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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stubag

Teemo, Sneaky Badger

Stubag Last updated on January 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my build guide to Teemo, The Swift Scout. This is my first guide but it is well thought out and used in over 200 games. I have gotten the items, abilities, and masteries down to a science. This guide is not meant to be anything specific (AP, AD, Hybrid) it is just a general kick-*** way to win a game. It may be long and boring to read, but it has some very useful information that I have learned and want to share with you.

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Alot of people look at a guide and the first things they look at is runes. They are one of the most essential things to have at level 30, especially in ranked games. When looking at the runes, many people look at variety and runes that are common with other builds for the same champion. I can guarantee that hundreds of people will look at my attack speed runes and laugh, hit back, and find another guide. The reason I use all attack speed runes (+38%) is that it saves alot of money trying to build up attack speed with items. It allows the player to focus on more important items other than attack speed.

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This 21-9-0 mastery tree is very common among the guides I have read. It gives all the essentials; attack speed, ability power, small amount of crit, cd reduction, etc. You must make sure (if you use ignite and heal) that you have the extra point in each of those masteries. Early game 10 extra ability power can go a long way. It deals more damage per hit and per second with your poison. 30 seconds less on your heal can save your life many times, and you don't have to wait as long to be able to use it.

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I always start with a Ruby Crystal due to the lack of health Teemo has at level 1. People try to gank Teemo for first blood because he has so little health. With the Ruby Crystal you can not only surprise your enemies, but most of the time you can kill them too. You then make this into a Phage, which is great for chasing. If you get the lucky 15% and slow your enemy, you have a 90% chance of killing your foe. Boots of Swiftness for extra movespeed when returning to your lane or chasing. Most of the time, people would get the Frozen Mallet right away. It costs so much early game that it is hard to build up enough cash at around level 7, so I get an early jump on my Madred's Bloodrazor. After completing the Mallet finish off your Madred's. This can help you shoot down an enemy in no time, and with your mallet they have less of a chance of getting away. Nashor's Tooth gives attack speed, CD Reduction, and ability power, which are all benaficial to Teemo. Guinsoo's Rageblade late game helps with your damage output, adding both ability power and attack damage. If the game lasts long enough you will be able to purchase a Bloodthirster to further your damage output. You shouldn't be dieing very often so the stacks should pile up in no time.

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Skill Sequence

Reading through various guides, new and old, I notice that alot of people take blinding dart first. That's fine, they can go give away first blood. I take poison shot because it not only does damage per second that can kill a fleeing enemy, but it also increases your damage output. At level 1 you do an extra 6 damage per hit and an additional 6 per second afterwards. You can shoot down an enemy with or without a lane partner (depending on if you solo or not). Blinding dart at level 2, poison shot at level 3, and most importantly, move quick at level 4. This is WAY more useful than a blinding dart at level 4. You already have a blind, but you wouldn't have enough move speed to catch an enemy without it. 305 ms is quite slow and most champions run faster than that.

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Summoner Spells

You should use your spells wiselywith any champion you play. When fighting early game don't be afraid to use your ignite when engaging an enemy because of the bonus ability power you get when it is off cooldown. This makes you attack harder than you normally would, giving you a better chance of killing. If you are soloing a lane (usually mid, which you want to take as often as you can), you will eventually get into a small fight with your enemy. he will most likely lower your health faster than you will his. You should have your ignite on him since the start, and just before you are about to die, pop the heal and screw over your enemy. He will not be expecting it and either be low enough that you can finish him off, or he will try running away. Even if he doesn't die, he will be either very cautious or recall, giving you an upper hand in the lane.

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The main thing is to be aggressive, but not too much. With these items you can pick off enemies left right and centre, and I have even taken on their whole team by myself and won. Be wise with your summoner spells, and you can easily win a game (as long as your teammates aren't doing too bad). So good luck, have fun, and most importantly, Report for Duty!