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League of Legends Build Guide Author True Ethos

Teemo: The tiny, adoreable, KILLING MACHINE

True Ethos Last updated on December 20, 2010
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Disclaimer: This is my first time writing about a build I use. As such I would really appreciate as much feedback as I can get. Also as another side note, this is a build that works really well for me. You can pick and choose what you may want to use of course. But ultimately it is the players who make or break a game. This is but one way to play the Swift Scout and as such there are many other ways to play him.

Now to the build!

Alright so time to get things started. First and foremost I know that my rune set may not be the greatest in the world. I could probably go with some armor pen. or something else along those lines. But my reasoning for this is the simple fact that with this build you will be hitting fast and very hard. Hence the attack speed marks and quints, the crit chance is always a great thing for Teemo (although these you could replace easily); and the same goes for the health glyphs.

Secondly I would like to discuss spells with you all. Now I know people are rather particular with what spells you get, and everyone has their set style that they like to go with. For me though it all comes down to the two I selected for this specific build.

Ignite: Ah ignite, what can I say about it other than the fact that with this you will wreck whomever is crazy enough to get near you. Of course this isn't enough to kill a champion. But with how fast you will be attacking, plus the poison you use, this spell becomes the final touch that will wipe out anyone in late game. With it's reduced healing effects and constant damage it is a beautiful combo for the DPS Teemo.

Exhaust: The second key spell in this strategy and by far the most used out of the two. Exhaust as you all know is brilliant in that it both blinds and slows your target. This is crucial for this build namely because of the slow. Don't get me wrong, that blind is really helpful early game or those rare times you are 1v1 with a melee mid to late. But the slow is going to be your bread and butter for any game. I say that because late game with this build all you need is about 6 seconds to take out any target. So the slower the enemy moves the better for you.

~Honorable mentions~

Teleport: This spell gets an honorable mention namely because of it's ability to get you from point A to point B in the blink of an eye. Tower being threatened? Massive creep wave to farm? This spell will get you where you need to go and havoc can be wrought. With that said, Teemo is a rather fast champion and as such Teleport becomes rather useless as the game progresses. Sure it makes for a nice threat when needed, but otherwise you can do without it just fine.

Flash: Another fun little spell that gets an honorable mention. The quick port kill is a strategy that is often used in most games. Plus the benefits to retreating are nice as well. But much like Teleport this is a skill that you really shouldn't need, and although it isn't completely also isn't a must have.

Ghost: This spell get's an honorable mention because let's face it what is more epic than a fast Teemo? An even faster Teemo! Okay all joking aside this is a pretty solid spell. It will get you from point A to point B very quickly. It helps you escape those dire situations in which death may be possible. But although it is great it isn't quite needed as much as exhaust, nor is it as big a threat as ignite. With ghost you get what you get, which isn't always a bad thing.

Rally: Rally get's itself an honorable mention simply for the fact that it gives you and your allies a boost to attack damage, and Ap if you spec into it. I have a tough time with rally on where to put it, namely because it is so easily forgotten. Yet I still think this is a useful spell for Teemo. Limited in it's mobility, yet giving solid benefits, this spell is a very hit or miss one. If you really have a thing for it then I would replace ignite with it and have some fun.

Cleanse: This is the final honorable mention that I am going to give out. A useful spell in most situations, it will certainly save you from the anything trying to stop your swath of death and chaos. With that said, it is much like ghost. The spell is very dependable, but it lacks a major threat. Once more you get what you get with this spell, and as I said that isn't always a bad thing.

~The no-no list~

Heal: Heal is a okay spell, but it makes the no-no list simply because if you need heal you aren't playing Teemo right.

Revive: Revive is another one of those beginning level spells that you really just should avoid as Teemo. With the masteries set up as they are you will be respawning quickly as is, and the cool down for the spell takes way to long. Ultimately this spell is a waste of space for Teemo and as such is granted a place on the no-no list.

Clarity: Clarity is an excellent spell, if you are a spell caster. But for a DPS Teemo it is simply unneeded and there for a no-no list resident.

Clairvoyance: Like knowing where people are? Or maybe just that cool eye of Sauron wannabe that pops up when you cast it? Well than this is the spell for you to use! But if you want to play an effective Teemo this is ultimately useless. Your mushrooms (and or satellites for the cool space men) last a heck of a lot longer, they come in threes, and oh yeah they also reveal spots on the map. So really you wont be needing this spell in the slightest and that is why it is a no-no list spell.

Fortify: Fortify is another one of those great spells to get...if you are the tank. For Teemo it is just a waste of space that other good spells can take the place of. So say no-no to fortify and be done with it.

Before moving on to the items I would like to make a quick note about my masteries. Now I know some of you look at the utility section and see that I put my points into the good hands ability instead of perseverance. I do this simply because I find it is better to spawn faster than it is for Teemo to get a health regen boost. It works better for the build, in my opinion, and will get you back out there a whole lot faster.


Next comes the items (or rather I want to talk about them so I will). Now I like to start with the Vamp Scepter for this build. Sure it does take up pretty much all of your starting gold, but if you play smart you wont have any troubles with dying early on. Using just the vamp. scepter and your undoubtedly amazing skills you shouldn't have to go back to base for a good while. I tend to rack up around 2,000 gold or so before I head back (willingly that is). But when you do end up at base (whether by choice or death) you will want to immediately grab yourself some Berserker's greaves. Doing this not only gives you a nice movement buff, but it is the first step in a long line of attack speed boosts. Which if I do remember correctly should put you at 1.023 attack speed.

If you have extra gold to spare then you should boost your scepter to an emblem of valor, and possibly even get the recurve bow needed to get Stark's fervor. Fervor normally wasn't my item of choice here, and had I made the build months ago it would have been Malady that I would have said to grab. With that said though Teemo + life steal = longer fight times. Plus the aura from Stark's fervor will greatly benefit your team mates when the mid to late game team fights go down.

Once you have fervor under your belt it is time to move on to the first of your major items. Madred's Bloodrazor, as most of you know, is the perfect anti tank weapon. Which for the little guy, like Teemo, is just a must have. Not only does it give you a bit of an armor boost, but the attack speed and it's passive is just what the doctor ordered (well maybe not Mundo). By the time you grab this the team fighting should have already started and the game should be hitting that mid game point. This is why I put this all too important item at number three in the build. You are just getting to the good stuff in combat, and hopefully you aren't being overwhelmed. I would also like to note that by the time this awesome item is within your grasp you can safely solo the dragon for that sweet, sweet gold.

After the Bloodrazer is complete it is time to move on to the second key item in your game. Guinsoo's Rageblade is the next key item simply because of the awesome stacks of attack speed that it will grant you. With a full 8 stacks and the two prior items your attack speed should be around 2.23 and with your poison maxed out this is when you really start to punish people. The health of tanks will melt away before your tiny might, and with the help of even 1 ally champion you can take on and defeat the Baron.

Now by the time you have this weapon in hand you will have more than likely transitioned into late game (unless it is some pretty epic combat going on). So with this next item it very well may be the last one you get before the game is over. Hence I have wracked my brain and have come up with two basic choices here. The first one, and the one I selected for the page, is the Sword of the Divine. This item grants you the attack speed needed to well and truly max it out. Darts (and or lasers for those with the space man Teemo skin) will be flying like machine gun rounds, and within 6 seconds of combat you and your poison alone (this does not include the passive's for Sword of the Divine or the Bloodrazor) will be doing around 3,000 damage. More than enough to destroy the strongest of tanks and send them running. Besides that the passive for the Sword gives you that lovely extra 100 magic damage every fourth hit!

The other option I would go with is Wit's end so that those annoying spell caster's can get what is coming to them. Now I use this as a secondary option namely because with the Sword of the Divine you should be doing so much damage that Wit's end is irrelevant. Those spell caster's will be fearing your might as is and will think twice before coming within your range.

Now as I said earlier, I normally don't end up passed this point in games. More often than not you will either be hearing the sweet sounds of victory or the depressing drone of defeat. But for the sake of those with truly epic games I will press on with the other items in the collection.

So let's say you got your divine sword, what's next on the list? Well before we press on it is time to step back and replace an item. Do yourself a little farming if needed, but it is time to get yourself a new pair of boots. Sure those greaves were nice when they were new. But now that you have your fancy new sword they have become useless. You should be perfectly safe in replacing them for Boots of swiftness/Boots of Mobility and not take a serious loss on your attack speed (if any at all). With this change in place you will now zoom around the map like the tiny terror that you are. Showing up in combat at the blink of an eye and making the enemy run from your furry malice.

Now you got your spiffy new boots, somehow the game is still going and you have plenty of gold to spare. So what is it that you can buy next? Well I have Lich Bane as the selected item. Not only does it offer up more mana and magic resist. But the AP and the movement speed are crucial for a late game killer like Teemo.

Then finally if by some crazy chance you have been playing this long well really go for something expensive and shiny. I put down the Gunblade namely for the life steal and AP boost. But some other lovely items to go for would be the Bloodthirster, Trinity Force, the Black Cleaver. Really it is just up to you and whatever you feel would be appropriate at the time.

Alright so I have gone through the spells, made a note on my masteries, and went into length on the items. So the next step I would like to discuss are the skills and why I went the way I did with them.

First and foremost, with this build you will want to maximize your poison shot as soon as you possibly can. After all for the DPS Teemo this is what will be your main source of damage through out your game. It is what really makes people fear Teemo when he shows up in combat and will keep your opponents at a safe enough distance early game so you can farm creeps.

The second thing I work on mastering as soon as possible isn't blinding dart. But instead it is Teemo's move quick. Now I know that most Teemo players like to save this for last, but I disagree 100%. One of the great things about Teemo is how fast he can move, and how he can get around the map quickly. As such I like to get the move quick leveled as fast as I can so I can make a big difference mid game. This ability is also the bane of the skill shot player's existence. Seeing as you should be moving too fast for them to get a shot to hit. It is also useful for those times when things have gone to hell and you just need to GTFO. With that said if you are doing an AP Teemo then you should disregard this and go for blinding dart. But this isn't an AP Teemo build so tough cookies.

Finally you are going to want to max out your blinding dart. This ability is one of those second ones you get but last to max out simply because with a DPS Teemo it isn't needed quite as much. Don't get me wrong, the blind is great against melee, but you should focus more on your movement before you think of powering up this attack.

*side note* I don't mention the shooms/satellites because you should level them up whenever you get the chance. I honestly think this is a no brainer, but you never know.

Alright we have made it through the meat of what I wanted to talk about. Now I'm going to lightly touch on some tips for the early, mid, and late game seeing as I covered a lot of what this build is about in item selection.

~Early game~

Okay so in the early game you should be fairly weak. Your first skill is poison shot, and with the mark/quint runes your attack speed should be just shy of 1 (I do believe it is .942 or so). Teemo early game just isn't quite the force to be reckoned with that he soon evolves into.

With that said you should try to get yourself mid if you can. This will mean you level yourself up faster, and if you play it smart (based on whomever you are fighting) you will easily gain the upper hand in combat. Most of my games I end up going mid, and with the right level of aggressiveness you will put most mid champions on their heels. Some key champions to be aggressive with are Vlad, Miss Fortune, Teemo, Twitch, and Morde. By gaining the upper hand on these champions you will rule mid with a iron (albeit furry) fist. The trick to mid for Teemo though is to get there first. If you set yourself up in a key spot in the middle of the lane and then stealth you set yourself up to take the lead at the onset of combat!

Now if you aren't quite as comfortable taking mid, or there is a better candidate, then you will want to go into a lane with a melee dps or tank. The most preferable lane partner for Teemo is someone who can either slow or stun an opponent. I personally enjoy working with any Nunu or Taric I can get. Once again you are going to want to be pretty aggressive here. If both you and your lane partner are up for it then push into the enemies bush. More often than not you will get there before them, and if you do then it is a trap waiting to happen. The key to this strategy is to wait for your opponents to either get right on top of you, or move passed you. This way you can exhaust and ignite them to great effect. If your lane partner has ignite as well, and is strong enough, than more often than not this will result in a kill and first blood.

With that said, this plan has a major draw back in that if you don't push them back you could very well end up dying. But with the good hands masteries set you will be back into the fray in no time flat, and more than likely you will have a health pot or two to make up for it.

~Mid game~

Mid game is a very special time for Teemo. This is because most of your opponents are just starting to realize how dangerous you can be. As well as the fact that you will be getting your hands on the two key items that make a DPS Teemo the tiny terror that he is. During mid game your attack speed should be starting around 1.5ish and in the transition to late game it will be lingering at 1.9ish-2.1

The key to this phase of combat is to make use of Teemo's speed and movement to cover the map and set up ganks. If there is a creep wave that seems strong enough to take a tower then go down and wipe it out. If your team mates are being pushed back and need help, guess who can make it there to cover their retreat and possibly even push back? Not only that but you also now have your shroom/satellites that should be littering both the lanes and the jungles. It is also during this phase when you should start getting the lizard buff and killing the dragon.

*side note* If you have the rageblade then this is also the time to enjoy some sweet Baron buffs.

~Late game~

In the late game there really isn't much to say. By know people know of your furry might, and more than likely will focus you just to stay alive. Play it smart, keep with the group when they are pushing, and enjoy the carnage that you will bring down upon your enemies heads. It is in the beginning of the late game phase where you are doing nearly 3,000 some odd damage within 6 seconds! Buffs at this point are nice to have, but you really don't need them. After all you are far too awesome to deal with buffs (lest it be Baron), and with even 1 other champion you can grab the baron for your entire team.

Anyway that brings me to the end of my build. I hope you all have enjoyed it and if you give it a try I would love to hear some feed back. Actually I would like to hear some feed back anyway, but it is nice to know if people are trying what you are putting out there.

So thanks for reading everyone and remember to play it smart out there on the Fields of Justice!