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Renekton General Guide by ImJustaTable

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ImJustaTable

Tha Family Business : Clearly a Renekton Guide

ImJustaTable Last updated on October 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is obviously a guide on how to play Renekton, The Butcher of the Sands. He's a Melee Fighter, the Brother of Nasus, the Curator of the Sands. Melee means that he has to be adjacent to strike them.A Fighter is basically an off-tank. This build is to run him as you would a tank.

Now then, let's get down to business, to defeat the Huns of course, and to explain a few things.

Please don't look at my Masteries and Items and say "He wants us to tank? Ewww down vote". I beg of you to try the build atleast once before you even vote on it. It works with him being able to tank an entire team, and still deal hellish damage to all enemies around him.

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A little about Renekton

Well, let's get a little bit into our champion.
Renekton and his Brother Nasus were once guardians of Ancient knowledge of the Cycles of Life and Death on their home planet. Nasus would teach those who came to learn, but Renekton would guard the gates and see who would want to get in. When the people had good intentions he would let them in. When they were bad, he'd send them away. After seeing so many bad people he started to go crazy with rage, and started killing them. After his rage wouldn't go away, he knew of only one being who could beat him in a battle... Nasus.
Nasus struck him down, and as Renekton waited for death, it never came. Summoners of the league took Nasus. Renekton then basiclly went crazy, and wondered around until he somehow ended up in the Sewers of Zaun, I wonder of he saw Twitch down there, and then he found the Institute of War, and joined the league.
The end

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Patches Yada-yada

-Slice and Dice: armor reduction increased at later ranks to 15/20/25/30/35% from 15/17.5/20/22.5/25%.

-Cull the Meek: fury-enhanced swipe trail is now properly red.

-Fixed a bug where Slice and Dice was only reducing the target's base armor rather than total armor.

-Cull the Meek: heal is no longer reduced if the damage dealt is absorbed by shields.
Fixed a bug where damage absorbed by a shield wouldn't mark Renekton as in combat for the purposes of Fury generation.

-Cull the Meek:
Heal reduced to 5% from 7.5%.
Furious heal reduced to 10% from 15%.
-Slice and Dice:
Base damage reduced to 30/60/90/120/150 from 45/75/105/135/165.
Attack damage scaling increased to 90% from 60%.
Cooldown adjusted to 18/17/16/15/14 from 20/18/16/14/12.
-Dominus: base damage reduced to 40/70/100 from 50/75/100.

-Fixed a bug where Slice and Dice would remember your order after casting, causing him to move toward previous locations.

Base health increased to 513 from 508.
Health per level increased to 87 from 82.
Base armor increased to 19 from 17.2.
Armor per level increased to 3.8 from 3.2.
-Cull the Meek:
Base damage increased to 60/90/120/150/180 from 40/70/100/130/160.
Attack damage scaling increased to 80% from 60%.
Basic heal reduced to 7.5% from 10%.
Heal bonus when damaging Champions increased to 300% from 200%.
Cooldown reduced to 8 seconds from 12/11/10/9/8.
-Ruthless Predator: cooldown reduced to 13/12/11/10/9 from 14/13/12/11/10.
-Slice and Dice: armor reduction when furious changed to 15/17.5/20/22.5/25% from a flat 10/15/20/25/30.
-Fixed a bug where Renekton was gaining bonus attack damage while wounded.

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BRAND NEW 7-11-12

As of those who read my build before this update, you'll see a few huge item updates. Via Wit's End, Sunfire Cape etc.

Also, there's a Part under-construction, so chill out while it's being made

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How it feels to play Renekton

That's my Renekton Song

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Pros / Cons


    Quite a capable tank
    Deals a nice amount without damage items
    Has two pre-made heals
    Has a double dive
    Has a stun
    No mana cost
    Easy to farm minions
    Has a Malaria Shield


    Has no ranged abilities
    Is easily kited
    Can't really jungle at all
    Requires a minor amount of skill to play < Ability timing, etc.>
    Can fall behind if pushed out of lane too many times
    No burst or major damage output
    Stun isn't really reliable, unless you have 50 fury to cast on it.

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Greater Quint of Desolation- You're going to need that armor penetration to make up for that lack of actual attack damage yo

Greater Marks of Desolation- See Top

Greater Seals of Resilience- Chances are the enemy team will try to stop your plans by using some sort of damage, hinder their efforts by stacking defensive yellows and blues

Greater Glyphs of Warding- See top

Guide Top


Summoners Wrath-
Reduces the targets Magic Resist and Armor by 10
Bonus to Exhuast

Brute Force-
+3 Attack Damage
Do I need to explain?

+4% Attack Speed
See top

Weapons Expertise-
10% Armor Penetration
Need that armor penetration

+4 Magic Resistance
"Chances are the enemy team will try to stop your plans by using some sort of damage, hinder their efforts by stacking defensive yellows and blues" Exactly

+6 Armor
See top

+108 Health at level 18
Get that HP, every bit helps

Veteran Scars-
+30 Health
Extra health

+3 Health per 5 seconds
Just a little HP Regin, may help you stay in lane longer

+3% Movement speed
Move speed is very important

Siege Commander-
Reduces the armor rating of nearby turrets by 10
Pushes turrets, why not?

+8.1% CDR at level 18
CDR on that ult will help

+3% maximum HP
Reduces the duration of incoming disables by 10%

HP and extra tenacity, yeah, that's pretty nice

Guide Top


Ionian Boots of Lucidity-
Unique: +15% cooldown reduction
Unique: Enhanced Movement 2

Need the CDR for spamming your abilities.

Maw of Malmortius-
+55 attack damage
+36 magic resistance
Unique: Gain +1 attack damage for every 2.5% health missing.
Unique: If you would take magic damage which would leave you at less than 30% of your maximum health, you first gain a shield which absorbs up to 400 magic damage for 5 seconds. 60 second cooldown.

Great for if you're fighting a high AP team, the shield will give you a shield worth 540 magic damage. Also, for every 2.5% of the Max health missing you gain 1 AD.
I used to overlook this item a lot, it now I see how useful it is, simply because in recent games I've seen the spell shield save my life. Also, Renekton Excels at fighting at low health, via ult, so you can use it's passive to make him amazing

Randuins Omen-
+75 armor
+350 health
+25 health regeneration
Unique Passive: +5% cooldown reduction
Unique Passive: 20% chance on being hit by an auto attack to slow the attacker's movement and attack speed by 35% for 3 seconds.
Unique Active: Slows movement speed and attack speed of surrounding units by 35% for 1 seconds + 0.5 seconds for every 100 armor and magic resistance. 60 second cooldown. (500 Range)

Great anti-Carry item, nice amount of armor, health, and health regeneration. Also, it's active reduce the usefulness of Carries for 3-4 seconds, so....

Force of Nature-
+40 health regeneration
+76 magic resistance
+8% movement speed
Unique: Restores 0.35% of your champion's maximum health every second.

Magic Resist, health regin, and extra movespeed. Passive increases your ability to lane/stay in combat tenfold.

Youmuu's Ghostblade-
+30 attack damage
+15% critical strike chance
Unique Passive: +15% cooldown reduction
Unique Passive: +20 armor penetration
Unique Active: Gain +50% attack speed and +20% movement speed for 4 seconds. Attacking enemies with melee basic attacks increases the duration by 2 seconds to a maximum of 8 seconds. 60 second cooldown.

Now, this is quite the item. You will build it's component, the Brutalizer, right after your Sunfire Cape, Mainly for the CDR and Armor Penetration. Get this item last, in my opinion, because you're fulfilling your teams role of tank, and you need the resistances much more than this. But it's active helps you out as well, pop it and go crazy on their team.

The Bloodthirster-
+60 attack damage
+12% life steal
Gain +1 attack damage and +0.2% life steal per kill (maximum +40 attack damage and +8% life steal). Half of the bonuses are lost upon death.

The souls of the damned are never truly at rest. A good item for buffing your abilities, and giving you a bit more punch. It really complements your Youmuu's Ghostblade's passive.

Guide Top


Now, you might need to chance your build a bit depending on how the enemy team is stacking. here are some suggestions:
Wit's End-
+40% attack speed
+30 magic resistance
Unique: Your basic attacks deal 42 bonus magic damage and you gain +5 magic resistance for 5 seconds (maximum 4 stacks).

A snake without fangs, is like a man at Wit's End Attack Speed, Magic Resist, and extra magic damage on strike? I say yes.
I used to put this in my build, but I decided Maw is better, simply because of instant Attack Damage, Magic resist, and a free shield, but this is still a VERY capable item

Zhonya's Hourglass-
+100 ability power
+50 armor
Unique Passive: Places your champion into stasis for 2 seconds, rendering you invulnerable and untargetable but unable to take any actions. 90 second cooldown.

"An AP item?" I hear you cry. I'll feed you baby birds. There is a few great things about this item.
#1- It gives you armor, it's never a bad thing.
#2- A little bit of AP can buff your ult and make it hit harder
#3- It's passive is great for dodging sure death. Go into a stasis when Ziggs uses his ult and there's no chance for you to get out. When Mrs.Fortune uses her ult and you can dive out, Stasis. When Master Yi Alpha strikes when you have 5 health, Stasis.
All of a sudden, this looks like an amazing item.
But, I do not say put this in your build. I have only put this items to use once or twice. There are better options out there.

Last Whisper-
+40 attack damage
Unique: +40% armor penetration

You may say your last words, with a whisper. This item is amazing, esp. for a mid/late game adjustment. for the Brutalizer and eventually Youmuu's Ghostblade. Increased attack damage, and armor penetration. I would say get it if you're having problems with attack damage.

+100 armor
Unique: On being hit, returns 30% of damage, before any reductions such as armor, as magic damage. At least 15 damage must be received.

The best defensive item in the game, hands down. I've had carries crit themselves to death on my thornmail. It triggers on auto attacks, and abilities that proc hit on effects.

Guardian Angel-
+68 armor
+38 magic resistance
Unique: Revives your champion upon death, restoring 750 health and 375 mana. 5 minute cooldown.

Mixed amount defenses, nice passive, all around nice item, get it to replace the Sunfire Cape late game if you don't get Thornmail.
Spirit Visage-
+250 health
+30 magic resistance
Unique: +10% cooldown reduction
Unique: Improves all form of self-healing by 15%, including health regeneration, life steal, and spell vamp.

Ehh it'll buff your ult and Q, but only get it on a really heavy AP team.

Aegis of the Legion-
+18 armor
+270 health
+24 magic resistance
Unique Aura: Nearby allied champions gain +12 armor, +15 magic resist, and +8 attack damage. (1200 range)

Get it if you need to give a little bit back to the team, or if you're too cheap to buy a Guardian Angel. This has nice mixed resistances, and a little bit of health.

Zeke's Herald-
+250 health
Unique Aura: Nearby allied champions gain +20% attack speed and +12% life steal.
Unique Passive: +15% cooldown reduction

Viable for supporting a heavy attack damage team, and getting a little attack speed, life steal, and CDR yourself.

Frozen Mallet-
+20 attack damage
+700 health
Unique: Your basic attacks slow your target's Movement Speed by 40% for 2.5 seconds. (30% for ranged attacks)

Extra health and a free slow. use it if you need extra health, extra attack damage, or if the enemy is escaping too easy.

Madreds's Bloodrazor-
+25 armor
+40 attack damage
+40% attack speed
Unique: Your basic attacks deal bonus Magic Damage equal to 4% of the target's maximum health (maximum 120 versus monsters).

This is only for if the enemy team has a lot of tanks on it, and is only a replacement for Wit's End. Also, remember this item procs hit on effects, so it stacks with you *Ruthless Predator* and can quickly slice an enemy down. Although I don't recommend this, as it is quite pricey
Atma's Impaler-
+45 armor
+18% critical strike chance
Unique: You gain attack damage equal to 1.5% of your maximum health.

Good whenever you need armor, probably after you get your Youmuu's Ghostblade, if you don't need the magic resist

Guide Top

Worthless Items

The following items are items that look like they would work on Renekton, but they don't. They have a flaw in design, cost too much etc. They are:
The Black Clever-
+55 attack damage
+30% attack speed
Unique: Your basic attacks reduce your target's armor by 15 for 5 seconds (maximum 3 stacks).

Way too overpriced. People think since *Ruthless Predator* hit on effects it would be great, but it really isn't. It won't help you out at all, so don't waste gold or an item slot on it.
Bilgewater Cutless-
+35 attack damage
+15% life steal
Unique: Target champion suffers 150 magic damage and is slowed by 50% for 3 seconds. 60 second cooldown and 400 range.

A cheap alternative for The Bloodthirster right?
Wrong. This item is a piece of **** on Renekton. People look at the 15% lifesteal and say that it's better than what is on The Bloodthister, but they're forgetting two things.
#1 Bilgewater Cutless falls off mid game unless made into the Hextech Gunblade
#2 The Bloodthirster gives you more Attack damage, and lifesteal when you farm it.
Infinity Edge-
+80 attack damage
+25% critical strike chance
Unique: +50% critical strike damage

When the sun is at its peak, the pool blends in with the shimmering heat, looking as if its waters run off into infinity. Overpriced and won't reach it's full peak of Usefulness on Renekton. You'll just spend 3k gold getting an item that won't have any major uses on a tank.
People see the critical strike damage is nice, which it is, but it doesn't work on Renekton.
Sword of the Occult-
+10 attack damage
Unique: Your champion gains +5 damage per stack, receiving 2 stacks for a kill or 1 stack for an assist. This effect can stack 20 times; you lose a third of your stacks if you die. At 20 stacks, your champion gains +15% movement speed.

I don't believe in snowball items, especially this one. It sounds like a plan.. 110 attack damage and 15% movement speed. But you will die, you'll always die. You lose stacks. This item is ONLY useful when you can play against a team that you can stack it, which you can't tell the skill of the enemy team.

Guinsoo's Rageblade-
+45 ability power
+35 attack damage
Unique: On cast or hit, you gain +6 ability power and +4% attack speed for 5 seconds (maximum 8 stacks).

Crumble before my wraith. "Ability Power"... do you need to go on? I know it sounds like it would be of use, attack speed bonus, attack damage, and I said a little bit of Ability power would buff your ult, but don't buy this, you're wasting an item slot.
Wriggles Lantern-
+30 armor
+23 attack damage
+12% life steal
Unique Passive: On hit, 20% chance for target minion/monster to suffer 425 magic damage.
Unique Active: Places a Sight Ward at target location. 3 minute cooldown. (600 cast range).

Not on Renekton. The lanterns passive would help out a jungler, but not the Solo top Butcher. Lifesteal is nice, but attack damage and armor from it will play no role on anything you do. Worthless.

+50 attack damage
+15 health regeneration
+5 mana regeneration
Passive: Your basic attacks splash, dealing 50% physical damage around the target (35% for ranged attacks).

This is a waste of money for a few reasons. It has mana regeneration, you use no mana. Spash damage sounds nice, but, oh wait, your Q is an AoE Slash that heals you. Health regin isn't needed. So don't get the Tiamat

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Skill Sequence

Reign of Anger- His passive, in which he has no mana cost, but gets fury on strike, 5 fury per strike, once reaching 50 fury can empower one ability. When out of combat for 12 seconds he losses fury, 5 per second. At low health he gains fury 50% faster.

Cull the Meek- He swings his blade in a circle dealing physical damage to nearby enemies and healing for 5% of the damage dealt up to a cap. Heal amount is quadrupled against champions. Each target hit grants 5 fury. When he has 50 or more fury he deals 50% additional damage and heals for 10% of the damage dealt, the healing cap is tripled.
It will save you in fights... that heal will give you just HP to survive, I promise. Also, it's very good at gaining quick fury and farming, since it hits multiple enemies. Also, it's range is longer than an Auto attack, so if someone's running with 1 health, pop Q to last hit them.

Ruthless Predator- his next attack will swing twice dealing physical damage and stunning his target for 0.75 seconds. Each hit applies on-hit effects and grants fury.
When he has 50 or more fury his next attack will swing three times, dealing physical damage and stunning his target for 1.5 seconds. Each hit applies on-hit effects, but does not grant fury.
It's a great harass, and can keep people from advancing , can close the gap in fights, and can set up for combo or ability of your ally. It can also give you some last hits.

Slice and Dice- He dashes forward, dealing physical damage to targets along the way. If he hits a target he gains the ability to use Dice for 4 seconds. He dashes, dealing physical damage along the way.
When he has 50 or more fury Dice deals 50% additional damage and reduces the armor of targets hit for 4 seconds.
Dive in, hit your Q *Cull the meek*, deal tons of damage, slice out, simple way to farm and harass. This is more for mobility.

Dominus- He empowers himself with dark energies, gaining increased size and health for 15 seconds. While empowered, he deals magic damage to nearby enemies and generates 5 fury per second.
He gains his Malaria Shield, and as we know there are no black champions in LoL, so your pestilence will be hitting for true damage... but seriously, this helps out a ton in fights, and it'll destroy the enemies health, and can last hit people. The health boost can also bait people into combat and save your life, so yeah, use it wisely, I don't suggest spamming it too much.

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In-Depth Skills Review

Here are his skills again, but in high-depth
Reign of Anger- Reign of Anger is a passive ability that activates whenever Renekton falls below 50% of his maximum health. While it is active, Renekton generates bonus Fury from all of his autoattacks and abilities.

Cull the Meek- Cull the Meek is a point blank area of effect ability that deals physical damage to all enemies around Renekton, and heals him for a portion of damage dealt up to a cap. If Cull the Meek consumes fury during it's activation, it will deal 50% more damage and the healing cap is tripled.

    Cull the Meek does not proc on-hit effects.
    Cull the Meek procs spell vamp and Rylai's slow similarly with all area of effect spells and abilities with diminished effect.
    Cull the Meek pops spell shield.
    Cull the Meek will not damage Black Shield.
    Cull the Meeks's range increases by a small amount when Renekton's hitbox increases due to Dominus, Surge or Wild Growth
Ruthless Predator- Ruthless Predator is an autoattack modifier that causes Renekton's next autoattack to strike twice, dealing bonus physical damage, stunning the target and generating Fury on both hits.
If Ruthless Predator consumes Fury when it is activated, Renekton will strike 3 times instead of 2, but he will not generate Fury from the hits.
    Ruthless Predator procs on-hit effects.
    Ruthless Predator pops spell shield.
    Ruthless Predator will not damage Black Shield and the stun is negated.
    Ruthless predator does not proc spell vamp or Rylai's slow.
    Ruthless Predator cannot crit.
    Ruthless Predator resets Renekton's attacktimer
    Ruthless Predator will miss if Renekton is blinded - the stun will still be applied
    Ruthless Predator suppresses Renekton for ~0.5 second while attacking the target.
Slice and Dice- Slice and Dice is a two-part pass through linear skillshot that allows Renekton to dash a set distance in the targeted direction, dealing physical damage to all enemy units he passes through. If Renekton hit at least one enemy unit with the first dash, he can use Dice to dash again dealing the same amount of damage to enemies.
If Fury was consumed when Dice was activated, enemies hit will take increased physical damage and have their armor reduced for 4 second.
    Slice and Dice doesn't on-hit effects.
    Slice and Dice procs spell vamp and Rylai's slow similarly with all area of effect spells and abilities with diminished effect.
    Slice and Dice pops spell shield.
    Slice and Dice will not damage Black Shield.
    Slice and Dice can be used to cross over walls if they are thin enough.
Dominus- Dominus is a point blank area of effect ability that deals magic damage to all enemy units in an area around Renekton over 15 seconds. Renekton gains bonus health upon cast and generates 5 fury per second.
    Dominus procs spell vamp and Rylai's slow similarly with all area of effect spells and abilities with diminished effect.
    Dominus does not pop spell shield.
    Dominus will damage Black Shield.

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Summoner Spells

The best options
Exhaust slows movement speed by 40% and reduces autoattack damage by 70% and ability/item damage by 35% for 2.5 seconds.

Oh, you mean making an enemy champion about 70% less useful over the course of 5 seconds. Use it on a carry to destroy them, or on an enemy trying to kill you while you escape. Can't count the number of times this spell has saved me, and I take it over ignite, all day long.

Teleports your Champion to target nearby location under your mouse cursor.

Probably the single most useful summoner spell out there. Create a gap in chases, or close the gap. Flash over walls to trap or escape ganks. Flash the baron while the enemy team is on it to steal the buff, although chances are you'll die. It's just all around great, can foil ganks, and since you're melee you'll need to get as close as you can.

Not a bad choice
Targets a single champion dealing 50 + (lvl x 20) true damage over 5 seconds. Also reduces the target’s healing and regeneration by 50%.

I guess If you don't like chasing you can pick up ignite, I find Exhaust way more useful though

Your Champion passes through any unit and moves 27% faster for 10 seconds.

I guess if you'd rather have the move speed rather than Flash, than go ahead and get this, but I find Flash better.

Removes all disables and summoner spell debuffs affecting your champion and lowers the duration of incoming disables by 65% for 3 seconds.

Seems to be overlooked quite a bit, even though it can be quite helpful. If you find that CC shuts you down a lot, than get this, but remember, you can get a Quicksilver Sash for the same effect, save the item slot and Ignite/DoTs.

After 4 seconds, teleports your champion to target friendly minion or turret. 3 minute cooldown if cancelled.

Quite nice for mobility and lane switching for ganks, and remember, you can teleport to wards and whatnot so it can be used for very quickly backdooring late game, I still don't use it, I find my Exhaust and Flash combo are better.

Not very useful, but are still kinda viable
Promotes the nearest allied siege minion (in Classic) or super minion (in Dominion) to an anti-Turret Cannon, healing it, granting bonus stats (depending on level), and causing it to grant the caster gold for its kills.

If you find that you have trouble pushing lanes, this spell will help you out a lot, but remember, it takes the place of another spell, so i don't recommend this, although it can be used.

Empowers your champion, increasing ability power by 6 + (lvl x 4) and attack speed by 35% for 12 seconds.

It can be used, but you're wasting a slot in my opinion. You don't really need the attack speed, and the ability power won't help you out at all really, unless you ult and use this, but still a waste, still usable.

Restores 75 + (lvl x 25) Health to your Champion and 50% of that to nearby allies. All targets healed will have a 50% reduction in heal amount from other summoner heal spells for 35 secs.
AoE range: 600

"Has two pre-made heals". I guess if those two heals don't help you out enough, get this. But heal is more for supports or carries, so, I don't recommend this at all.

Don't even try it
Instantly revives your Champion at your team's Summoner Platform and increases your champion's maximum health by 200 + (lvl x 20) for 2 minutes. 9 minute cooldown.

Cooldown sucks. Spell sucks. It all around fails, and will do nothing but waste a slot.

Deals 420 + (lvl x 25) true damage to target enemy minion or pet.

"Can't really jungle at all" Borderline worthless on Renekton.

Restores 160 + (lvl x 30) Mana to your champion and 50% of that to nearby allies.


Reveals an area of the map for 4 seconds.

No, this is for supports, not you, don't waste your summoner spells on this
Strengthens allied capture points or weakens enemy capture points. (Allied Turret: Grants massive regeneration and attack speed for 8 seconds. Enemy Turret: Reduces damage by 80% for 8 seconds)

This isn't a dominion guide, so it isn't even an option.

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Farming on Ren is quite simple, just E>Q>E enough said. The Sunfire cape will make it even easier, just stand by the minions and they die.
Now then, as would be with any champion, farming is a huge part of your Gold intake. I mean, his abilities easily allow you to farm, so if you don't. it's pretty much your own fault.
His Q and/or E can give him easy last hits, so go for them. I can easily get a CS of 200 in a 25:00 Match.

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Fighting with Renekton consist of being able to time his abilities. Premature use of his ult can result in death. Premature use of his stun can result in a lost kill. Missing his Q will lose you a ton of health, and will possibly get you killed. Missing his Slice will lose you an extra dive, and will trap you to take damage and lose farm.
Combos for harassing would look like:
#1- Assuming you are in the bushes_ E>Q>E and escape to safety
#2-In the bushes_ E>W>Q>E then escape, if you aren't looking for a kill, but trying to harass them back a bit
#3- Not in bushes Looking for a kill_ E>Q>W>E
The reasoning for this is: E to dive in, Q to gain fury, W to stun, and E to chase, then Exhaust them and Auto attack them to death.

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Renekton as a Champion

Renekton only has one form of CC, which isn't reliable unless he has 50% fury, so to tank correctly, you must remind people you're in the match. Give the enemy team a reason to target you.
More Coming soon

Also, you might look and see that I didn't use Merc Treads, mainly because Depending on who I'm laning on or with, or the team, I might need greater mobility or better CD/Armor etc.

His Combo is E>Q>W>E....
You Slice in, Cull the Meek(hitting all units, preferably champions to gain extra health regin), Stun your target, the either....
A: Dice the units some more and prepare for a fight
B: Dice out of the battle and put some distance between you and the enemies

The reason why this is your combo is because obviously you need to get into the fight as a melee attacker, but use your Cull the Meek first so you gain fury to better prepare your stun.

Now then, when initiating the entire enemy team, I mean all 4 or 5, you DO NOT want to prematurely use your ult. Use your ult when they have you around 50% to 25% of your health.

This way they've already committed to the fight when you ult, giving you more health, and giving you your Malaria Shield, dealing extra damage around you and randomly gaining fury.

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New Build, the Third

Erm, so I've been trying a new build, and it seems to be really good. When I say that, I mean I ALWAYS stomp with it. I never get past Guardian Angel, so if you Renekton players ever get a wild hair in your *** and want to try a new build, go for that one.
It basically makes him a mega AD Bruiser.

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Solo Top

Now Soloing top, there are a few champions to Watch out for, they are:
Garen- No mana cost, and quite the fighter. You'll give each other hell, and it'll be a real test to see who's the man of solo top.

Nasus- Your brother Nasus. Don't try to duel him, you won't win. His Wither.. that ability that makes you viably worthless for 5 seconds.. that ultimate... saps your health and power...there is only one known counter to the dog. Neglect his minion farm on Q by constantly harassing him, and he'll fail out.

Riven- No mana cost, and quite the fighter. Has a stun <it's only .75 though>, a dash shield, a triple dive. Constantly harass her and try to duel her, remember.. you have a Malaria shield

Rumble- No mana cost, and a super mage. Excels at extended combat, so try to have small skirmishes with him, or make him duel you and silence himself. try to hide behind minion waves, his taser is unforgiving, and his ult will finish you off.

Jarvan- Solo top, has mana cost, and a shield. I've never found him to be that bad. His ultimate is a troll, but remember, your Slice and Dice can dive out of it, or you can flash out, so it's whatever.

Olaf- Gah, he's so annoying. Lifesteal and AD for building tanky, and can spam 340 true damage at no mana cost, also has a CC breaker. so watch out for him.

Shyvana- No mana cost, quite the fighter. She has an AoE spell, so you'll see her in the jungle more than top lane, but you'll see her top. Watch her fury bar to know when she'll dragon out on you.

Yorick- Spams beings that slow you and follow you. His ult is a mix of Shaco's and Zilean's... Gives him a clone that he can navigate, and if he dies, the clone takes the fall and revives him

Trundle- Underated, he's quite a valiant fighter. he steals your stats, and excels when he fights on his platform. I don't play against him very often, so it's hard for me to say what counter him.. maybe stay off his platform when you skirmish?

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See top
Warwick- great jungler, seen quite often. He's effective at ganking past level 6 and can chase

Olaf- Yeah, my favorite -,-
He has lifesteal, CC breaker, true damage spam and a Slow, watch out for him

Nocturne- Very effective jungler, can clear a jungle quickly, can gank effectively at all levels, watch for him when you're soloing. Also an amazing counter jungle, can easily clean jungles

Skarner- Quick jungler, is a quick ganker, and you can't escape his permaslow when he has red. His ult will also suppress you and pull you to where he wants you.

Alistar- You'll see him every now and again. Good jungler, can stun you and push you into a turret or to his team.

Amumu- Basically the same thing as Alistar

Fiddlesticks- Very fragile mage, has quite effective CC and has an AoE burst and a Drain, avoid him, or try to stun him when he Drains, then nuke him or run

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The Curator of the Sands
One of my friends suggested that I go into a bit more dept on Nasus, so I will.

He's a tough solo top. He will eventually beat you, but here are some ways to make him a wee bit ineffective.
#1-Don't push the lane. If you do he'll sit under his turret and farm his Q, gain maximum power and one hit your entire team late game.
#2- Harass him often. Early game his Wither will make him go OoM quite often, so for him it'll be a choice. Spam his wither on you and neglect his Q -or- Farm his Q and tank shots from you
#3-His ult will sap your health, and turn it into attack damage, try to stay away from him when he ults.

Most of the time Nasus will be played tanky, simply because his Q will give him all of his damage.. you know what, let's get into his abilities

Soul Eater- Nasus drains his foe's spiritual energy, giving him a natural 14 / 17 / 20% lifesteal.

Siphoning Strike- Nasus's next attack within 10 seconds will deal additional damage. Siphoning Strike permanently gains 3 stacked damage whenever it kills an enemy champion, minion or neutral monster.

Wither- Nasus ages his target, slowing their movement and attack speed by 35%. Additionally, they are reduced further to reach an extra slow at the end of 5 seconds. If the duration of the slow is reduced, the extra slow will be applied faster for it to reach its maximum at the end of the duration.

Spirit Fire- Nasus unleashes a spirit flame at a location for 5 seconds. Enemies caught in the area are dealt a burst of magic damage. Additionally, enemies in the area are dealt magic damage each second and have their armor reduced while on there and for 1 extra second.

Fury of the Sands- Nasus becomes empowered in the sandstorm for 15 seconds, gaining extra health and longer attack range [~25]. While the storm rages, he drains a percentage of nearby enemies' max health each second (max of 240 magic damage per second per enemy) and converts 6.375% of the damage done into bonus attack damage for himself until the sandstorm wears off.

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"Hello :P
Just few things I'd like to point out, other than that your guide seems good :)

*You should get those boots earlier, I recommend Ionian boots instead of mercury treads
*The Brutalizer and youmuu's ghostblade really early, sunfire cape is quite hard to pull off as first item, because it's snowball champion
*Not so sure about Wit's End, the attack speed isn't really needed. You get that from possible youmuu's ghost blade.
*Desolation marks ? I guess they're fine also, but flat attack damage for snowball champion is better
*Slice and dce at lvl 4, not 3?

Oh btw, instead of putting pictures of garen for example, use this [ icon = garen size = 50 ] (Without spaces, except on the garen and size) it will give you the image and link to it.

Keep on working the guide, because it has potential :)
I won't upvote or downvote, but I can check the guide again later on, if u wish :P" ~Joxuu

Ok, I see your few questions, and as you can see, I made some adjustments to my build. but responses in order as asked
*The boots thing, it was like 3AM and I mistook them because they were both blue :p
*Sunfire Cape is an amazing item, but I'll trade it because of how close you have to stay in the fight. Mainly because there are circumstances in which the Sunfire Cape takes 0% Usage.
Youmuu's Ghostblade... meh, it's mediocre at best, i don't rush it, I need better items.
*Wit's End wasn't for attack speed, hit on effect for Ruthless Predator, and Magic Resist, which I compensated with for Hexdrinker, and Maw of Malmortius, simply because straight will help all abilities.
*I put the runes I use, which probably aren't the single BEST Runes, but I'm not going to give people a build that I don't use

"Sunfire cape isn't that good of an item full stop and its even worse to rush since you have no magic pen it doesent do much damage and randuin's is better for defense.And attack speed isn't the best on renekton" ~Razormaul

Bro, don't tell me what is an isn't the best on Renekton, k? I've been playing him since February. Wit's End isn't for attack speed, for the base 42 magic damage. Sunfire Cape does't stack on magic pen anyway, or atleast i don't think it does. Mainly Sunfore cape was for base health and Armor.

"Hey dude, i liked your build, i would just suggest don't even getting the Yommus, if you just sell your brutalizer and get Last Whisper some gold can be saved, however, the Yoummu's active, and cooldown reduction part can be of use. Also, never tried Wit's end before, seems to be a nice idea, next time Renek gets on free week i will try it, just suggesting a Bloodthirster on late game, you will be pretty much a dude who can triple kill their squishies while tanking them all, pretty cool imo. +1 =D" ~

Thanks man, and the Blood Thirster late game actually made him much more solid when in teamfights. Ehh I talk out of my head when I say i get a Last Whisper :p

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Renekton is a pretty well rounded fighter, can keep up with the best of the best, and is an amazing tank/solo top when played correctly.

Please comment on any suggestions, problems, or errors in my build.

Thank you for viewing my build ^o^


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