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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Reaperv2

Terminator's Brother: Jaxinator

Reaperv2 Last updated on April 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Jax is a very, very, high damage output, high survivability champion. His ultimate provides him with some very nice magic resist in a team fight plus, with this build, you will have over 4k hp easily. So your a very HIGH damage dealer with over 300 AD, 800 AP that can take a huge beating. I used to play a typical build of rushing guinso, frozen mallet, atmas, hextech gunblade and a trinity force. Then i started thinking. All of your spells are designed around AP, you can hop in/out of combat, stun people... why not become an AP nuke?... So, I began combining items, runes, masteries. I for one don't believe he needs much Utility masteries. His spells are actually rather low cdr, low mana cost. Which is great! Plus you can easily kill blue golem from enemies team in just a few seconds if you really need it. I go offensive masteries for one reason: Nuke, nuke, nuke. Magic pen, AP/lv, little armor pen and throw a crit in there for the hell of it. 20% crit chance aint bad with over 300 AD (even without max stacks on SS you will have 250-300 AD EASILY)

The Good and Bad:

    Jax isn't much of an early killer, however, get assists to help max SS fast!
    Jax can basically nuke anybody for about 1.5k-2kish dmg depending on their armor/mr every couple of seconds!
    Jax has some decent armor and with ulti some fairly nice bonus MR for a few seconds.
    Jax can easily be focused, so if enemies are playing a lot of CC champs, swap exhaust for cleanse!
    Jax can rush into a fight and take out 3 people with a swing of his lantern, hockey stick, fishing pole, or hell even a baseball bat.
    Did I forget to mention hes The Jaxinator?

Just remember, you are NOT a tank. You just happen to have a ****load of hp thanks to your passive, and your abusing the passive with this build 100%!

I personally have played multiple ranked games with Jax, currently servers are having issues so i cannot post my ranked scores with Jax right now, but I would have to say I go average 15-20 kills with 2-6 deaths and usually 10-20 assists. Remember, getting assists early game is the KEY. You DON'T need to KS anybody. Jax gets strong after you max SS, grab lichbane and get rab with a hextech. The items are SOMEWHAT expensive but you can build them really fast.

Suggestions if you encounter problems with Jaxinator:

1. Start with doran shield instead, you may be too easily harrased and aren't getting much farm.
2. Build SS after boots, then sheen, hextech revolver, rab's, lichbane, hextech gunblade, atmas.
3. Remember, ATMAS lAST! your AD isn't that much of the dmg early game, your playing a somewhat squishy nuke till you get atmas, then lategame you can go crazy.
4. Try going 9/21/0 masteries if your having issues early/mid game with survivability.
5. If you don't have ap/lv runes try mixing flat ap with some ap/lv. I suggest AP/lv simply because it gives most amount of AP during a game and can REALLy mix well with rab/atmas to provide even more hp/ad/ap.

Side Note: Your max AD/AP/HP without AP/lv runes is (I do not remember precise numbers but..) 330 AD, 740 AP, 4.3k HP (with potions and baron) You can do the math to see how much an extra 100 AP would boost your stats from runes/rab.

Tips for picking jax in ranked:

Enemies are high DPS like Xin Zhao, corki, or champs that usually don't build madreds.
Opponents with high AP nukes that basically say "Leap onto me, i only have 2-3k hp you can 2 hit me after 50 min mark!" Like leblanc, lux. (I have 1 hit a lux b4, she had 2.3k hp)