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Teemo Build Guide by woltex

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author woltex

Teemo - Seek and Destroy

woltex Last updated on February 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First of all, hello, you guys. My name is woltex, and I am here to describe how to build Teemo the way I do, the solo top tanky Teemo! I know it is kinda of an unorthodox build, but do not worry, I am from the internetz, just trust me.

Okay so Teemo has long been the squishy dpser who is always focused down... But his Q actually made me want to get focused. Even with a lower dps compared to other builds, you can still solo stuff, you just have to be smarter then your enemy.

Also, you gonna need at least the mallet, so you are kinda item dependant, hence the need to solo top. You aint gonna get first blood there, but you most likely will dodge enemy ganking attempts.

And if you used my guide and pwned with it, or at least enjoyed, don't forget to vote and comment.


-Upon selection
"Captain Teemo on duty."
"Hut two three four."
"I'll scout ahead!"
"On my way."
"That's gotta sting."
"Yes sir!"
"Never underestimate the power of the Scout's code."
"Size doesn't mean everything."

Basic information:
Champion cost: 3150 ip -- 585 rp
Roles: Assassin, Support, Disabler, Haste, Farmer, Ranged, Recommended, Scout

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Pros / Cons

- Can pew pew long enough, even focused, on team fights
- Innate map hack (ulti)
- Huge move and attack speed

- Mushrooms can be destroyed
- A lot of MR can ruin this build
- Lower dps compared to other Teemo builds

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Quints are hp regen because Doran's blade wont really let you stay in the lane long enough.
Marks are there so you deal a little more damage w/ Q and E (more harrass)
Seals and Glyphs are there in order for you to get tanky early on.

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I know you are wondering why no attack masteries are there, not even attack speed. With at least Ionic and Malady you have just enough AS to fry them every fourth attack. You want blinding movespeed in order to kite enemies at top, avoid ganks and catch kills on low hp fleeing champions. And you need time enough to plant Shrooms and / or deal some AoE dmg on team fights. I just wish those thunders had larger AoE...

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Start with Doran's Blade for damage, sustain and even more hp. Mercury is the best boots here because of tenacity, I mean you may have a good hp, but you dont want to get disabled when you need to hit stuff, since you are still not a tank. With phage and Ionic you will hit about 3k hp, which is pretty badass with 100+ AR and MR on a Teemo. If you don't have enough money, buy the ruby crystal first, always. Before going for Mallet, get the MR robe for Wit's End. With Malady and Wit's end, your dps is good enough to annoy people and get focused. It should be around mid game now, you soloed, you should be farming like a boss there with little to no fear. Late game you are the one who needs to focus those tankers, I mean, your bolts will still hit on AoE as well as your shrooms, you will get the best from Malady/Madred attacking a high HP/MR champ. But be aware that if his MR is too high, you gonna deal insuficient damage.

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Skill Sequence

Yes, my guide is made to solve Teemo's hp problems, but you won't max your Q first to solo top. You have to master your E because it is your main damage source. You need that W so you wont get ganked, and by the time you get lv5 of it, even singed will have trouble running away from you. Mushroom ASAP so you can have map control. Try to keep dragon and baron warded with them, since you can potentially get kills that way.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is simply the best all-around summoner spell, but heal is always good as well. It can be replaced by Exhaust if you feel like soloing unaware Tryn or Yi. But you need that surge for the extra dps.