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Teemo Build Guide by Haphdamned

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Haphdamned

Teemo, Size isn't Everything

Haphdamned Last updated on September 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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9/30/2011: Fixed some errors in pictures.
9/2/2011: Changed ArP to Mpen. I have fallen in love with AP/AS teemo
7/15/2011: Changed items around as many have been nerfed or changed. Also change the HP quints to ArP and moved a point from greed to buff duration.

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This is a Teemo build focusing on SPEED and POISON damage.

If you down vote, Please tell me why, I would like the community's input.

Any Suggestions, post them please!

The "Cheat Sheet" Doesn't show the stats from items that proc, so missing is:

+45 AP
+4% target max HP as magic damage
+20 Magic Damage EVERY hit
-24 Magic Resist on Target
+26% Passive move speed, +52% for 3 seconds (W ability)
-30% Target slow
+32% Attack Speed
+15% red/blue buff duration

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Pros / Cons


Lots of Attack Speed
Lower enemies Magic Resist
High Poison Damage

Easily Ganked
No Life Steal means using "B" a lot
Player must know when not to fight
Oracle Elixir shows our shrooms, so if they start disappearing, you know why.

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Armor Penetration because there is none in the item build, helps out early, as well as late in the game.
Mana/5 because these plus blue buff keep Teemo topped off at all times.
Attack Speed Well, duh.
Armor Penetration Quints, More armor pen to help the early game, and never hurts late game.

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21/0/9 to help maximize damage and still allow for the stability to hang in a fight.

This build, will take advantage of Teemo's speed hits, usually I end with 2.5 speed, which is the cap and therefor act like a machine gun. All of the items and masteries are focused on that point, so armor penetration, magic penetration, and even critical strike comes into play.

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I start with, then build intoon my first trip back.
The 3rd item I build is. This is a major help as it allows your poison to hit for more. I then add awhich allows for more move speed and attack next as it increases AD, AS, AP, all it one item!. At this point in the game players have learned to run from Teemo. This is where I buildbecause it helps with that, and its 2nd on the way to triforce. However, lifesteal is getting to be an issue for me about here in the build, so I build. I then finish. However, if your not having an issue with the lifesteal, please feel free to grab the triforce before the cutlass. But here is where i finishand finish with.

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Summoner Spells

I always go with/. Early the ghost is a awesome getaway ability, but also can let u close the gap if someones trying to get away. Also I always play the bottom lane if I am blue, and flashing over the river bank then ghosting to the lane to catch someone trying to hide behind their tower and use their "B" is awesome. It will make them think twice about screwing with you the rest of the game.

I also recommend this combination as I don't rely on lifesteal to stay in a lane. I just pay attention to MIA's and watch the mini map, using my shrooms like mini wards. If you see someone comming, back up. That's all there is to it! Taking unnessicary dmg is bad!

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Skill Sequence

Always, as Teemo, build R>E>Q>W.

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Team Work

Teemo is NOT an assassin. But he is one hell of a carry. Team work is a BIG deal. Teemo's mushrooms last 10 minutes and there can be dozen's on the map. I have lost too many games because players want to get the kill, so they refuse to lure an enemy through a mushroom minefield. That is what those things are there for! If your being chased, run through them, it will slow your attacker, allowing you to get away. If your being hunted and need a safer place to "B" from, stand behind a shroom. If you have teleport and need to get somewhere, chances are, there's a mushroom where you want to go.

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Teemo is a decent farmer. The speed that he possesses allows the champion to get last hits early. It also allows for some serious buff farming mid/late game as a mushroom/blinding dart decimates the Golem and the Lizard. There is NO life steal. I'll say that again, NO LIFE STEAL. So please, don't be bad and stick in a lane and die because you thought you could. With this setup you cannot solo Baron, however I have solo killed the dragon, but not until late in levels.

Note: Steal the buffs from their side of the jungle first if you can, this way someone on your team can get it from your side. Don't be greedy, if the ganker is a mana user and he seems to be going for it, let him have it!

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I love Teemo. I play him all the time. I got a lot of help when I started LoL from this site and the players that took the time to build a guide. This is the way I play my Teemo. It really does eat face, players think if they catch teemo they can kill him but once u start shooting them, they realize they are doomed and either try to kamikaze on you or they try to run. No one escapes Teemo... NO ONE.