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Teemo Build Guide by P4Proxy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author P4Proxy

Teemo|The Cute, Cuddly, and Deadly

P4Proxy Last updated on August 15, 2011
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Teemo is the first champ I bought, and my pride and joy. It pains me to see a Teemo struggle with his build, either because he's new, bad, or just looked at a bad build. Regardless I took it upon myself to make this build. By no means am I saying this is THE build for Teemo. This is a really good skeleton of a build with hours of in game testing and practice put into it. Remember to always tack on items to counter the other team. In this I will be overviewing different ways to build and use Teemo, as he is very versatile and incredibly good. I hope you will test this and provide me with some constructive feedback as this is my first guide.


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Quints & Marks
Magic pen runes are great on Teemo to give his poison that extra edge without having to get Magic pen items.

Seals & Glyphs
This is more to pick up early game kills, as a Teemo with early AS is really good for harassing, farming, and pushing lane. And as soon as the opponent makes a mistake, you punish him. This is the best way.

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I prefer offensive masteries as Teemo is rather squishy and really shouldnt be taking to much damage anyways; which makes defensive masteries less effective in my opinion. These are once again for really dominating early to mid game which in turn will help late game.

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Buy boots right away to make kiting, chasing, and escaping early really easy; it also starts of your Berserkers Grieves. 3 health pots for me because I'm rather aggressive in lane. Even then I dont normally use all of them so this is more of a precaution than anything. You can substitute a health pot for a mana pot to make sure you have mana for shrooms early game as well.

Malady is a must! Write that down, quote me on it. Live it. Malady makes mid game a breeze for Teemo as it shreds oppositions magic res making his poison devastating.

Rageblade is where your power starts to build, growing exponentially. The extra dmg, and nice stacks of speed make you a killer pretty quickly. I always get a rageblade but have seen two PD's work as well.

Phantom Dancer increases AS of course, but the real value is the added movement speed as now you can really fly around the map throwing down shrooms, ganking AD champs, and backdooring easily.

Frozen Mallet is always found in my build, because I hate the lifesteal Teemo build I need some more survivability and a Frozen Mallet is perfect, the slow is an added bonus.

Guardian Angel is the more flexible part of the build. I tend to get this when I'm getting focused in teamfights, or if I'm backdooring without much vision in their jungle. With that being said, this is easily substituted and most often will be replaced with something to counter whatever the other team is building.

An effective item, especially against other Teemos is Wits End, I no longer include it in my build because I really didnt see a difference against most champs and I found myself switching it out at the end of long games. BUT getting it before your Rageblade is an incredibly viable build that can seriously take certain champs out of the early/mid game.

Infinity edge in replace of the Guardian Angel is also an amazing choice, and one that I've been turning to more lately, as it gives you a huge kick of damage, and the ability power makes your shrooms and poison even more lethal.

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Skill Sequence

Really Simple.

Lvl your ult when possible.
Max Toxic shot first.
Blinding Dart second. (Be sure to get one at lvl 2)
Move Quick third. (Be sure to get one at lvl 5, maybe earlier depending on lane opponent, but before lvl 6 for sure)

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Summoner Spells

Flash for sure.

I run tele simply because it helps you cover lots of ground quickly late game. Such as defending a turret from a huge minion wave, or jumping on your own minion wave to kill a turret. You also dont need ghost as you have Move Quick.

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The only true way to discover Teemo is to play him alot. But here are some General tips.

-Early game, focus on farm, harass when you can. (Harass with your standard attack!)
-Remember your poison dont overcommit if your poison will finish it. (This is why AS is key!)
-Blinding Dart every AD champ you can. They cant hit, they cant do damage. Should be your first instinct. And remember to refresh it. (Dont harass with it unless they harass back!)
-Be the Third one into the fight, first is tank, second gets focused, you sneak in do your dmg and get out.
-Clean up team fight scraps. As soon as you see a low health enemy run, go around, and through their jungle getting the one or two last hits needed.
-If an enemy slightly above one hit is about to get away, standard attack him, and let the poison kill.
-W is your friend, use it earlier rather than later. Its more to stay out of range rather than escape it.
-Remember you mostly do Magic Dmg.
-You are an Anti-Melee AD Carry. Xin, Tryn, etc.. Should be scared of you.
-Your faster than almost everyone except Yi, USE IT! duh.
-Stay away from champs with CC. No bueno -_-

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Tricks/Fun Stuff

Shrooms, Shrooms, Shrooms
I have gotten more kills with shrooms than anything. They've also saved my life numerous times.

Shrooms are so versatile and amazing. Its painful to watch a Teemo underutilize shrooms. Heres the different uses and a guide on how to not be THAT guy:
-Early game, use them more for vision. Put them in mid bushes, and the side bushes. Place them so as soon as you see someone in it you have enough time to get back before being ganked. Also mark your buffs,dragon, and their buffs if your feeling frisky. Especially useful for counter-jungling. Once you have those warded, you can start using laning shrooms. Put these on the sides of the lanes, as if your opponent is trying to harass that will most likely be his path. Also, if the enemy champ lies to turret dive you, place them around the base of the turret and just run circles, he gets slowed right underneath your turret and you should be fine, probably even get the kill.

-Mid Game is where people really start to hate you. Take some time, and roam, throw shrooms in every little bush possible, anywhere you think they will run when their weak or when they get ganked, put it their. Pick up easy kills with the slow, or with the poison. Remember to steer opponents into them when chasing, and to run through them when being chased, really easy way to turn the fight around.

-Late Game however is where the good Teemos shine. Make sure you have baron warded. But I like to go a step further, and litter the river and bushes around it with shrooms. Makes for an easy baron steal. Or scare them away. Also, keeping your map vision with shrooms late game is a real chore. However finding yourself with 3 shrooms anytime except after a teamfight is bad. Staying on top of shroom placement is what seperates the decent and the good.
*Diclaimer* I see Teemos use shrooms to farm... DONT. Maybe to take a large minion wave down. But this is only if you already have immaculate shroom placement. No excuses.

Backdoor Teemo
I see this tried ALOT, but people the main difference isnt the build, its how you play. Getting AS and Lifesteal is not very good for teamfights. You can further augment dmg and stuff much more effectively since your squishy enough to get nuked by a GangPank crit anyways.

If you want to backdoor with Teemo keep this same build and simply add a bloodthirster. Maybe a second PD and Boots of swiftness but thats pushing it. I will admit Teemo is ridiculously good for backdooring because of his nearly unlimited wards and speed boost.

With the bloodthirster added you can take minions for days, maybe even survive a gank and stay up their only to resume the push later. If you do so, be sure to completely shroom all the jungle entrances nearest to you, and on the other side. All the way back to your base. This provides vision, and the incurring slow if they hit the shrooms gives you extra time to get out.

Shroom Bombs
This is more for messing around and not actually very effective. But if you try an AP Teemo build, put alot of shrooms in one bush that you KNOW they will go through, and watch the poison work. You need LOTS though which makes it not very effective. I do this when Im messing around with lower level friends. Really satisfying LOL.

He got away...
Or did he!! The most satisfying thing with Teemo is to hear your teammates rage over not finishing up a kill only to see your poison finish the champ seconds later. The more you play with Teemo the easier it will be to walk away from a low health champ knowing your poison killed him.

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Well everyone, thank you for reading my rather lengthy guide. I hope it helped you as much as my first Teemo guide helped me. Remember to rate it well, and comment. Please I'm a very chill person who takes criticism very well so go for it. I hope you all enjoy playing Teemo as much as I do, and learn from many builds to master him as I have.