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Teemo Build Guide by teemodiesalot

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League of Legends Build Guide Author teemodiesalot

That Teemo just killed me in 3 seconds!

teemodiesalot Last updated on June 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my first build on MobaFire, I recently came up with many situation builds for several characters. I shall post some of the great ones, and if you request some of the not so great as humor. Today I shall be discussing my Teemo build. In exact detail, not an AD or AP teemo, but an AS.


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Generally with this build you want to team up with a support character that can either knock the enemy towards you, or stun/slow them.

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Explanation of Item Build

At first Teemo is a very squishy character and can't usually get a kill unless you use precision when calculating health. I try to up the speed in which he can attack using a Malady, while also increasing the AP of him. After I get toxic shot, I want to get as many Attack Speed items possible. Such as Recurve bow, the skill toxic shot not only causes a poison debuff making the enemy lose health over time, but also causes an initial damage with each attack. This extra attack speed will be complimentary with the bonus damage. Madred's Bloodrazor additionally gives 4% of the enemy's health as damage, while increasing your armor to not be as squishy this early. Considering this would be around mid game, I build a phantom dancer to not only keep up with attack speed and movement, but to add some critical hit chance, for you may end up having 3 attacks per second. Next, I replace the Malady with a Stinger. I prefer CDR than AP right now, so I can continuously run with Quick Move, and blind gankers with Blinding Dart. Finally, I finish off with a Rabadon's Deathcap, to increase my AP when making preemptive attacks. After wards, depending on whether I need health or more AP. I usually go with a Rylai's Crystal Scepter. If I can create and farm enough gold, I finish with a Nashor's Tooth.

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My masteries are mainly defense and attack. This makes up for the lack of defense in my item build. Never the less, I still want some of the additional advantages of attack. If you wonder why only 1 on CDR, then look at the item build.

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Even though they mainly consist of attack speed runes the stats added consist of

    +31.2% Attack Speed
    +4.5 Attack Damage

However the Attack Damage Quintessenses can be replaced by Ability Power Quintessenses (Potency)

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Skill Sequence

There is an alternate skill sequence, instead of maxing blinding dart first, (but still get it at lv.1) Max poison as soon as possible. However I don't usually use this as blind helps me protect my health due to the low health build. But I can change the build if you guys want.

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Mushrooms! Champignons! Hongos! عش الغراب! เห็ด! грибы

mush·room n. any of various fleshy fungi including the toadstools, puffballs, coral fungi, morels, etc.

Tee·mo mush·room n. That thing that blows up in your face.

Place your mushrooms in every single bush you can, a good strategy is to place lots of mushrooms late game, thorough the enemy jungle. When laning early, its is a good position if you not only place one in the ganking brush, but in the river too. In order to reduce chances of losing mid turrets, place some mushrooms in both of the ganking bushes on mid lane. Not only will it slow any enemies, but the small range of sight given, can be the ultimate warning for them or you.

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Whenever I plan to gank, I always leave mushroom patterns in order to get creeps in my lane. Tell the other person to let the lane push a bit. When trying to lane and get creeps. If a large quantity of minions is built up then I usually place a mushroom on top of the group. If not then I poison each one and wait for them to reach low health before auto attacking again. (Quite useful if soloing, so nobody tries to creep KS you.

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Summoner Spells

: This is one of my favorites for getting even two bars down. Combined with poison shot, this can be one of the most deadly combos dealing up to 530 damage if the target has no magic resistance. (Not including AP)
410 True Ignite Damage + (Poison DMG per second 30 X Seconds 4)
: Amazing for catching an enemy to get one more hit in, or to escape a pursuing attacker. Best results of you act like a regular teemo (Run in a straight line for awhile) and then flash into a nearby brush to the side.
: Amazing to use on an oncoming pursuer and then to use quick move through the jungle and camouflage. It's also nice as it can create a time gap between them and their turret, allowing you to make a few shots before having to retreat.

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In the end if played right you should have a dual diget kills and low lingering deaths (I still get even 1 or 2, sometimes 3. Remember, tis better to attack many times, than to attack once and strong.

Mwa: For writing this guide and publishing it under two days.
My sister: Showing me the build to an as Teemo.
lifebaka: Suggesting Nashor's Tooth on the build