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Teemo Build Guide by Meanapple

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Meanapple

Teemo, The little AP killer

Meanapple Last updated on December 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First: Sorry for bad grammar, english isnt my native speech!

Teemo is a often played champ. When i played teemo first i fell in love with him. Hes the most annoying champ for enemies with his mushrooms and his poison.
Many many and most play teemo with attack speed and AP. This tactic is good for late game but not nasty all time.

This guid shows how I play teemo and win many times ;)

(I play teemo mainly 3v3. I have nearly no experience with teemo in 5v5 so this guide refers to 3v3 battles)

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Playing Teemo full AP has pro and cons:
-very much damage
-annoying poison
-much more evil mushrooms >:D
-easy creeping

-Low Health
-Not very effective against champs with much health
-lesser attack speed

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Skill Sequence

For a full AP and carry teemo is poison shoot the best choose at the start. If you fight against low health champs like anivia or vaigar you can easily let them run to base or even kill them after 4-6 shoots. More to this skill later...
Next its important to choose Blinding Dart. If you play against vayne or cait its important to suvive because you have low health as teemo and get easily killed by them if you dont blind.
Move Quick isnt that important at beginning because the enemies will die anyway because of you poison. Just survive till level 4. You must play def untill then because damagemaking is more important.

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First I dont really care about runes or masteries.

All you need is AP. AP means much Damage. Much Damage means WIN.
Glyph of Force is important because so you get more AP by every level up.
This Rune built look stupid but is effective :D

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With these Masteries you make even more Damage :D
I dont really know what to say sorry :(

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The first item you should buy is Dorans Blade. Why?

Dorans Blade is a damage item, but better than dorans ring because with dirans ring you get not AP but not much. So you Poisen ist just 4 Damage higher. The 100+ life you get by every dorans item and you dont lose mana at the beginning. With Dorans Blade you damage higher and that makes you auto attack stronger than with the ring. (if you dont get this because of bad grammar, here a easy version: Dorans Blade is just more effective)

Second Item (BerserkerĀ“s Greaves):

With this shoes you attack speed is faster. This improve you hunting champions.

(Also you can buy SorcererĀ“s Shoes for improved Poison Auto Attack)

Third and most Important is Rabadons Deathcap:

This will be you best damage improvement. With 140 AP and 30% bonus of AP this is the best AP Item. Just buy it.

Next is Hextech Gunblade:

Hextech Gunblade is for damage, AP and Spell Vampirism.

Often after this Iten I already won ;D

Anyway if the Battle is long here is the fifth items (Rylai's Crystal Scepter):

With Rylai's Crystal Scepter you get extra life and a amazing buff that slows enemies.

The sixt item is Will of the Ancients:

Also for Spell Vampirism and a buff for you team.

Now sell Dorans Blade and buy Zhonya's Hourglass:

Zhonya's Hourglass gives you many AP and Armor. Very Effective item if you get 1v1 against a meele like tryndamere. The Tactic will be mentioned later.

This is all you should buy for a perfect damage dealing Teemo.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner Spells I usually Take Heal and Flash:
Heal is very helpful in 1v1. If the Enemie see you have low health (and he too) he will attack you and think he will win. When he attack shoot at him with blind and auto and then heal. He will usually die and you will survive with around 100 Health.

Just perfect for every situation. For escape or persecution. Flashing through walls is just awesome :D


Just another over time damage. Will be very unfair :)

For better running escaping and persecution.

To slow enemies. The same thing: escaping and persecution.

Do not use:

You mana will only loose mana because of mushrooms and blind dart but you will nearly never get in mana scarcity.

Maybe usefull but not very effective because you will be fast enough to escapr because of flash and move quick.

You arent supporter. Also mushrooms and ward will replace this ability

Promote is a pusher ability. Teemo is here not a pusher.

This ability isnt good for any champ. Also not for teemo.

Smite is a jungle ability you know?

Surge will improve you attack speed and so on. Not that good for AP teemo.

Teleport is a pusher and farmer ability. Teemo is here as said not a pusher. In 3v3 is teleport completly useless because you can run these short routs by foot.

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About Toxic Shoot

Toxic shoot is the most important skill for AP Teemo. It makes tons of damage over time. Also you dont need to buy AD items because you normal attack will be stronger just because of AP.

How to use best:
Shoot once on a creep wait a short time untill the poisen to much damage and attack again for the CK.
If Champions get in you way instantly attack them once and run back a bit so that you dont get to much damage by the minions or from with champ itself.
This will weak or even kill the enemies.

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About Blinding Dart

This is the second most important skill. You will make massive damage immediately and blind the enemies.

How to use best:
Do not shoot this dart on creeps except dragon usw. You will lose to much mana if you use this dart on creeps.
If you fight against meeles or DPS you will safe youself if they attack with blind.
If they are going to attack you just blind them and then run.
If you attack champs use blind dart first. Directly after the dart will come a auto attack. That cause much damage.

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About Moving Quick

Moving Quick allows you to move quick :O

How to use best:
If you know you will get ganked use this skill and run to tower.
Also you can follow enemies with this skill easily and kill them.

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About Noxious Trap

Noxious Trap is the best skill in LoL :D It slows enemies, make heavy damage and ward the region where it is placed.

How to use best:
The best places for Mushrooms are in bushes. The bushes where the mushrooms should be placed are all accross the bottom lane and nearly the Lizard and Dragon. With mushrooms you can detect ganks before it happen.

Place Mushrooms before Baron,Dragon and Golem and in nearly every bush. The bushes between the towers of the blue and violett team are most useful.
Pics would be more usefull :S
look at another guides for pics :D

If you get attacked by meeles like tryn and there is no escape because of exhaust and co. then just attack use blinding dart and place mushrooms before you. You will probably die but the enemie too because of much poison.
If your built is completed you only need 2 mushrooms to kill Mages or carrys!!

and never place more than one mushroom at the same place! This is as effective as placing one mushroom! The effect is not stackable!

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Other Champions

Teemo himself make much damage but with a partner he is unbeatable (if the partner is good ;D)
A Perfect Mate is someone with much stuns like leona or alistar because if the enemie is stuned you can easily attack them and if they dont attack first they have no chance.

Enemies like Nasus renekton or Shyvana are real problems. They have much life much damage and can slow/stun you and then kill you. Go away from them!

Hard Enemies:

Easy Enemies:
-Shaco (sometimes)

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Playing Teemo AP will make many many damage but its hard to survive! After Playing with this built sometimes and with good mates you had already won.

Thanks for reading :)
Comments and rating would be awesome!!!

bb :D