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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author UberPwnage

Teemo The Wicked

UberPwnage Last updated on February 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Intro of My design and destruction

Ok you Teemo the bad@$$ery of the Yordles. all your missing is a sidekick! Oh wait you have shrooms. Ill be showing you 2 builds first of which is your basic aspd/anti tank killer so be happy im showing your this , some reason NO ONE understand the concept of oh hey no one can kill tank lets focus him well now you have a good reason to. Second but not least your CDR/MC Teemo and for all you nubs that i love so much mean, c o o l d o w n r e d u c t i o n /m a p-c o n t r o l. Got it? ok good.

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First take mid... no matter who is mid it wont matter inless they have a ward or oracle... 1/100,000,000 chances they will never have either in the begining game. sit in the corner of the mid where you can get exp from the turret killign the minions and the minions in the middle from start.. usually they wont realize they you are right in there ready to kill them when they arent watching. when lvl 4-5 pop out with a surprise attack and there you go first blood? yes you are correct you just owned. no lie i do this every game the surprise attack will always get them. :P good luck have fun all gamers, well since due to recent patches and updates i will now recreate this build for all hybrd ad/aspd and cdr lovers.

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Build 1

Ok well first mastery set up usually need bout 21-26 points in it easy. depending on your style of play, for aggressive diffenetly take 26-0-4 it always you to lane longer and keep your enemies pined down. Umm mainly wanna focus on getting malady or getting your Mandreds Blood Razors first depending if they have 2-3 tanks. maldy if you are mid vs ashe or someone of sorts. mainly just keep aware of your side lanes your teammates are your worst enemies if they dont call mia cause your gankable before lvl 6 and in some cases lvl 11. mainly focus minions if you cant push out to much keep shrooms up on outer sides, you wanna shroom around you and where you go, so if they do try something you can save your self or take one with you.
start with long sword or dagger, get boots quick or BF sword, mainly get alot of attack speed, malady, phantom dancerx2,mandreds,sword of divine or get black cleaver since it has high attack rate + attack speed.
@ builds in this starting dagger and then starting long sword as it shows up above.

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Build 2

Seconds mastery set up cna vary on your style, i usually like to know where my team and their team is at all time, with or with out mia's lulul. usually when going mid your job is to keep map awareness hints your teley for ganks/turrets and turret take downs. but clarivoence allows you to see if golem or if a nasty warwick is in your bush, but your prolly thinking i have shrooms its a waste, WRONG chances are they avoid them cause YOU put them down when they seen you, so take your chances or not idc im trying to help you out in being a good Te emo. and usually want utility mastery incase you have spare tiem and need more cooldown reduction, your shrooms max cooldown is at 11.3 or so inless they changed it again. usually i max my cooldown at lvl 11 or so but hey thats me and im pro. OH and did i mention that chances are they will waste bout 2400 gold on your alone just to keep shrooms out their @$$. so GOOD JOB.

Ok well many ways to start either doran ring or amp tome, doran ring is waste now since it cost sooo much and amp tome gets you started faster.

Rush Mejas then go for a RoA or get your Stinger and Spirt Visage one or the other, RoA takes long time if not done right. from there get your extended items from Stinger, stinger is good for farming due to posion plus aspd and CDR. RoA makes you less kill-able if your the squishy of squishy on your team. Typically get Merc treads or Mobility cause you need to be fast like no other.merc treads only if they stun or CC heavy.
if you have RoA get your Nashor Tooth after some good farming. then preceed to get your soul shroud for your team use also its good help trust me lol.
If you went and got your Spirit Visage get your Frozen Heart, nice tanky if they have dps heavy.
from their just go with your instincts depending on your game.