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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Foonkinator

Teemo- Rage Quit INC

Foonkinator Last updated on December 1, 2010
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Hybird Attack Teemo Build

This is my way of playing Teemo. I have recorded ratios such as 25/1/10 with this build.

First off - If you never played Teemo before you need to play at least 5 games with him to get the hang of this champion. One thing that you need to be aware of is Teemo is a glass cannon, Therefore we need to learn how to navigate and fight with this champion. I will explain later on.

Skill Masterys: I choose the 21/0/9 Standard Heavy DPS build for my champion. I find it much better for this Hybird build then a standard 9/0/21 Utility build.

Runes: Attack speed is your best friend. Teemo's damage is going to be based on Physical/Poison damage. Therefore having a killer attack speed - You will beable to shred down a enemy champion and get that last shot on them before they escape.

Starting Off :

Buy a Vamp Scepter and 1 health pot.
Head over to Mid.
While at mid be very very proactive and harass the enemy champion. Sit back and kill the first 3 melee mobs, after they are dead go after the enemy champion. Start off with a regular auto attack and once you hit level 2 - follow up with a blinding dart to get some more damage on him. After doing this 2-3 times you should find that your enemy champion as half health and used a health pot already.
Now this is why you choose FLASH > EXHAUST!!!!
Once you have control of the lane at mid follow my DEATH COMBO.
1. Pop a Health Pot.
2. Flash on top or close to the enemy champion (Make sure he isn't to close to his tower)
3. Ignite champion
4. Auto attack
5. Blinding dart.
6. You get first blood!

After you have killed your enemy champion you will gain full control of the lane and start hitting the tower. At this time you need to be aware of any enemy junglers. Teemo is a glass cannon. Until lvl 6 you have no outs after blowing your flash.

Level 6 - Noxious Traps !!!! Place your traps all over mid. Your traps will save your life and land you killing blows during the game.

Your traps are wards. Grab a blue buff and go on a tear.
Place the traps at
enemy RED/BLUE buffs
Your Red/BLUE buffs
All over MID

Late game: By this point you should be building your last item (35+mins.) This is were playing Teemo can be tuff. Realize you will be the focus of the enemy team.

Team Battle : Sit in the BACK!!! I cannot stress this enough!!!! Let your tanks go in first and focus down a target. Teemo is one of the best supports at this point. Focus a melee champion and pop him with a Blinding dart - This will save your teammates. When enemy champions turn to you , Drop a trap and back up..... If they are already hitting you drop a trap and flash away. Be ready to hit your hextech gun blade to land a killing blow.

Hextech Gunblade - This will be your first item(before any boots) Provides Life Vamp and steal with plenty of nice perks. Make sure you master how to use the damage buff on this weapon so you land plenty of killing blows.
Sorc Boots - I pick these over Attack speed boots because your traps are a huge part of your damage and your poison darts. You already are stacking Attack speed runes so dont worry about getting anymore.
Maladay - **CHANGED TO AP and Attack Speed** Will put a debuff on your target that reduces their magic resistance to increase damage done by your poisons!!
Gunisoo Rageblade - Another item similar to Gunblade. Provides crazy amount of DMG/AP and Attack speed!
Frozen Mallet - SLOW SLOW SLOW!! You will destroy enemies when they try to escape from you. Also provides addition HP so you can take a few hits.
Nashor's Tooth - Your last and final item. Will give you addition attack speed and AP to provide you will more firepower to shred champions.

Solo Pros
-Crazy Burst
-Creep line management
-Lane/Gank control (Trap anti-hero zones)
-Harasser and farmer
-Suppress certain carries/common solos (Melee)

Solo Cons
-SHORT range
-No good escape mechanisms til level 6 and if flash is on CD

Finally ENJOY!!!