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League of Legends Build Guide Author EvilPrincess

Temmo - You just cannot fail... (Hybrid)

EvilPrincess Last updated on March 30, 2011
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Warning...possibly the most in depth Teemo guide out there. If you don't like walls of text I still suggest that you read the first few chapters of this guide.

Okay so Teemo. This little guy is quite frankly amazing, and yet most people don't realise it. Just about everyone understands how annoying his mushrooms are, but few realise the potential he has with this build. It is a combination of both Attack Damage and Attack Speed, and I can take out a level 18 Rammus or Malphite on my own in a few seconds - imagine what it does to a squishey!

Teemo is a very versatile little guy, he can be played in many ways but I do suggest you give this one a try and Vote up! (Comments / Suggestions welcome).

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Firstly lets get these Masteries sorted. I decided to opt for a 21/0/9 set-up when playing as Teemo. Mainly as this focus's around the Attack Damage and Speed I need -the critical hit chance is always nice to have thrown in there as well. The extra experience, gold and a reduced death-timer from the Utility masteries I find really useful, particularly late game thanks to the recently buffed death timers (thanks Riot!)

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Now runes. These I find work really well for me, this build is heavily reliant upon your Attack Speed hence the Alacrity Runes / Quints. The armour penetration is there to help annihilate any tanky champions, and I really do recommend them. Now the replenishment Glyphs, they aren't entirely necessary, you could opt for more Attack Speed or maybe others; especially as an AD/DPS Teemo isn't reliant on mana.


The beauty of this build is that Teemo's mushrooms are still pretty powerful enough, and being able to place them regularly late, and even mid game is very useful, especially as Teemo gets another every few seconds or so, so this is why I use it.

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Summoner Spells

Now, call me a 'Noob' if you like. But with Teemo I really would recommend sticking to and . Why you ask? Well.

For starters, it is quite frankly easy first blood potential, especially if you are in the Mid, as this means basically you have free kills (depends on who you are against obviously). One simply has to stealth in the middle, wait until they are past the half way;

6)Just basically keep poisoning. If they get away, they are either a tank, or they flashed.

Just remember if going for First Blood that you are squishy, and if you are against someone with a Stun or Snare then I suggest you take extra caution early on. Also be wary of large numbers of enemy minions, they may either block your way or do a significant amount of damage to you early on...

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Now this is where it all gets interesting! :D

Firstly buy Doran's Blade . Its a pretty essential first item for teemo damage wise, but also the added health is a must for such a squishy character.

Second item to buy is Berserker's Greaves , these in my opinion are the best boots for teemo giving 25% attack speed aswell as alot of movement speed. Do not buy these out right, make sure you build them up as it does save money. Normally I would get the attack speed first over the boots but it depends who you are against, use your common sense for this decision.

Third item is Malady . Malady is just lovely. It gives you an insane amount of attack speed and also ability power which will help your Mushrooms later in game, its also a relatively cheap item, meaning you should be able to build up to it pretty quickly, again here I would get the attack speed daggers before the ability power tomb, it just makes more sense.

Fourth Item is Nashors Tooth , now it is pretty similar again to Malady except the reduced cool downs with this is really very useful, particularly for your Blinding Dart, meaning you can often get two or three hits with it rather than just the one at the start of the game. You should be able to get this item pretty quickly if you are farming lots and you should also have kills by now.

Fifth Item - Phantom Dancer yes you can see the pattern here now can't you :) The increase in critical chance strike will compliment your masteries and you should actually be hitting a surprising number of crits at this stage, the increased movement speed should mean it's very easy for you to run away if you get caught out in a gank, especially with your 'Move Quick' ability your movement speed should be just under about 500 - ridiculous eh?

Sixth Item is blood thirster - This basically makes you pretty formidable, and to be honest you should be able to carry your team of not so good people with this one. The life-steal means you rarely have to go back to base, and this item also allows you to build up a bonus +40 AD, gaining +1 per kill (just don't die or this will be reset)

Now normally you will have won long before this point, however if not, sell your original Dorans Blade and instead buy 'The Black Cleaver' . If you do get to this stage, just sit back and laugh as the kills roll in, (and the ones that get away will run into your mushrooms anyway hopefully). The reduction of target armour this gives even allows you to focus down full tanks, provided you know what your doing and don't get ganked.

Now see below for actual information on how to play the game ;)

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How to Play as Teemo

Firstly. This guide does work all right... Yes I know there are losses, but I can't be held accountable for bad teams, besides look at the kills on the losses ;)

Early Game lv1 - 8

Ideally with Teemo you want to play in the middle. This is because your an amazing ganker, but also it puts you in a prime location come level 6 when you can start dancing around the map and placing mushrooms. It isn't essential that you are in the middle, as Teemo is also effective in lane, its just going to mean you wont farm as well or be able to level up quite so fast - I don't tend to find this a big problem.

Firstly take your Dorans Blade and head down to middle and stealth at about the mid point and just sit there until your in the middle of minions. If you think you can get first blood, then that is brilliant and should be easy if you took the summoner spells that I suggested, if not level up and take your poison. Once you have poison your main priority is pestering and farming. You should be able to keep any mid character back, and your poison is a brilliant tool for getting last hits on minions. Do remember your are squishy, but you should be able to stay in mid until level 5 before going back and getting your boots. When you come back at this point you should be able to get another kill pretty easy.

Once you reach level 6 start scattering your shrooms, if your in the middle then start with the bushes either side, if your not then place them in the middle bush to check for enemy ganks from middle and then the top bushes to prevent champions running in there for an ambush.

Teemo is really good with early kills, obviously it does depend who you are against, but don't underestimate your own power, and here I will stress perhaps one of the most important things.

Try to never stop attacking. Your damage is so fast due to your attack speed that as soon as they come into your range an enemy is going to regret, if they run for you (this does take time and understanding of when you really do need to run) you should be able to make them back off before they can hit you, especially if they are melee - Teemo excels at killing those guys.

Before I move onto middle game a map for;

Mushroom Placements:

(Obviously if you are playing Purple then just flip the map over and place opposite way)

Primary Locations (Yellow) - These are essential places, you should have a mushroom in these locations throughout the game, and your a silly Teemo if you don't. These are mostly warding shrooms, but they do damage none the less.

Secondary Locations (Purple) - These will help out your team mates, and even possibly grab you a kill steal every now and then. Also warding shrooms around the blue buffs help, especially if they have a jungler, but also prevents enemies stealing your blue buff. The shrooms here in the middle stop enemies ganking in from the sides, but also give you an alternative area to run away down, as mushrooms will slow any enemy that tries to follow you.

'Fun' Locations (Blue) - Come late game these are your bread and butter. You don't have to place these where I specify but I find this spread works out well. If you find most of your towers have been pushed and your playing in your half of the map then shrooming jungle bushes is easy kills as they flicker from one lane to another, they also help your team mates run away if they get caught out, all they have to do is lead them down a shroom path and you get a free kill ;) These are areas I have found that typically get the most traffic, however this does vary between games and play styles of other people, so be prepared to pay attention and look out for other prime locations.

Mid-Game lv8-14

Okay so you arrive at mid game. This is where you can start having some fun ganking. You should have mushrooms in your primary locations by this point (as a minimum), and now you need to keep checking top and bottom for opportunities to steal (sorry help) kills. An important note, is do not neglect your own lane! Last thing you want is middle tower to go down while your away playing with friends. Try to ensure there are enough minions around, or the other mid champion has gone back before ganking. If you've done that then head on over to bottom or top bush and just wait. Ideally you want them past the half way point, but if not, run out and blind he one who can do the most damage and poison, exhaust the other to allow your team mates chance to kill him and persist with your poison. If your not quite sure you will get them (either retreat) or use ignite to ensure you get the final kill.

Tip: Be aware of stuns/suppresses/snares, as you will probably get focused. Try to target these champions first.

Always head back to mid after a gank, using your primary mushrooms to check that the mid champ hasn't decided to come up and help their team as well, as that could be a nasty surprise. Continue working through the item build and getting kills where you can. Its pretty easy.

Late Game lv14+

Late game is where your item build is going to come into its own. If things are going well for your team and you have quite a few towers down, then if you reach this stage you've probably won. (Either that or the other team have surrendered crying). Now i'll adress an important aspect for Teemo...

Team Fighting

Now here you have to be careful, as you are quite possibly the squishest person on your team, and as a result, especially if you have alot of kills your going to be focused. If you are run. But don not just run anywhere, run for a mushroom trail. When they are slowed, turn around and hit them with your insane attack speed and you will probably get a kill. You should always be able to run away thanks to your speed ability, if you get caught out its probably because you are stunned -not always alot you can do if that is the case as taking cleanse in my opinion is not worth it.

Another brief point, is that so long as no one on your team is in desperate need of them, try to get the buffs, especially blue as it will speed up your ability to place mushrooms, as they are quite mana hungry.

If your not focused however, which 75% of the time you probably wont be, try to stay behind your other team mates, and use your ranged to pester the enemy. Although you shouldn't be the one initiating, you can do alot of damage and keep them running back. When someone finally does initiate, try to hit as many champions as possible with poison, then select your target, and well, they are as good as dead so long as the people around you don't mess up. Hopefully any that get away will run into your shrooms and get you a kill anyway.

Never be afraid to chase down an enemy when they are running. They don't have to run far and you will get the kill, remember your probably faster than most other champions. This works out very well for kill stealing (sorry borrowing).

Once you have finished your build, anyone that is trying to tower dive on there own, or is alone in jungle (which you find thanks to shrooms) are a free kill to you really. Be careful is not a lure or trap and be sure you can get away. When it comes to killing towers, Teemo is very efficient late game, especially if you buy the black cleaver. You can solo a tower so long as you have minions, and you should be able to run away again pretty quickly.

Tip: Never ever stop placing mushrooms, it would be such a waste.

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Further Useful Points


Farming is vital if you want to complete this build I know its expensive, but it is more than affordable if you farm correctly. Always try to get last hits, as I've mention before you poison is good for this. Remember every 20 minion kills is the equivalent to a champion kill. Your poison can take out minions in just a few hits, even early game, and this should give you a real advantage. Farming is especially important if you are against quite a tanky team, as you may not be able to get so many kills.

Future note; Hopefully looking to add some video play soon. Will update when I can.
Thanks for reading!!