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League of Legends Build Guide Author lycao

Teemo: The Troublesome Badger

lycao Last updated on March 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first time ever making a build on this site. So keep that in mind. If you notice something missing that should be in here. Please let me know, and I'll add it as needed.

Now that that's out of the way.

This is my Teemo AP build. I've played a few games with it where people mocked for going AP with Teemo, instead of AD. But by the end of the game, when I had the best score in the game, and none of the other team could deal with me on their own. That stopped real quick.

No. This isn't going to be me going on and on about how "This is the best build ever! If you don't use it, U R teh noobz" Not the least reason being. That talking like that hurts my brain.

This isn't the best build in the game. The best build, is the one that works in the current match you're in. This is just the build I use, and works for me 99% of the time.

No. I'm not a "Pro" player. I don't claim to be. Don't want to be either. I just play this game to have fun.

If you have any suggestions to make this build better. Or used this build and added your own twist to it. I'd love you hear from you. If however you just want to say something along the lines of "This build/you are so noob!". Then please. Just don't say anything.

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Pros / Cons

- In my opinion. The most fun champion to play.
- Can gank early game.
- Very good harasser.
- Can play in any lane.
- Allows constant map awareness.
- Can make enemy physical champion useless with Blinding Shot.
- Poison. Nuff said =P.

- Very, very squishy.
- Can be mana hungry early game.
- That's honestly all I can think of.

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Personally. I don't have the IP for all these runes I've selected. But if I did. This is what I'd go with.

Since this is a pure AP build, and 90% of your damage comes from magic damage. It makes sense to go with pure magic penetration. As the only champions you'll have trouble dropping, will be tanks (Which is sort of their job =P).

I also put in a bit of mana regen. Simply because early game, you can run out of mana now and then. But when you do, it's usually at the worst time possible. Don't worry about mid to late game. I've never once ran out of mana mid-late game. Even when I'm constantly dropping mushrooms ever 13 seconds.

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These masteries might look like an odd spread. But trust me, they work. Not really much to say about them. The damage modifiers will help with making the bad people disappear, and the armour modifiers help with not disappearing your self.

The final 3 points in the health/mana regen, help with what I was talking about earlier with running dry on mana early game. The added health regen will also help you lane longer.

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Doran's Sheild:
If you're looking at the first item in the list, and saying to your self "What the eff? Dorans Sheild?!". Trust me on this one. It's a life saver. Literally. It will keep you alive earlier game. Plus the health regen you get from it, paired with the health regen from the masterie. Mean you can lane for a very long time, without having to go back for health. Even if some mean person hits you a few times, and gets your health low, since you're range, just stay back (Which you should be doing anyway) and after about a minute, you'll be at 2/3+ health.

Sorcerer's Shoe's:
Not much to say, they make you move faster, and give you a bit of magic penetration. If you have the IP/RP for all those magic penetration runes, then you may want to swap these for the Ionian Boots of Lucidity. The more CDR (Cool down reduction) you have. The faster you can both drop mushrooms, and shoot people in the face with blinding shot. If you don't have the runes however. I'd suggest sticking with the Sourcerer's Shoes.

Mejai's Soulstealer:
Why not get soul stealer before the boots? answer: Timing.

By the time you buy the soulstealer with this purchase order (I think I'm usually around level 7 when I get enough gold.), should be right around when you can start killing people (If you're good/lucky, you can kill people earlier. But on average. I usually start getting kills right around the time I buy my soul stealer.). So you'll get it, just in time to start actually getting stacks for it (Which works out quite nicely I'd say =P.).

Rabadon's Deathcap:
By this time in the game, you'll want to get this, to take you from around 100ap (Depends heavily on where you're at with your stacks.), to 300+. The handy thing is that with this. Your stacks will also gain extra ap per stack, which is VERY nice.

Nashor's Tooth:
This is a very handy item. Not only does it give you more ap. But also gives you a large attack speed boost. Plus mana regen, and an incredible cool down reduction. Which means that after getting this, you can just start rapid firing mushrooms all over the map.

Void Staff:
This is an important item at this point in the match, as if like me, you don't have the IP/RP for all those magic penetration runes. Then you'll be needing some more magic penetration. It will help not only deal with tanks. But by this point in the match, if everything's going well (Don't feel bad if it isn't. Everyone has bad games.) then you'll most likely be the scourge of the match, and will no doubt be the bane of the enemy teams existence. So odds are, they'll stack a bit of magic resistance to help deal with your poison.

If you do have all those magic penetration runes. Then either move on to the next item on the list, or get something like Rod of Ages. Which will still give you a nice amount of ap, plus some added mana/health.

Morello's Evil Tome:
I love, love, love this item. It's by far my favorite item in the game for ap champions.

As this is the seventh item. Sell your Dorans Sheild, and buy a Morelle's Evil Tome. It will give you enough CDR and mana regen to drop mushrooms every 12 seconds (8 seconds if you also have the Ionian Boots of Lucidity.). The added ap from it is just the cherry on the proverbial cake.

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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence:
I start with toxic shot. It will help harass, and keep lanes from pushing, as you can hit every minion in a lane, and let the poison get all of them to half health, which makes clean up quick and easy.

After toxic shot, I get Blinding Shot. This skill is amazing. Not only does it do brutal amounts of damage (Gains damage from 80% of your total ap. So late game, it'll be a 6-900 damage nuke (The damage depends on if you're hitting a tank, or just a normal champion.).). To add to that, it blinds the target. Meaning they can't hit you at all with physical attacks for 2.5 seconds at level 5. meaning if you get jumped by someone who hits hard and fast (Jax, Xin, Tryndemer, etc.). You can hit them with this, and they can do nothing but stand their and take your damage. Can't tell you how many times I've killed melee DPS (Damage per second) champions one on one by doing this.

After Blinding shot, get Move Quick, this will give you a bit more mobility. Which is nice. Plus when activated, it, paired with blinding shot. Can get you out of ganks unscathed.

Now that you have all three skills. Level up Toxic Shot and Blinding Shot. You can level them up in what ever order you want. But leave Move Quick until last. I personally level them up equally, just to keep them equally scaled as the match goes on.

Of course. When you can, get/upgrade Noxious Trap (Level 6, 11, 16). This little baby can be the most amusing thing in the game. I'll go into an in depth explanation on how I use this, and why it's so hilarious later on.

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Summoner Spells

I prefer to use Heal and Flash.

Heal simply because, you have low health at all points in the game, and having this, has kept me alive in quite a few instances.

Flash is handy, because it helps not only escape. But if someone jumps/teleports toward you (Xin, jax, le blanc, etc.). You can just flash out of their range.

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How I Fight.

Here is where I'll explain how I fight with teemo. Including, early laning phase. Late game, and team fights.

Early Game. Laning Phase: Top Bottom Lane(s)
As with any match, who you lane against determines what you can do. If you're laning against two melee champions. Then harassing/last hitting minions is easy. Just stay within range of the minions hitting any and all of them, to let your poisons widdle down their health, this makes last hits easy to come by, and when one of the enemy gets just outside your range. Move forward, if possible, and attack them using blinding shot, then fire a normal attack right after (Note: This is you main attack combination, and does a lot of damage, so practice getting the timing of the normal attack down pat. If done well. You can attack so quickly after using Blinding Shot that they almost hit at the same time.). As soon as the normal attack fires, run back behind your minions and out of enemy range. Go back to farming the minions, and just lather, rinse, and repeat this strategy until the laning phase is over.

If you're against ranged champions. It does make it a bit harder to get hits in on them safely. But if timed properly. It can be done. The only difference between laning against melee's and ranged champions. Is that you have to be more careful against ranged. Remember, if you can hit them, odds are, they can hit you too. On the up side. If you're laning against physical ranged champions (Tristanna, Ashe, Sivir, etc.). Then you can actually gank them pretty easily. Simply use your Blinding Shot one of them, then keep pummeling them with normal attacks. Ranged characters always have low health, especially early game. So you can pick up kills against them pretty easily.

One thing to remember during the game, but especially during the laning phase. Let you poison do the harassing. Blinding Shot does a a lot of damage, but your poison is the true harassing aspect of Teemo. You can hit someone once, then back off to safety. While you poison continues to do damage for 4 seconds. Early game. Making sure the enemy is poisoned as often as safely possible, will either force them to back off, or result in them getting angry and rushing you. Then you picking up the kills =P.

Early Game. Laning Phase: Mid Lane
For mid lane, you pretty much use the exact same strategy as the Top/bottom lane strategy. Only difference. You're guaranteed to be against a ranged champion, and you're on your own. So make sure you have your heal/flash ready to go.

The only time I've had problems mid laning with Teemo. Is when I'm against someone who can do stupid amounts of damage, and teleport/stun. The biggest threat I find is Le Blanc. Someone like Ryze can be annoying too. But not nearly as bad as Le Blanc. If you're against a Le Blanc, I honestly would suggest switching lanes with someone. Or if that isn't an option, play very defensively. Stay back, and focus on getting last hits, until the laning phase ends.

Mid - Late Game: aka Cover Everything You See In Fungus
I was going to keep the mid - late game and mushroom explanations separate. But seeing as the mid - late game for Teemo is mostly about mushrooms. It makes sense to keep it together.

Mushroom Placement:
When figuring out where to put a mushroom. You have to remember 2 things. 1: Your mushrooms are not meant for minions. and 2: Since they're meant for champions. Leave them in places where champions walk. But minions won't hit them.

I marked the spots I always put mushrooms on this map of Summoners Rift.
Mushroom Map

Notice how mid is covered no matter when a champions runs, they'll hit a mushroom. But they're far enough to the side, that none of the minions will trigger them (Occasionally a minion will trigger one, but it's rare, and not a big deal if it happens.). Remember that when someone walks around corners, they always hug the wall as they go around. So that's the prime spot to put a mushroom. In most cases, they expect them in the middle of the lane. So putting them in places like this catches most people off guard.

When laning top or bottom. I go with these orders usually. But it depends on the situation:
Top Mushroom Map
Bottom Mushroom Map

On bottom. Numbers 1,4, and 6 help protect you from mid lane, or junglers coming to gank you.

Top only has 8 mushrooms. Because the bush for number 4 on the bottom. Is on the enemy side on top. So you don't have to worry about people coming from behind you. If you want, you can put a mushroom in the bush to the right of your top turret. But 99% of the time. It will go unused.

Middle Mushroom Map

When it comes to mid lane. Get one in each bush as soon as possible. That's what will keep you from getting ganked (Hopefully =P). 3 and 4 do the same thing. As someone runs up, they always hug those corners, so they're guaranteed to hit those mushrooms. Which will give you the time to need to run back to your turret. (While they're slowed, feel free to turn around and hit them with a Blinding Shot/Normal Attack combo just to really rub it in their faces =P.)

I know 7 and 8 look like they should be placed earlier. But I've never had people try and gank me from those paths. So I focus on making sure I'm covered for if they come through the bushes.

5 and 6 can be the most annoying things ever if you're the enemy. Because they pretty much force them to stay in the middle of the lane. Bunched up behind their minions, and if they dare to try and walk around the minions to the side. Boom! They hit a mushroom, take damage, and give you an opening to run in and put the hurt on them.

Important Mushroom Notes:
As soon as laning phase ends (Usually between level 8-11 depending if you're mid laning or top/bottom.), put a mushroom in front of baron. At all points after that, make sure there is always a mushroom in that spot. Catching the enemy as they go for baron can (and has been, a few times, for me personally.) be a game winning event.

If you're top/bottom laning. Once laning phase ends. Focus on putting mushrooms in mid. As that's where most pushing takes place. If you have mid covered in all the key spots I showed on the map, then start spreading them into the enemies jungle. or if the enemy has pushed you back, put them in your jungle.

When you're getting the enemies main perimeter turrets (The ones in front of the inhibitors.). or the inhibitor it self. But mushrooms on either side of the turret (The map shows exactly where.). Why? So that when the enemey team run up to try and seek revenge. They'll hit the mushrooms, slowing them, and giving your team an opening to retreat.

If you're in a situation where you get jumped by multiple enemies, and have no chance or surviving. Use your blinding Shot/Normal attack combo, then drop a mushroom directly in front of you. It will explode, and do damage to all of them. You might not kill any of them. But at the very least. You will do a metric ton of damage to all of them. That alone could give your team mates an opening to kill them soon after. or an immediate opening to rush in and kill them while they're slowed and can't run away.

One key thing to remember with your mushroom placement. Is get the most bang for your buck. Yes, they can do a lot of damage. But they don't stack. So when placing them in the jungle. Make sure they're far enough that if someone walks through one of them, by the time they get to the next one. The poison has worn off from the first one. This will ensure a constant stream of damage, and quite often. An effortless kill.

Why Mushrooms Can Be The Funniest Things In The game:
Because there's nothing funnier than being no where near anyone, and the message popping up that you killed someone.

I played one game, where while I was buying items, I killed two of the enemy who were escaping from my team mates. I laughed my *** off. Love those mushrooms <3.