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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hansen

Teemo - Untouchable Scout of the Trees

Hansen Last updated on May 4, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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First off let me say that this is a twisted treeline build, altough you can still use it on summoners rift it might not be as effective. This build focuses on dodge and being a more resiliant Teemo than most would expect, while still crushing your opponents with harasment and quick attacks.

Masteries - 9,21,0
I know most people will question this mastery build but I think you get far more benefit out of it than a 21,0,9 or other such focus on attack. The reason I don't like the 21 points in offense is mostly because the increase in damage by a few percent isn't worth it for teemo. He is more centered around doing smaller amounts of damage quickly than nuking. Also teemo is one of the squishiest champions and I find that he benefits greatly from having a bit more resiliance to enemy attack.

Summoner Spells - Ghost + Exhaust
This is my personal prefrence for playing Teemo. Ghost allows for insane speed when combined with Teemo's "Move Quick" ability and has saved my life numerous times. I take exhaust mostly for the second blind (when fighting other DPS heroes I start with a "Blinding Dart" followed by exhaust and another "Blinding Dart" if necessary) but I also take it for the nice slow it gives. Of course take the summoner spells you are most comfortable with but I find these to be the most helpful.

As you will generally start every TTL game with a bottom lane gank you want to make sure you start with a point in "Blinding Dart", this will make common DPS heroes like Jax, Warwick, Twitch, etc. be ultimately useless in the pre-game gank. After the mini battle is over and one team has gotten first blood teleport back to base because minions most likely have not spawned at this point and you probably need to heal. After "Blinding Dart" I go "Toxic Shot" followed by one point in "Move Quick" to help move around the map faster and evade ganks. After the one point in "Move Quick" switch off between "Blinding Shot" and "Toxic Shot" of course getting "Noxious Trap" when you can.

As this is a TTL build your first items should be cheap but still have massive effectiveness. I began with a Doran's Blade and a Health Potion to increase durability even further while still doing some more damage, generally I'll have Doran's Blade throughout the whole game but if you need the extra slot for a better item don't be hesitant to sell it after you get Malady or Starks. After the pregame gank depending on if you won or lost you might have enough for Boots of Speed already, get them. Once you get enough money be sure to buy Ninja Tabi. Not only are these the cheapest boots but they also add to your already impressive dodge and give extra armor as well. After boots I rush Phage because again it adds to your durability while also giving you damage and 25% chance to slow. Now that your fairly durable (remeber though you are NOT a tank) its time to focus more on attack. For this I start with a Malady but you can go with a Starcks Fervor instead if you want, they are both good items that add to your attack speed while also adding lifesteal to keep you in lane longer. Your last cheaper item of the game will be The Brutalizer, adding damage along with even more armor penetration will make this a must have cheap item. Once you have these items the game will generally be over, however sometimes you just can't pull off that last push so you need some strong expensive items to finish up. Depending on who your playing against I would go with either Infinity Edge or Madred's Bloodrazor. Then if you still can't finish grab a Phantom Dancer, with insane attack speed movement and dodge there is no reason this item should be left out of your arsenal. Of course next you would upgrade your cheap items into better items, Brutalizer -> Ghost Blade, Phage -> Frozen Mallet, etc.

General Game Play
One of the most iportant things to remember when playing Teemo is that your are NOT a tank no matter what items or mastery build you make, I chose my items and masteries to ensure you can survive a gank for more than half a second not so you can tank a turret. On the subject of turrets always make sure you are not in the range of one, if you posioned an enemy champion and the poision is still in effect the tower will attack you if it can. Stay out of range until the posion wears off. Because Teemo lacks a slow/stun (besides mushrooms) it is greatly to your advantage to get the lizard buff whenever you can, not only will this give you some great experience and 50 gold for your entire team but the buff also adds a passive slow to your basic attack which is great for chasing down enemies. Now, "Noxious Trap" personally I use it mostly for recon, i.e. placing it near the lizard/dragon (close enough to see when they respawn but not too close that it will randomly explode). Mushrooms are also insanely effective at preventing would be ganks, and will even get you random kills if you place them well enough. I won't go into further uses but you can always check Bluesquared's build for some creative mushroom use.

Well theres my build, hope you enjoyed it.
Please comment and rate my build I am always trying to improve and your comments are helpful.