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Teemo Build Guide by Dopai

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dopai

Teemo Twisted Treeline

Dopai Last updated on September 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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First of all im not english so i will have many typos. Teemo's job in twisted treeline is to get fed and solo top to cause many problems for the enemy. He plants many mushrooms in bushes to blow up people. If u plant them outside of a bush people will buy oracle's elixer and counter it. If you plan to put mushrooms outside of a bush atleast put it in front of a minion wave to push. After u get Ryjal's and u put mushrooms infront of minion waves put it rather spread out because the minion will die from 1 mushroom and stuff. Teemo helps gank from time to time and is rather squishy. My build doesnt focus on movement speed so be careful :)

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In the starting of a game the early portion of the game is rather good to have magic penetration. Your poison will sink through and do major damage and you will earn many first bloods. Of course they will get away if you dont got your ability power. You can always change the seal of potency for some attack speed runes but i like to stick with these because ur damage will be major in the beginning of a game and you will be feared throughout the game when u are fed. HEY MANA IS BEAST! U WILL DIE so i got that and for the potency again for the seals you can switch. For the quints you can always switch out the runes for magic penetration if you want to but more ap wont hurt you.

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As for masteries i rost the points for summoner spells for the one's i just switch them out for the one's you like. Of course the attack speed and cool down reduction is needed. The ability power is what teemo is and MAGIC PENETRATION!!!!!!! FTW. Hey we all screw up so you want to come back alive faster.... But with the mana and health regen you can stay laning for longer amounts of time and pwn! Like who doesnt like extra exp? The mana boost is beast 2 because your traps use alot of mp but i didnt bother wasting mp items to my mp so i decided masteries will be a good way to boost it. Movement speed ftw. Even though you can turn on move quick some champions just run faster then you because of your ap build. DONT Let THEM PICK ON U!! CHASE THEM DOWN WITH THIS MASTERY!
The cool down i tried to get but i ran out of points... atleast i got 1 in :) change the masteries as you like im not an expert.

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I didnt get the greaves first because your poison is important early game so haunting is beast but i usually get mejal's soulstealer but it is risky and just wanted to put an easier item to work on. Well you wont get any kills with them slow darts right?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Greaves will give a boost in your impact damage per second and the poison doesnt really get in here. Hey you attack fast and have decent ability power but you are squishy U NEED TO LIVE! STARKS 40% atk speed( aura included) AND uhh 20% LIFE STEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! U ARE NOT INVINCIBLE( if you stay far from the battle or you have blindshot on them) You still are squishy so get a ryjals MORE HP AND AP ALSO IT SLOWS ON SPELLS 0.0 i think ur poison counts as a spell... WELL IF IT DOESNT U STILL GOT UR BLIND TO sLOW EM! THE CANT RUN FROM YOU WITH UR MOVE QUICK NOW!!!!!!!!!!. Well you are like immortal now so rabbadons for more damage same with the voidstaff.

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Go invisible every 2seconds from not taking action
Blinding shot
does damage for.... i dont know i dont keep track so dont blame me
Great harassing and makes the mmiss which is great aganist yi and tryn THEY BOW BE4 YOU!!!!!!+ magic damage
Move quick
increases your speed by blah blah blah your chasing spell which is your KILLING THING
Toxic shot
WE ARE GETTING SOMEWHERE IMPACT DAMAGE FOR blah blah blah for magic dmg and poison dmg for blah blah blah + magic damage 0.0 YOUR MAIN SKILL!! well other then your traps
Noxious Trap
Does blah blah blah dmg+ magic damage 0.0 SLOWS THEM TOOO 0.0 INVISIBLE ALSO! well after 2 sec..... Keep that in mind 2 SECONDS if some1 steps on it the second you put it down it wont explode... 2 seconds for it to take action and within that 2 seconds of not in stealth people can auto attack it to death (NOTICE THE AUTO ATTACK! SPELLS DONT WORK!)

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Skill sequence

CHILL GUYS yall are like HEY WHY ONLY 1 BLIND DART well your poison is your main skill your 1 skill is just to prevent yi's and tryn to eat you for dinner. Move quick so u can chase then the rest is mainly on the poison and etc 0.0. THe reason i get blinding be4 move quick is because i already have ghost to run or chase so..... i dont really chase and run that much so i just chill with the 1 point. Yall can tweak it if yall want 2 it wont hurt my feelings.

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Summoner spells

HEY GHOST AND MY EXHAUST IS MY BEAST SPELLS!!!!!!! IF SOME1 tries to run away i use exhaust and they r dead because they cant run. Also in a fight if i am losing( Which is like almost NEVER!) i cast exhaust and they do like 0 dmg to me etc. Ghost well... chase and run as i said be4 XD

Flash for great wall through 0.0 and chase
Heal Hey you can heal it wont kill you XD
Ignite them pesky mundo and Fiddle will bow be4 you with this
THE REST SUCKS!!!!! well in my opinion you can grab a clarity if u harass people 2 much :P

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This is my 2nd build my warwick build was first 0.0.Uhh i have played for Teemo for a great deal of time. He is just amazing in my opinion.Just remember atk speed-survival-movement-ap is your main focus and remember. CAPTAIN TEEMO IS ON DUTY!!!!!!!! Okay see yall in game my ign is Dopai from North America server :P Oh yea check out Deathbringer77 builds too. He is a friend of mine in game he started to do builds before me and his warwick build is probably better then mine XD