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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jizzinator

Teemo- Shroom farmer

jizzinator Last updated on December 27, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Summary:A new build that bases off of cool down reduction, ability power,and attack speed. With these 3 key characteristics your shrooms and your dots will do more. If you get blue buff and 20 stacks of mejais you will have a 0.6 second cool down on your shroom. The more shrooms means more chances to wreck someone and control the map.

Always look at your opponents spells so you know if they can escape your ambushes.
Get blue buff yo maximize how many shrooms you can put down before going out of mana.

Early game playing middle: If your playing a mid and there's a four bar health caster in the mid, rush to your lane and place yourself where you can ambush him. When he comes just unload on him as much as you can before he gets to his tower. But if the champion has something like a flash or cleanse spell you shouldn't pop your spells. you should just auto attack him and run.

Early Game playing with someone: Rush to your lane and place yourself where you can escape if you can't handle them. When you see your opponents, you must decisivly decide to appear or keep hidden.usually when they have alot of crowd control spells or your too far in, it is best to stay hidden until it is safe to run. Hit and run if you can.

Mid-game Playing middle: Around this time you should have your shrooms.
You should plant your shrooms in the brush or common areas. I put them in the 2 middle brush in the river just in case someone decides to gank me. Also i put them off to the sides of the lane if the middle champion decides to attack me. And when you have to the time you should shroom dragon. Continue to gank, assist, and plant shrooms!

Mid-game playing with someone: Around this time you should have your shrooms. you should plant your shrooms in the brush or common areas. i put one in the 1 brush in the river just in case a gank is incoming. Also the brush in the edges of the map work well too. If you are on dragon side it's best to plant it at dragon to. continue to gank,assist, and plant shroom!

Late game: Usually at this time you should have some kills or assists.
Also you should have your key items: Boots of Mobility,Malady,Guinsoos blade. The last key item should depend on your game. If your team is dominating you should get mejai's before nashor's tooth, otherwise just get nashor's tooth. Shroom all throughout their forest and baron. Make a pathwith your shrooms so if they get hit by one they get hit by more.

Group Fights: The best strategy I have ever done is what I like to call, "Preparation is key." When there team is far into your territory and you see them close to your team. Break off into the forest and shroom onto all their escape points. Plant as many as you can. When all is done, stand close to where the group fight is about to happen. When the group fight initiates attack from behind the enemy group and quickly plant shrooms behind them if you can.. Pick off all the weakling nukes. Exhaust any champion that relies on attack speed. Ignite the champion that needs lifesteal as a core attribute. Run away if you see fit, and try not to be focused by a champ.

Kill order: Weak hp casters -> Casters -> Weak fighters -> Fighters -> Tank(optional because usually someone tries to hit you and you have to run)


Champions you work well with on the team: Nidalee(double trap) / twitch(Double dot) / Urgot(Double dot) / Mordekaiser(Double dot + good harasser like you) /Cassopeia(doubt dot)
Malzahar(double dot+Stun) Any other crowd controller

Champions you should look out for: Evelyn(Ganker) / twitch(ganker) / Shaco(ganker) / Pantheon(hurts like hell) / Twisted fate(if ap+see stealth) / Katarina(hurts alot) / Any tank(just hard to kill dont solo) / Vladimir(just total gayness) / Akali(hurts to an extent) / Tryndamere(Make sure you blind+exhaust during endless rage or near death) / Jax(most likely you will lose because of stun) / Anivia (Egg=gay) / Karthus(Defies deatH+ult) / Ryze(gay spellflux)

Champions you can kill and properly kill them: Ezreal(Dodge his spells) / Master yi(Blind+exhausT) / Tristana(blind+exhaust) / Twitch(Exhaust+Dots+Shrooms+blind) / Morgana(Dodge snare) / annie(Dodge nuke) / Gangplank(Crit on gun but you can blind+exhaust his melee attacks) / Ashe(ExhausT+blind+dodge ult) /Soraka(Ignite)/Warwick(exhaust+blind+ignite)/ Weak hp heimer(fight him away from turrets) /A weak ryze
/ Lux(dodge all spells) / etc.

*Some champions can kill you and can't it depends on their skill and if they are fed.*

Reasons for items:
boots of speed: Easy to maneuver out of spells and harass with auto attacks.

Health potionx3: Helps survivability and duration in your lane.

Malady: Makes all your magical damage do more.(Dots)

Boots of mobility: Travel quickly in an out of fights, and scout the forest. Shrooming.

Guinsoo's Blade: helps give attack speed and ability power for more toxic shot damage.

Nashor's tooth: More attacks speed and ability power to benefit toxic shot and shrooms. Also reduces cooldowns on spells.(shrooms)

Mejai's soul stealer: Worth getting when you are getting alot of kill. At 20 stacks it reduces cooldowns on spells.(shrooms) Also it increases the damage of shrooms by alot since you don't need alot of ability power. (but it gives you tons with alot of stacks)

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Increases survivability late game with more health. More ability power. (Shrooms)

Key: The key is to be a scout and shroom all escapes,dragon,baron, scouting spots. Don't be focused, and if you do end up dieing make sure you put maximum damage out put before you die.(drop a shroom before you die) With your dots and map control most champions won't escape from your team.