teemo with some health items, such as a frozen mallet, or sometimes a freaking Warmogs (I've seen it). the reason they do that is because they cant play Teemo properly, and get caught in situations in which Teemo takes damage. In this build, once you get the hang of it, you won't take damage.

Here's a video of how to play Teemo effectively...

There are also some maneuvers used in real time here...

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-_- The Teemo playstyle -_-

As teemo the last thing you want done to you, is get hit. taking damage as Teemo is inevitable, but with the right practice, you should be able to minimize the damage done to you with blinging dart, Move quick, and shrooms!

Here is a video showing how to avoid damage as teemo.



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._.Teemo Maneuvers ._.

1. The "Free-Teemo!"
Ex: plant a array of shrooms through a "bushy area" then lure someone (Melee) in and hit them as they walk over your shrooms, when they approach you, lead them to the next shroom, or proxxy shroom them, and continue to kite until your opponent is dead.

2. the "invisigank"
Ex: plant a shroom in a "prime" location, hit S, then wait near your shroom, when someone walks over it, hit em with a blinding dart and fire away, they almost never fight back in a 1v1 because of their surprise, and you almost always get a kill!

^^^Vid's coming soon^^^

3. the "dead AD kid" (only applicable late game [after bloodthirster])
Ex: run into a bush at low heath, plant a shroom, when he gets close to the bush, BD him, then simply fire away! you should end up with full hp :D!

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Why get a philosophers stone 1st, and not a Dorans or boots?

With me, Dorans is unacceptable. every time i see a teemo with a doran's i think: GG noob teemo.
And that is Exactly what goes down.

But why not a boot?
to be honest boots arn't the worst thing to have. better than dorans at least...
but your missing out on some beneficial perks that a PhillyStone gives you.

And what might that be?
1- Better sustain without lifesteal
2- Its not so bad to take a little bit of damage, because you will simply regen it. at an alarming rate. your enemies will be worse out than you even in an even poke.
3- an income per second advantage over other ad carries
4- gives just enough mana regen to sustain constant shroom planting.

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The Late game.

Id just like to note what teemo is capable of late game (with full BT stacks)

- up to 600 life-steal per crit (85% crit)
- 2.3 attacks per second.
- crits almost every hit
- crit runes allow crits up to 1200 (again, almost every hit)
- Blinding dart allows you to kill all ad carries.
- can, on occasion 3v1 at their turrets.
- ^nbd.
- then shoots a minion ad has full hp.

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C: Shroom Plantage :D

There are many guides that give you specific spots to put shrooms. as if they're just wards.
that's all fine and dandy. however, there is a shape known only to gods and people who read this...

well, the "SHROOM TRIANGLE".

It works as such: make a triangle of shrooms in any location, preferably in a main location (such as in mid lane or river or near one of the buffs.

and you will see wonders on its effectiveness!

try it out!