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Teemo Build Guide by jdanielsson

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jdanielsson

Teemo Wreckage

jdanielsson Last updated on September 19, 2012
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Before any of you decide to downvote me, at least leave a comment so that I can improve on this build further. After all, how do you expect me to improve if I do not have any feedback from you guys. I hope you enjoy this build and I encourage you to read on.

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Pros and Cons


Insane damage (if you follow my build)
Good pushing abilities
Wrecks tanks
Might as well control the map
Mushrooms deal very good damage

Squishy :/
More of a Mid-game character (If you follow my build)
Has a tendency to be focused in team fights
Low health points

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This chapter will explain my choices of runes displayed above.

These runes will supply you a large amount of attack speed that will be useful for your early game.

I took these as a source of both early game armor penetration and is also key for your late game damage.

These runes will keep you alive longer than usual in team fights due to the squishy-ness that teemo displays.

These runes will keep you alive longer against any AP champions that their team might or might not have.

These runes will give you an early game advantage and will cause you to be somewhat less squishy.

This rune gives you the little bit of attack speed that you will need and love early game.

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With Teemo I decided to focus primarily on the offensive runes and then threw a few into into utility. Below I will be explaining each and every one of my choices I made in my masteries.

I took Summoner's Wrath because early game the 5 AD bonus while ignite is on cooldown was irresistible. That plus the help of the runes we spoke of before, along with toxic shot will be a deadly combination.

I took Brute Force because it will aid you early game and I found it to be irresistible and took it as soon as I could to help maximize my early game damage.

Alacrity was taken because as I explained in the runes chapter, The early game attack speed will help keep the enemy team from screwing up your mid game wreckage and therefore preventing you getting any kind of feed.

I chose Weapon Expertise because if there would happen to be a rather tanky character that you are against, this is key to early game harass and late game ganks on such a enemy champion.

I took Deadliness because of the early game AD that will be key to both early game harass and late game ganks. This will also play a key role in your mid game wreckage I keep talking about.

I took Lethality because once you reach mid-game crit strike is a key component to getting many of your kills. And given the fact that this gives a 10% crit chance bonus, I simply could not resist.

I took Vampirism for mid game life steal, the reason I say mid game life steal is because the only life steal received in this build is end build (late game).

I took Sunder for any tanky character laned against you both early game and also for the reason that you might be ganking such an enemy champion and this mastery is key to ganking highly armored champions.

I took Executioner for a very good reason, ever had a kill that just barely got away by 20 health? Well, this build will help to secure your kills even further and give you a very high damage output against any tanky champions on low health.

I took Summoner's Insight because after recalling you want to get back to lane as fast as you can with teleport so that you can either keep your lane pushing or defend your turret from being destroyed.

I took Good Hands so that you can get back into your lane faster to keep your tower from being destroyed or keep from getting pushed too hard by the enemy team.

I took Swiftness because I knew that movement speed early game is key for this build to get out of tough situations like a gank on your lane or a stupid mistake you or another team mate might have made.

I took Runic Affinity so that if you were to run by red/blue buff whether it is mid or late game you would be able to lane/gank more before having to refresh your buff by killing red /blue buff again

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Summoner Spells

In this chapter I will be explaining which summoner spells I took and why I took them.

I took ignite for securing both early and late game kills.

I took Flash to secure more kills, get out of any sticky situations or even possibly win a 1v1 fight.

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Skill Sequence

In this chapter I will be explaining the skill sequence I selected above.

Playing this build I immediately took Blinding Dart. After Toxic shot was taken I immediately followed with Toxic Shot and at level 3 I got Move Quick At level 6 I received my ultimate, Noxious Trap.

Hopefully you know a somewhat good rotation for these skills at the right time but if not, there will be a section explaining that. But regarding the skills, I took Blinding at level 1, this game me the early game advantage harassing enemy laners and taking over the bushes. After doing so, I took Toxic Shot so that I could deal more damage out so that I could better harass my lane. I then followed with Move quick, I took Move Quick to get out of any early game situations if either my flash was down or it would simply be a waste to use it. At level 4 I immediately put 2 points into Toxic Shot to improve my damage output so that I could keep the enemy laners at a safe distance. I then followed with Noxious Trap, Noxious trap is a key component and I used them as both wards in the bushes and a way to keep enemies away from me. After I received my ultimate I started putting points into Blinding Dart and Move Quick to better my chances of survival. After this I put another point into my ultimate, making my mushrooms do a Hella' lot more damage and I then followed by immediately putting another point in Move Quick followed by Toxic Shot, At this point you are past Mid-Game and you will have a very high output, your near maxed out Toxic Shot not making it any better. After this I put points into Blinding Dart and Move Quick, followed by putting another point into my ultimate. The points in Blinding Dart and Move Quick were meant to keep high AD output enemies from doing too much damage to you while you can better secure a kill with your enhanced Movement Speed from Move Quick. Once I put my point into my ultimate for the last time, I immediately put a point into Toxic Shot, maxing it out and increasing my damage output and followed by placing my final point into Blinding Dart.

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Doran's Blade was taken in the beginning to help to keep enemy laners away untill you have your B.F. Sword. I used it as a source of AD and to be honest the little bit of lifesteal it gave was not all that bad either.

The Berserker's Greaves were taken as another source of attack speed and will be key when you get your B.F. Sword and untill you get your Phantom Dancer.

This item marks the point where you are near your mid-game wreckage, if you play your champion right, you might even pick up a few kills thanks to this.

This game marks your mid-game wreckage, so long as you do not feed or pull off any amazingly stupid stunts, this item will be your best friends and will get you many kills on the enemy team.

Zeal was bought as an attack speed bonus. It was also received so that you could build your next item, Phantom Dancer.

This item is essential in your build after receiving your Infinity Edge because not only does it increase your attack speed by a great amount but it also increases your crit strike chance.

This item was built only so that you could build your Bloodthirster next aswell as recieve a small amount of AD before you do so.

Not only does this item give you Life steal but it also gives you a efficient source of AD as well.

This item was built so that you could recieve a small but efficient amount of AD before building your Last Whisper next.

Not only does this item give you AD but it also increases your armor penetration. This item is key and will increase your damage by a great amount.

This B.F. Sword was build for the same reason all the others were built, they were built for the small amount of AD you will recieve before building your next item, in this case, a BloodThirster.

At this point in the game, you can jump in to grab a kill, and heal up in a matter of seconds. This item is essential to your end game survival and will also give you a large amount of AD.