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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fubgun

Teemo - The Little Scout Who Could

Fubgun Last updated on January 23, 2011
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Hello and welcome to my third build this one going to be on Teemo. as some of you know the top 2 Teemo builds are kinda out dated so i decides to make my own teemo build i hope you like my way of playing teemo as much as i do.

(im telling you here becuase alot of peopel dont read the full build)

Your 6th item will be 3 options
Btw when i mean there magic resis i mean 3 people must have this magic resis and follow that method

First option:(if they have 40-80 magic resis) Sell Beserker greaves buy Rageblade/and spell pen boots

Secound option:(if they have anything OVER 80 magic resis) Buy a Void staff as last Item

Third otpion: (if they have no magic resis ITEMS) then buy the death cap

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Updates to Captain Teemo build

change my build a little bit u know get rageblade last and nashors tooth after madrazor for that needed ATK speed and u will definitely have 2.5k ATK per a second once u get rageblade stacks up to 8. So this will work better with now also going into 21 into defensive no point getting that extra 1ATK speed and 10 AP when ignite on Cd beter to get 4% reduce dmg sense u will have 2.5k ATk at end game

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Pros / Cons

very reliable in teamfight
Can save your teamates life with out even being there
Deals ton of dmg to a single target or multiple if place shrooms right
Has a hard CC with teemo blind
One annoying person to vrs
Very good at harrasing
Recommended by Riot games

some what weak early game until u get your malady
Very squishy
Low health pool
Mostly is target first because of the amount of dmg he does

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runes i go with Flat health Quint because of teemo low health Magic pen marks give u more dmg from everu auto attack shroom and from your Q. Atk speed seals pretty much its this. More atk speed=more dmg. and ability power glyphs fore extra dmg.

Now i would of got atk speed glyphs but notice how little atk speed it gives compared to the rest of the atk speed Runes making the AP glyphs better for dmg output.

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I go with a hybrid mastery build as this is a teemo hybrid build if u didnt notice by now but yep it is (but mostly on the AS>AP>AD hybrid) You definly need the 3 points in Ardor for mroe AP and more AS i decides to also go into Ardor mastery because of its buff. Besides giving 2 AS and 2% more AP and rasing to 4% as u grow in lvls it now gives 4% AP and 4% AS at all lvls which is why i chose it. Also i go into defensive cus of more survival as the Bounis Dmg from ned of offesnive tree isnt rly needed and the crit dmg is uselss the only thing u get ouf of more would be the AD and the 3% AS but u will loose 4% from ardor so going down defensive tree=more dmg output.

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Items ill tell you why i choose theese items in thiis order

remember this though AS>AP>AD>LS>SV meaning

(Attack speed is greatert then ability power is greater then attack damage is greater hten Life Steal is greater then Spell vamp)

boots of speed: you get these first cus of the amamzing harass u csn do onceu reach lvl 3 u will move very fast so easy to harass even if ur target backs up a little to get away u can still hit them once which will do alot of dmg cus of poison.

Health potions: allways get 3 they are very cheap if u are getting harass alot Allways go back and buy more when u have enough Gold for 1 item

Berserker greaves: allways get theese with teemo remember AS first

Malady: this item is definly a core item for teemo tis a must after boots or you can get theese befor boots if you stayed in lane and got 1.8k Gold but i prefer to egt these after boots The AS/AP Magic dmg every hit and magic pen is just all to good for teemo to pass up

Madrazor: this item is also a core for teemo as it provides Good AS some armor for survival and 40 AD which is decent The main reason why u get this is because the passive makesu deal so much more dmg taking away 4% of there maxium health every hit u deal. The time u get this item u will have around 2.00 atks pera secound which making you deal 8% of there maxium health every secound. (of couse not counting the amount of dmg u deal with ur AA's already)

Nashor's tooth: This is a very good item for teemo gives him CD reduce for shroom/Q gives the neeeded ATK speed to reach your 2.5 ATK speed with runes/Exilers you cant replace this with no other item becauseu already have malady you need the 50% ATK SPEED this is a very important item for teemo. Also gives decent AP

Rylas crystal scepter: this item is so nice it gives 80 AP and 500 health which is very good the Passive which slows them for every spell that hits ur target is what makes this item SO good this is a must item for teemo in some point in the build.

This is how i get my items in this order very good for teemo (REMEMBER to buy exilers for teemo allways buy exiler of agility after u finish ur last item this will put u either at 2.5 ATKS per a secound or very close to it.


Your 6th item will be 3 options
Btw when i mean there magic resis i mean 3 people must have this magic resis and follow that method

First option:(if they have 40-80 magic resis) Sell Beserker greaves buy Rageblade/and spell pen boots

Secound option:(if they have anything OVER 80 magic resis) Buy a Void staff as last Item

Third otpion: (if they have no magic resis ITEMS) then buy the death cap

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Skill Sequence

I allways get Poison dart first for the element of surpsie it does alot more dmg/harass then Blinding dart can at beging and spamming blinding dart requires some mana but make sure u allways get all 3 skills at lvl 3 and also get blinding dart then poison dart switch between them every lvl so u max out both around the same time allways get your shrooms when u can very important. and max out move quick last.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells well there are is 1 NEEEDED summoner spell for teemo and some options

Exhuast: this summoner spell a MUST for teemo its great for nuking sense hwne u IMP it it will reduce there magic resis/armor by a decent amound which is good for hybrid teemo

Ignite: This is rly good for teemo top on all ur other dots u do u will also have ingite which deals good dmg with a 50% healing reduce DOT which makes this summoner spell rly good for teemo.

Other options:

Flash: i would take this if im not vrsing anyone who has good LS or Healing effects FLash is good for any character flashing through walls and other epic tricks BUT
There is one rly good trick u can do with teemoif u know u can kill someone cus they are half health and u can never exuats them cus of to far away at beging game OFC then you go invis so now when u go out of stealth u will have ur passive right so this is what u do now u FLash towards them exhaust and AA this works good cus u will have ur 40% extra AS when u flash and get out of stealth ensuring the kill and they will never know wut hit them.

Ghost: i really dont Recomend this item for teemo its not very good with movequick i prefer flash over ghost But if you are new to teemo and dont know how top lay him yet i syggest taking ghost/flash so u dont die if u are a pro at teemo u know wut u can do with teemo to easily escape or jsut good with him as new players with teemo wont.

Theese are the only summoner spells i recomend for teemo dont get revive/smite/heal/clarit ECT

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Creeping / Jungling

For jungling its realy simple GET golem at lvl 6 if your jungler doesnt mind it helps you and your teamates as u can play more shrooms down which is very good

Get lizard when its up when your jungler doesnt need it anymore lizard is rly good for teemo it has the same effect as poisong dart Instant dmgand dmg over time but slowing them making it very good for teemo

creeping not much to say about that kill creeps in the jungle only if u need that gold if not kill minions u will kill them faster

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Farming is so easy with teemo there 2 ways u can do this and Pushing to

Befor lvl 6: if your trying to farm/push hit every minion u can with 1 AA which will push the lane fast and give u alot of gold if u can last hit the readon why u do this is because ur poison will deal alot on them killing them quicker besides focusing down 1 minion

After lvl 6: if therea huge creep wave then put 1 shrooms down (depending on ur AP/lvl the shroom might kill them) if you know ur shroom not going to kill them then put 2 down Remeber minions do attack shrooms and shrooms die so easy from minions.

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shroom placing

This is very important for teemo to know where to place your shrooms!

lets start with the easy shroom placing at lvl 6 you want ot wait until u can place 2 shrooms down then go to dragon at the exntrance put both of them down Making the enemy team hitting atleast 1 shroom no matter what and knowing they are there if u put 1 down they can walk around it

at lvl 16 allways have 2 shrooms at baron to very helpful remember shrooms are realy good they are FREE wards but dmg and slow people when they hit them

Now when ur laning make sure u put shrooms around u
DONT PUT THEM IN THE BUSH FIRST when ur mid put it around u meaning outside of the bush a little aboce when the hill starts to go down put 3 on each side then put 2 in each bush making the person u vrsig have to stay in the mid of lane and not going around and making gankers not able to gank u at all andmaking u easier to deny there xp or harrass them

if you are top or bottum lane then yes put them in a bush but still place them at dragon/baron make sure to leave 1 shroom in the bush by the water.

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Well im just finishing this guide now i Work hard on it Please tell me what u want me to inmprove on this guide if you dont think its good Then try it out. Dont down vote it if you didnt try it because this build imo is very good and is a must to try out. TY for looking at my build hope you like it.