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Teemo Build Guide by NND.Soune

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NND.Soune

Teemo - Shrooms, Camping and Solo Queue

NND.Soune Last updated on October 3, 2011
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I've been using Teemo since Beta Testing of NA Server. And a lot has changed ever since. From his passive, trailblazer (which i think is better camouflage, but i might be wrong), Move quick (pretty useless when ganked), noxious trap (Had stock system, Reduced damage, increased stock time) and some items (I used to build Zhonya's Ring until they split it to rabs deathcap and zhonya's hourglass). But still pwning champs. Now, i want to share on how to play teemo as camper.

What is a camper? A camper is a person who stays on a spot, waiting for a victim. Think of a sniper waiting for his target. Anyways, you might think this is a stupid idea but i don't think so... You might say 'Why camp? What are you gonna do on teamfights?'. Simple. Nothing. You have nothing to do on a teamfight. Wonder why? Because you're a scout. All you do is map control, to kill those who are escaping in a clash or hold the lanes while others do the clash.

But you'll pwn much, win or lose.

Enough with this and start the guide.

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Basic information:
Roles: Assassin, Support, Disabler, Haste, Farmer, Ranged, Recommended, Scout

You got that right. One reason why teemo is my fave champ... Because he is the only champ that is both assassin and support.

Pros and Cons

Deals heavy damage
Good pushing abilities
Effective during late game farmed well
Good map control
Can hold two lanes and a jungle at the same time
Can kill even far away
Can kill 1v5
High mobility

Low HP at very squishy
Always focused on teamfights
If your team has a lot of ap champs, and enemies build heavy magic resistance, that would be a problem
Oracle's Elixir on a tank (ora on other champs are no problem)
Very vulnerable when there are no shrooms nearby

DO NOT use this guide if you:

- Do duo queue or arranged team on ranked
- Likes to join on clash
- Panic when ganked
- Always roam around the map
- Always rely on your tanks to kill

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Well... You can change Seals, glyphs, and quints to whatever you like... But keep the MagPen Runes.

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My Masteries is always 10/0/20

You might ask, 'Why not 9/0/21? You've wasted Ulitity Top Tier, you know that?' Yes, i know that. It's because i have Burning Embers. I prefer that than having my ignite faster cooldown. When ignite is on cooldown, you gain 10 additional AP. If ignite has faster cooldown, yu won't enjoy much of that 10 AP. XD

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Summoner Spells


Ignite - Synergizes when with Toxic shot. early game - toxic shot + ignite can kill champs with 200-300 HP. late game - can kill champs with 600-800HP
Flash - Synergizes well with Move quick. Flash across a wall and use move quick or move quick to a wall then flash for a quick escape. You can useghost too. But you can't cross walls with that.

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Amplifying Tome/Boots of Speed
Yep. Start out with an amplifying tome and an HP pot for good damage on harassing. Or if you're a begginer, start out with a boots of speed and 3 pots for survivability.
Mejai's Soulstealer
I usually rush this item. Why? it's just 1200g which can give you 180 AP at max. Well.. Of course if you don't die much. But it doesn't matter, shrooms can give you easy stacks even when you're dead.
Sorcerer's Shoes
Build this after mejai. +20 Mag Pen + 9 Mag Pen on runes leaves most champs with only 1 Mag Resist... You say 'Huh?'. Okay, most champs (but not all) has flat Magic Resist of 30. Some goes up by level, usually tanks, but not squishies. If you used an ability to a champ with 30 Mag Res, and you have 29 Mag Pen, it will negate those 29 Mag Res leaving him just one mag resist. You can deal full damage of shrooms, blinding dart and toxic shot with this.

These two are your basic items for early to mid game.. with these item, all you have to do is defend your lane, while earning mejai stacks, and earning gold... It's hard to do but it's possible.
Rabadon's Deathcap
At this point your shrooms will now inflict pain to those who steps on it. You can now 1 hit those ranged minions (1 hit and let the toxic shot do the rest) and two hits for the melees. You can now start camping and wait for your victims.
Lich Bane
This is what you needed for an extra nuke for sure killing. Blinding dart + 1 auto attack is all you need for and enemy to run back to their base.

At this point we now have the core items for a camping teemo with around 450-600 AP depends on your runes/masteries. And this is all we need. Now look at the damage of my skills with just 520 AP.

Now let's continue with the items. These are optional. You can choose which items you want to pick or depends on the situation.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Offensive and defensive item. Additional HP is always good. Plus grants your shrooms and blinding dart a slow effect. I usually get this after lich bane if they always hunt me on my territory.
Void Staff
Offensive Item. Get this if you feel your damage is not enough and your opponent have 3 or more opponents with 100+ magic resist.
Abyssal Scepter
Offensive Item. Get this if you feel your damage is not enough and your opponent has only 1 or 2 tank.
Zhonya's Hourglass
Defensive Item. You can get this if you're always ganked or focused. Or your opponent has heavy mage like vlad or karthus.
Will of the Ancient
Defensive item. Grants 20% spell vamp to you and nearby allies. Take note that spell vamp only applies on blinding dart. But very good when your team are mostly mage.
Morello's Evil Tome
Offensive Item. Get this if you feel your cooldown and mana regen is not enough to camp.
Deathfire Grasp
Offensive Item. Use this on an enemy who is about to step on a shroom, or just stepped on a nearby shroom for a lethal damage. Very effective on heavy tanks. (Thanks to Mr.Malhabour for this idea)

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Laning Phase

Teemo is effective on any lane. He can prevents ganks by putting shrooms on key points where opponents might come from. At low level, harass enemy champs by casting blinding dart on opponents who plan to last hit a minion. Doing so may delay their farming and experience if they back too far.

If you're mid. Put 2 shrooms on each entrance of the river. You can put one on brush as well but those on the lanes are more important. And put 2 shrooms on entrance of the lanes, both sides of it. And one on the middle. It is important to place it where the minions couldn't step on it. Here is what i mean. Notice how the minions go and battle along the lane without touching a shroom.

Shrooms must be stepped by champs. Not minions. Except it is a huge wave of them.

If you're top/bot, Place shrooms on both brush near the river and 2 along the path. So you will know if someone is going to gank on your lane.

Stay on your lane even when a turret is destroyed (either side) and farm until level 16 before we start camping.

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Camping Phase

This is my favorite part of the game. I always start camping when i'm level 16 and completed my rabs deathcap. First, go to the blue jungle of the enemy. Place one shrooms on each brush. Place them on the edge of the brush so that if the enemy decided not to go on a brush, he might still touch the side of the shroom and take damage. While waiting for a stock of shroom, go into a lane and farm. Everytime a shroom stock comes up, go back into the jungle and place shroom on every entrance on that jungle.

After that, place shrooms on tight spots and paths where enemies usually walk.

When all shrooms are set, it's time to lure an enemy. Go to an empty lane and push. While attacking, always look at the minimap if an opponent is coming, if not stay pushing. If an opponent is coming, go inside the jungle and stay hidden. When he steps on a shroom, use Move Quick and cast a blinding dart followed by a single auto attack. Most squishies are probably dead by the toxic shot.

Anyways, just keep luring in enemies, planting shrooms on the same spot whenever an enemy steps on it.

There are 3 possibilities are to happen if you keep doing this:

1. They're gonna hunt you together without an Oracle's Elixir and you get an easy double/triple kill. This is good.

2. One of the opponent who died on a shroom buys an Oracle Elixir and goes on the jungle alone to remove the shrooms. This one is easy to counter. As he is attacking a shroom, hide (not camouflage) behind a wall near his next target shroom. Once he attack a shroom, cast a blinding dart on him, auto attack, ignite, move quick and follow him, casting blinding dart again until he dies.

3. They're gonna ignore the jungle and push together on a lane. Immediately get out of camping. Go back on the lane and place srooms near the turret. Or you can counter this by counter pushing.

You can also camp on the other jungle as well..

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Other Tips

Blinding Dart

- this skill is very effective on DPS carries. You can blind an attacking enemy do 1 or 2 attacks and move quick away until blinding Dart cools down.
- Cast this skill after Move Quick when an enemy steps on a nearby shroom for a heavy nuke.
- Use this to harass an enemy who is about to last hit a minion.
- Use this skill before an AD champ engages combat with you.
- Always follow an auto-attacks after using this skill.

Move Quick

- You might want to use this skill after an enemy champ steps on a shroom for a bettter chance of a kill.

Toxic shot

- Believe it or not, this ability does the most kills for me. During late game, when i completed my core items, toxic shot deals 150-180 damage for 5 secs. 1 shroom, 1 blinding dart, and 1 auto-attack can kill all champs with 2000 HP and 100 MagRes at most.
- With a Rabadon's Deathcap and level 5 of this skill, you can kill a ranged minion with just a single hit.
- I always use this passive as the killing blow. Estimate the HP of the opponent if Toxic Shot goes on after 5 seconds.

Noxious Trap

- Place the shroom near a wall but not touching it. Place it on a spot just enough space when an enemy is walking near the wall along the path where minions can't walk into it.
- When attacking a tower place a shroom beside you. So when the turret kills all the minions, it will attack the shrooms instead of the champ. Placing a shroom beside you also procs Lich Bane which deals massive damage to a turret.
- When being chased. Run to a brush and plant shrooms on it and continue running away. Make sure your enemy saw you planting it. Chances are, they're get afraid of stepping on it and backs off. Or dies stepping on it.
- For scouting purpose, Do not place a shroom on the entrance of baron/dragon. If an enemy steps a shroom on the entrance, they're probably going back if they don't see you on the map. Place it inside the area beside the baron/dragon. So when an enemy steps on it, you might kill the enemy or even steal the dragon.
- Always leave 2 shrooms on the top and bottom lane if there is a BD Champ on the opponent. (Shaco, yi, etc..)
- After a shroom explodes, you have a sight on the area where the shroom explodes for 7 seconds, even on a brush.


- If you notice an enemy carrying a ward on their inventory immediately buy an oracle's elixir, this is really importnat.. It helps you ruin their map control, annoys them, prevents them from buying wards, and make the enemies easier to lure.

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As you see, this build may or may not require team work. It depends on your teammates if they decide to work with you and win, or leave you alone and work on their own. Either way, you'll still pwn as long as an opponent keep returning to your territory.

Remind you that this gameplay is more effective on solo queue ranked or normal game. Due to the fact that you work alone, as a scout.

Even though i have played League of Legends since 2009, i still consider myself as a noob because i'm not good with cooperation and i'm not good with tanks. Any comments are welcome. But please don't troll much and no violent reactions.

Thanks for reading my guide.