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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheMaster

Teemo - Swiftly! (now with hybrid)

TheMaster Last updated on December 16, 2010
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This is a AP build for Teemo, made for ganking and farming. I go AP with Teemo for making his shrooms, darts and poison really good mid and late game. I hope u'll enjoy, and if u like this build remember to subscribe and vote up :)

(PS: scroll down for hybrid ^^)

AP = ability power
Shroom = noxious mushroom
AS = attack speed
OP = overpower(ed)
HP = health Points
Pot = potion
U = you
Dart = blinding dart
Poison = toxic shot


-Good against auto-attack champions
-Hard to catch (if he got shrooms on the right spots)
-Really good poison late game
-Good at capturing late game


-Easy to gank early game
-Dont really stand a chance against silence
-Shrooms are toast against Oracle


Early game

U'll start out with Ampifying tome and a HP pot, and head out for a lane. I like to go mid, but u decide. If u go mid, go a little over the middle and stand still. When u'r opponent then come out, wait for a good opportunity to fire dart and normal shots. If u'r opponent is there when u arrive, just stay at turret. When minions arrive, try to harras u'r opponent with dart and normal attack as much as u can without exposing u'rself. Place shrooms in bushes near u'r lane, and it's a good idea to make an escape-route of shrooms.

Mid game

Here, u got u'r shroom and 2 possibilities: u can make a field of shrooms (my favorite) or u can place shrooms at places enemys are walking often / escape + capture routes (bushes near lanes, bushes IN lanes etc.). If u make a field, the placement depends on how many turrets destroyed in u'r lane. If u make a field, find a area close to u'r lane. Put shrooms in all entrances to u'r area, and fill the field. Then when enemyes come close, go shoot them. If they chase u, run in to the field. they will probably get toasted, and if not, just run away. If u place shrooms all over the map, be sure to make escape routes for getting away, and capturing routes for catching enemys.

Late game

Here are team battles breaking out everywhere. It's u'r job to predict where the next will be. make a shroom field at the predicted place, and do all u can to make the enemys go there. If a team battle breeaks out on u'r field, u'r team should probably win. Shrooms a very good at late game with AP. Also if u'r ganking them too hard and are battling in their base, feel free to make a shroom field in their base. It's so funny to see them walking down the stairs from the start pool, and hurrying up again after taking 1200 dmg by shroom. Using Camouflage at their base can also be hilarious.



I'll buy Amplifying tome for the xtra dmg to dart and poison, and 1 HP pot for keeping in lane.
I go with Sorcores shoes for the magic penetration wich is really useful with dart and posion.
Mejais soulstealer can make u'r shrooms so OP if u get enough stacks, even early-mid game. Definently a must for good players.
I think Nashors Tooth is a item created specially for AP Teemo. The 50 AP is good in start, and the AS helps for stacking poison.
Lich Bane is also quite nice for Teemo. with 80 AP, it is 1 of the items with highest AP, and increasing a shot with 100% of u'r AP is preeeetty nice late game.
Rylais scepter is also a very nice item for slowing enemys with dart. Plus, it also got 80 AP.
Zhonya's ring is very important and very nice for all casters. Especially for Teemo shroom field if they can see u. u run to the middle of the field, shooting at 'em while they are on their way to kill u, and when they finally arrive at u'r spot, u go all golden statue-like. That can piss 'em off. AND, then there's the AP. This is THE shroom item. it will make u'r shrooms completely OP.


I go with AS runes with Teemo for stacking his poison, wich late game is really good.
Dodge runes can always be put to use, but its not optimal for Teemo, so if u have a better idea, please make a comment!
The AP runes is obvious...

Summoner spells

This can be like a Ignite, only better. It can make u able to get some xtra shots at an enemy, putting u'r poison on the target. Also, it can make u'r survive some fearsome ganks. Put this on, and get to nearest shroom. Very nice indeed.

This little fella can really help u out in ANY situation. 1v1, it can both slow and stop auto-atks, wich can be very useful for champs like Master Yi, Miss Fortune etc. Also good for both Catching and getting away, by slowing u'r opponent. And good in team battles for disabling their auto-atk dps. I use this with EVERY champ i play. Its godly.

NOW! hybrid Teemo !

u'll still start out with Amp tome and a hp pot. later, u will buy Berserkers greaves and finish Nashors tooth. Now, instead of everything else, u will buy 3 hextech REVOLVERs and 1 Zhonyas. Then, upgrade all revovlers to gunblades. This will make u'r basic attack OP, with AP poison and AD.
The gameplay is about the same.

Thats about it. Hope u enjoy :D