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League of Legends Build Guide Author MintBerry Crunch

TF - The Twist

MintBerry Crunch Last updated on May 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 21

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So, i'm back on MOBAfire after 12 months of hard work with exams. So this will be my big comeback :D This guide contain very useful informations, about how to play Twisted Fate, as the most ***kicking champion in the entire game. I've been playing him for quite a while now, and i just can't get enough of him. Usually i wanna play different champions each game, but i can play multiple games with Twisted Fate in a row. So i really love this champion, and i hope, you're going to love him, as much as i do, when you discover a whole new playstyle with this wonderful champion.

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Facts about Twisted Fate

This chapter, is all about the basic knowledge of Twisted Fate. Things you might find very useless to know. But, this is a guide about Twisted Fate, so why not get as much as possible in it :)

Twisted Fates Story

Although born to poor gypsy parents, the champion known as Twisted Fate was able to gamble his way to prosperity as a card shark in the seedy underground gambling circuits of Demacia and Noxus. No matter how close the authorities came to catching him, the rogue always found a way to slip through their fingers. Despite his good fortune, he was never able to win that which he truly desired - the ability to control magic. When Twisted Fate learned of an experiment being conducted in Zaun that might help him with his wish, he did the only thing a gambler of his worth could do - he went all in and volunteered for the experiment.
Conducted by the infamous Dr. Xavier Rath, Twisted Fate was told that the wager for such participation might be steep. He might change forever, or nothing might happen, or he might die horribly. Pain, however, was likely a part of the deal no matter the outcome. These were hardly the worst odds the gambler had faced; his hopes raised, Twisted Fate underwent the experiment, enduring what he must for a chance at his dream. Then, it ended - with seemingly no effect whatsoever. The gypsy rogue flew into a murderous rage, but, before he could strike down the team, he suddenly teleported himself miles away. With a sly grin, he realized his luck had won out yet again. He now brings his luck and rakish charm to the Institute of War, where he is the champion of choice for many - especially the gambling kind. To this day, Twisted Fate has avoided his inevitable reunion with Dr. Rath. The Card Master knows, however, that a confrontation is coming.

"While the future may be mysterious and unknown to most, Twisted Fate is certain that his future lies within the cards."


Upon selection

- "Lady Luck is smilin'."


- "Deal 'em."
- "Doin' it."
- "I reckon."
- "It's all in the cards."
- "It's my lucky day."
- "Just the luck of the draw."
- "Pick a card."


- "The house always wins."


- "Only two Jokers in the deck, and I get dealt you."

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Summoner Spells

This is just a quick chapter, going through some of my thoughts, about which Summoner Spells to choose, and which not to choose. Summoner spells is indeed a habit, so if you wish, to change your summoner spells, no worries, you'll learn it. At the end of the day, it is your decision.

Cooldown 210 sec

Mastery Tip
Cripple - (Offense) - Also reduces target's armor and magic resistance by 10 and lengthens the duration to 3.5 seconds.
Presence of the Master - (Utility) - Reduces cooldown to 178.5 seconds.

Exhaust is a very good summoner spell, which i use very often. However, since the nerf i haven't been using it as much as i used to. But don't get me wrong. It's still a really good Summoner spell. And it also has my recommendation as Twisted Fate. Exhaust Can be used to slow down opponents, and it can also be used as a get away spell. But be aware of which enemy you use it on, champions like Master Yi and Olaf can just use their ultimates, to get rid of the slowing movement speed.

Cooldown 210 sec

Mastery Tip
Haste (Utility) � Increases movement speed by 6% to 33% faster and lengthens the duration to 11.5 seconds.
Presence of the Master (Utility) � Reduces cooldown to 178.5 seconds.

Here is my recommendation for the best use of Ghost. Actually i use Ghost, just as much as i use Flash. However, when i'm playing a tanking champion, i always pick Ghost over Flash. As a tank you should be able, to keep yourself alive, through a lot of damage. So when you're running away from 5 enemy champions, whose only goal is to get you down, you don't need to trick them, by jumping over a wall or anything, you need movement speed to outrun them. for this purpose, you will need Ghost. When i'm playing a champion, whose only goal is to kick their butts, in very few seconds, i take Flash. Because you can trick your opponents, and then get away in a hurry somehow. If you take Ghost as a low hp champion, with no Armor or Magic Resist what so ever, you will be taken down in very short time. So you got a much better chance trying to mind**** them. You can also take both, if you're really bad at escaping gangs. I just like to have something else to use, in bad situations.

My conclusion is:
Playing a tank = Ghost + Random
Playing a DPS = Flash + Random

Cooldown 270 sec

Mastery Tip
Mender's Faith (Defense) � Decreases cooldown by 30 seconds.
Presence of the Master (Utility) � Reduces cooldown to 229.5 seconds. With both masteries cooldown is reduced to 199.5 seconds.

In my opinion, Heal is a very tricky summoner spell. My brother is using Heal, as his main summoner spell. He never play League of Legends without it. And when i'm watching, all i can think about is: "Why would he take it". I really don't like it, it's very boring having by your side, and i think it suck. But there is nothing that irritates me more, than playing against one with Heal. It's so freakin annoying, when you think you got someone, in a 1v1, and then they pop the damm spell. I'm almost flaming as much as this kid. And that can't possibly be healthy.

Cooldown 180 sec

Mastery Tip
Burning Embers (Offense) � While your ignite spell is on cooldown, you gain an additional 10 Ability Power.
Presence of the Master (Utility) � Reduces cooldown to 153 seconds.

Ignite is the most important summoner spell, in my opinion. I never go without it. Ignite can be used in so many different ways. To asure kills, if they get away with 1 bar of health left, you can use the combination of Flash+Auto Hit+ Ignite, to get the kill. (It works every time). And it can be used to maximize any kind of heals. Like Dr. Mundo, Warwick, Soraka, Master Yi, Sona and champions with very big amount of lifesteal. That alone make Ignite kick butts. There's a lot of other ways, to benefit from Ignite. So choose it, and learn how to master it. I promise, that you won't get disappointed.

These are the summoner spells, i think you should know about. The reason why Flash isn't in it, is because i think, i covered every usefull information about it under the Ghost section.

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In my opinion, runes aren't the most important thing in a guide. Since runes are a matter of taste. Personally, I prefer a good start, which often lead to a good and funnier game. therefore i wouldn't recommend getting "Per leveling runes". My runes, covers my needs as an early game Twisted Fate. This is why.

8,55 Magic Penetration with 9 Marks.

The reason why i pick Greater Mark of Magic Penetration as my Marks, is because of the major importance Magic Penetration is for a spell caster champion. As any other champions, that uses ability power, Magic Penetration is really important, since you need it to hit right through the tanks Magic Resist. And trust me, you really need it, if you're facing a Magic Resist capped Malphite, or any of the other hardcore tanks. So I recommend getting as much Magic Penetration as possible, without wasting the valuable itemslots.

-2,61 Cooldown Reduction with 9 Seals.

You can use cooldown reduction for every champion in the game, and it's really good having with you, as Twisted Fate. It simply lower the cooldown of Twisted Fates abilities, which already have low cooldowns. So cooldown reduction is awesome, usefull and very good. You can almost spam Wild Cards with enough Cooldown Reduction.

8,91 Ability Power with 9 Glyphs.

Do i even have to explain, why i chose Greater Glyph of Ability Power as my glyphs. Ability power is probably the most important thing for Twisted Fate. Since this guide is based on a Hybrid look a like item build, which focus more on Ability power than anything else, you will need Greater Glyph of Ability Power as they provide loads of it. Not to mention the early game potential for kills, with a bunch of ability power at lvl 1.

78 Health with 3 Quintessences.

These are my lucky charms. 3 Greater Quintessence of Health + Doran's Ring will provide +178 Health, which is really helpfull at early game. This can actually be the reason why, you score 2 kills before the minions arrive to your lane. It's really good having that extra health, also because Twisted Fate is a champion with relatively low health. So Greater Quintessence of Health have my recommendation for sure.

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Im taken 9/0/21 in my masteries. Getting important improvements as Archaic Knowledge, Blink of an Eye, Presence of the Master, Cooldown Reduction and a lot of Mana Regeneration. Archaic Knowledge is one of the most important mastery improvements you can get. Especially for a fellow as Twisted Fate. Blink of an Eye is to lower the cooldown on Flash which is very decent as i chose Flash as one of my Summoner Spells. Presence of the Master is the ultimative improvement in Utility Mastery Tree, this is really good for the cooldown reduction, which is dammn important as Twisted Fate. Getting as much Mana Regeneration you can get in Utility Mastery Tree is a very good thing. You can use it for every champion, that uses Mana. Combined with a Doran's Ring will make your Mana Generation so fast that you won't notice when you cast spells.