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League of Legends Build Guide Author merknerlson

Teemo the Tank Engine

merknerlson Last updated on August 24, 2010
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Hello everyone. This is my Teemo build. I hope you like it. Please leave comments of why you rated it up or down. I would love to hear your criticisms.

As we all know, Teemo is a very fragile champion. He is usually targeted first or second because he is quite easy to kill. So that's when I decided to start building him like a tank.

I have found that a tankish Teemo isn't too bad. He has survivability and can still put out some damage. So here is a rundown of my play style.

Summoner Spells

These are just your preference. I like to bring along Fortify because it's nice when someone on your team has it. Just bring whatever you like.

Mastery Tree

I like to go 9-21-0 for my masteries. 15% magic penetration is very useful for Teemo and the 4% damage reduction helps his tankiness. I would suggest molding your mastery tree around your summoner spells.


Runes are also up to you. I go all attack speed because it gives Teemo a little more attack power. Since we aren't really building for damage output, a little extra attack speed helps. But you could go armor, magic resist, dodge, whatever. It's whatever you prefer.


This is a pretty basic tank build. You've got some armor, health, and magic resist. This is up for customization.

Here are the
that I suggest.

1. Stark's Fervor
2. Mercury's Treads
3. Randuin's Omen
4. Banshee's Veil

I usually get Guardian Angel and Frozen Mallet to finish off my build.

Stark's fervor is great for team fights since you give your team lifesteal, increased attack speed, and health regeneration.

Mercury's Treads are great against stuns and they give you some magic resist.

Randuin's Omen is nice because of the armor, health, health regen, and cooldown reduction. You can also activate it in a team fight to slow down the enemy.

Banshee's Veil gives you health, mana, and magic resist with a nice passive.

I like to get Guardian Angel for armor, magic resist, and a second chance at life.

Frozen Mallet is a joy because of the slow, health, and a little bit of damage.

The item build is all about how you prefer your items. Feel free to mix and match to come up with a better build.


Early Game

I like to start out with a Vampiric Scepter so I can build it into Stark's Fervor. Basically all you want to do is farm it up and harass with your poison dart. Try and last hit minions as much as possible and if an enemy champion tries to come in for a little attack, shoot him with your poison darts or even a blinding dart. You want the enemy to stay away from you and your teammate (if laning on top or bottom).

Mid Game

By now, you probably have Mercury's Treads, maybe even Stark's Fervor. Start planting mushrooms whenever you can. I generally place them in the lane so creeps run into them and give me gold. I place them in bushes for recon. I will place them where enemy champions will run into them so it gives my team and I a slight advantage. Mid game is more about tower pushing, with a teammate, and maybe a little ganking. I like to farm as long as possible because Tank Teemo won't get as many kills. Mid game is all about adapting to how the game is going. Just keep building your items. You don't have to save up the 3000 gold. Go buy them in parts.

Late Game

This is where all the team fights happen. When in a team fight, blind them, poison them, exhaust them, etc. Since you are Teemo, they will probably target you first. Lucky for you, you have been building like a tank and can take some damage. You will probably die but you will have done some damage with your blind and poison. If the fight went really good, the enemy team is running away with your poison in them. You will probably get a lot of kills when they are running away because of the poison or they run into a mushroom trying to recall. As Teemo the Tank Engine, you should try and take a lot of the damage and dish out some with your poison and blind.

This build isn't going to get you 50 kills but it is a lot of fun going in there, shooting darts, and letting your whole team destroy them.

If you have any comments, please share them.